How Did Twilight Make It To The Big Screen?

It seems the answer to that question is, “by some good old-fashioned networking and co-operation”.

According to Variety,

“A recent example of the value of co-agenting can be found in UTA’s brokering with the Writers House a Summit film deal for “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” the second and third installments in Stephenie Meyer‘s “Twilight” series, with UTA screenwriter client Melissa Rosenberg also in the mix.”

What’s also notable about the article is that it only mentions the first three films. Numerous actors have recently been quoted about wanting to do Breaking Dawn, that the fans seem up for Breaking Dawn, etc.

Here’s our specualtion( we have no insider info, this is pure guesswork here based on information patterns): While people may want to do Breaking Dawn ( I mean who doesn’t want more money on a sure-fire blockbuster chain?) it doesn’t seem like Breaking Dawn was part of the initial deal.  If it is in negociations, it doesn’t look like ink is dry on that contract. If it were, Summit surely would have announced that, and Variety would be talking about it in this article.

Now, if the Screen Actors Guild could just get their contracts settled…


  1. Twilight Nymph says:

    The links are not working.

  2. Frerard Addict says:

    Of course it’s not official that Breaking Dawn will be made. Before the movie even came out, they all told us that they signed a contract stating that if NEW MOON and ECLIPSE are made, they must return for it. Breaking Dawn was never added to the contract. They still have quite some time to think about this. If they chose to make it happen, it will be for the money. If they don’t, it’ll be because of the difficulty and controversy over the story. They’d have to change quite a lot in order to create those impossible things Stephenie wrote. But that’s just my general opinion…

  3. Shannon says:

    They better do Breaking Dawn.

  4. They have to do Breaking Dawn, Eclipse can’t just be the end of it…there’s too many loose ends they have to tie up!

  5. Yeah they absolutely have to end with Breaking Dawn or else they’ll leave out the best part of the series. I know some people want it to end at Eclipse, but that isn’t the proper ending for this series.

  6. No doubt Breaking Dawn will be made, unless Eclipse is a flop. Even if Summit Entertainment hasn’t got it contracted, I’m sure some other movie studio will snatch it up.

  7. Samantha LeAnne says:

    I have two theories about why they haven’t done anything about Breaking Dawn yet. I think it’s a combination of theses.

    1) They are wanting to keep fans invested and by not announcing BD yet, that keeps the Saga in peoples heads and they are a business and so they need to make sure that people still care after Eclipse.
    2) There’s a lot to BD, and there’s some things that they would need CGI for like Renessme for instance, and CGI is just not there yet, so they could be waiting to see how long it takes CGI to catch up to the story, because if it doesn’t in the next year or two then the actors aren’t going to look their parts anymore. And as we all know, their looking the same is important to this story.

    I really want BD to happen, and I hope whatever their reasons are, they get resolved because BD is finale to the story, the resolution, and this story deserves to be told in it’s entiriety. They started this Saga and they need to finish it!

  8. FreakinLoon says:

    I thought Summit had worked out a deal for the remaining books after the movie release in November?

    To me, if you condense Eclipse, and considering the length of BD, Eclipse the film, should end with the wedding. BD would then pick up with the honeymoon and the repercussions.

    SM has stated she thinks BD could be two movies. (MTV interview prior to the book release) Though Rob and Kristen have stated BD should be made (though I doubt either has read it) are they willing to do the film? Originally their deal with Summit was a three pic deal. We know the two of them got a raise after Twilight’s release, but no where did I read they got signed for BD, let alone a 2-pic BD.

  9. I think making BD into 2 films would be better too–I always wished it had been two books. I just wanted the romance to last longer into BD. Then do the action in another book.
    So, I think FreakinLoon’s suggestion to end the Eclipse film with the wedding is a great one. This would still give the studio time to figure out the CGI ideas for the actual BD film.

  10. The reason the actors did not sign a contract for doing the Breaking Dawn movie was beacause B.D. wasnt even a book yet. When the actors singned the contract for the next 2 movies it was before they started filming Twilight and Stephenie Meyer was only just beginning B.D. They will most certainly make the last B.D. movie.

  11. Why BD is even up for discussion as far as doubts about it being done, is beyond me.

    Very recently, Rob quickly mentioned that he thinks there will be a BD (it was an Oscar interview, I believe and I think he said, “…there has to be.”). I don’t remember his exact words, but, I took it that he was implying it would be done and he’d be Edward.

    That being said, the Saga doesn’t even come close to ending at Eclipse. It doesn’t make any sense to end the movie saga at Eclipse. And, as previous posters have mentioned, you can’t wait too long b/c the actors will get too old to play their parts. I also don’t think the cast wants to stay in the Twilight Universe for too long. Their careers have to move on, at some point.

    I think the questions should be: When will it be started? How big will the budget be (it will need to be big for obvious reasons; a very experienced CGI team being just one)? Will it be one or two movies?

  12. i honestly believe that since there are only 4 books and that breaking dawn is so big that they should indeed film it as one long 4 hour film in 2010/11 and then split it into 2 movies making 5 in total.release them apart in nov 2011 and then june 2012.(aviliding harry potter as they want to do with films 2+3)… this would be a great end to the twilight saga having a real in depth and detailed last 2 films with almost everything from the book in them.all being well and if as we hope that film 2+3 are big successes too… well the whole 4 hour shoot could have a very large budget of say 120 million and that would still only make a 60 million investment on breaking dawn after being split into 2 movies! this would be the best idea for summit i think!

  13. I have to go back to my original question — are they signed on for Breaking Dawn?

    Yes, their original deals were for three movies corresponding with the three books. At the time did anyone have an idea Stephenie was ending it with book four? (I don’t know the answer to this question because I didn’t join the Twilight world until June 2008.)

    Rob mentioned BD during Oscar interview (was it MTV?) as if it was a project in his future and Kristen, in her interview this week with E! online, saying BD needs to be made in order to give the series an ending, but two years down the road with no contractual obligation, are we sure they’ll step back into these roles?

    Kristen has made blase comments and Rob is pretty much looking like he’s on the road to an A List movie star. I’d like to think they would come back to end the series, but this is Hollywood. If both or either walked away, I would not be surprised.

  14. lyndseyloo says:

    Yeah, basically Breaking Dawn hadn’t even been released yet when they signed the original contracts and they basically bound them to do New Moon and Eclips IF they were made (there was still a chance at the point they wouldn’t be). I would guess they are trying to work a deal with Stephanie, get the screenplay written and sign the actors on before the filming of Eclipse is over. But we shall see!

  15. Before talking about Breaking Dawn,I hope that New Moon and Eclipse will be kept true to the books.If major parts of the books are changed,then there’ll be no point for Breaking Dawn.

    And if the next two books are kept true to the books,I wish Breaking Dawn would be made into two movies.

  16. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    they just HAVE to do breaking dawn… I need to see Jake happy on screen!

    <3 TAYCOB <3

  17. lil_voice1 says:

    i know this is gonna sound really trivial but… you spelt negotiations wrong
    you have “negociations”


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