Kristen Stewart Clarifies the “Oscar snub” and more

Hollywood Outbreak has an audiofile of Kristen where she talks about the switch from Catherine to Chris. Based on Kristen’s answer, the other thing that is clear, despite gossip stories that might let you believe otherwise, Kristen and Rob are not consulted on who gets cast in New Moon
Kristen talked to Mark Malken over at E!. Here’s what she had to say in a more lengthy than recent 30 soundbites interview. Read it all here.

“I love the fans,” she insists. “I feel like I am one of the fans and any direct interaction I’ve ever had with them has been the most warm and pleasant and enthusiastic. If anything, it’s the biggest driving force that could propel you to do something.”

That doesn’t mean all the new attention—OK, hysteria—can’t be overwhelming at times. But when she was recently quoted in a magazine as describing some of these experiences as “psychotic,” some felt she was taking a dig at the fans. “It’s not normal for me to be in a situation that Twilight puts you in,” she explains. “It’s not personally normal for me to see 5,000 screaming girls. But I’m not criticizing them for being ‘crazy’ about me. I’m sort of going, “Wow, this is just crazy!’ “


  1. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    I love Kristen!

  2. She is honest, sometimes we just expect too much from an 18 year old with normal hormonal imbalances who happens to act for a living, she doesn’t even have fully developed body parts yet and we expect her to act mature. I think we are the ones that need counseling…hehehe. I love Kristen.

  3. that is a great great article, I wish people could just see she is awesome and grateful and just misunderstood 🙂

  4. So, her dad made that up? What would be the point of that?

    Damage control. It is about time.

  5. What Jane said. Sounds like she got a slap on the wrist to me, but if she’s sincere more power to her. I really don’t care.

  6. I just feel like it is really overwhelming for her. Some people get into acting and absolutely hate the fame part. Look at Sean Penn, he tries so hard to hide from the public eye. I mean, some people are not comfortable with having their every move be analyzed, and lets face it, with websites like this, where every article or interview with her that comes up is brought to our attention, that is exactly what is happening. I am not criticizing the website, because I check it every day. But I just feel like we can’t expect Kristen to love this part of the fame business. Hell, Rob doesn’t even like it that much, but he just deals with it in a way that makes it harder for us to take what he’s saying the wrong way.

  7. Even if she did get a slap on the wrist to change her tone. All one can do is learn from mistakes(like she said about learning what prints well and what doesnt) and make changes and thats what she did..making an effort 🙂

  8. awww she wasn’t invited to the Oscars?

    and we can’t be sure about her dad either…it could be her dad just made that up. A lot of parents make up something…especially if her dad felt bad that Stewart wasn’t invited and Rob was. I don’t know… hhehehe

    I wish some of the fans would give her a break. Pattinson (I’m team Edward through and through 😀 ) seem to get away with a lot of things but Kristen gets a lot of flak from the fans… oh well 🙂

    Still love Twilight and all the fans 🙂

  9. Rob can talk without sounding rude. It helps he didn’t call Twilight a “trite piece of crap” either.
    Hey, many of us were spreading a lot of hate for him when he was cast, yet instead of lashing back he worked hard and did well in the movie and proved us all wrong.

  10. Good girl, Kristen. I’m so glad she cleared that up. I feel better for one. Perhaps her father didn’t want to admit she wasn’t invited. They may have been hurt or embarrassed. I have to give this young actress so much credit. She’s handling this instant fame pretty well. I’m willing to give her time to learn. She has to do it faster than most. Look at footage of earlier interviews w/ a young Angelina Jolie. She was awkward, gawky, said goofy things. Now she’s grace and poise. Kristen will get there, too. I just hope she continues doing work she loves and doesn’t get sucked in like the Spears and Lohans of Hollywood.

  11. Ditto KatyO!

  12. good Kristen! I wish some twilight fans would give her a break, come on! I read the nylon interview and she wasnt dishing on the fans she said the truth that fans (me included sometimes jaja) get out of hand with the screaming and everything especilly for Rob and many other fans sometimes forget that they are ACTORS that they are playing a role and even if we wish that for rob to be edward (for each and every one of us jaja)

  13. shavei7 says:

    @Swan: couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

  14. Its okay but still isn´t enough. Do you like to be called psycopats? me neither!!!! I love Twilight and respect her work but i dont really mind the enthusiastics girls. But psicopats? Whom she thinks she is? Princess Diana??? Get over it and stop being rude with the fans from THE BOOK NOT YOU. Greetings from Portugal

  15. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    There was no snub. People are just so jealous that she gets to be in Twilight and they don’t that they make the hugest deal out of absolutly nothing. It will continue to happen, of course. Just because Kristen says she loves the fans 1,000 times there will still be a million fans who won’t believe her and continue to hate her guts. Get a life guys.

  16. So anyone who has a problem with her is jealous? I’m not going to even go into how childish and ridiculous that presumption is. Not everyone has to have the same opinion you do.

  17. StinaCullen says:

    I feel bad for Kristen! some “twilight fans” are freaking RIDICULOUS and CRAZY!!Some Fans are SOOO mean to her, I’d like to see one of you go do her job and then tell me how easy it is to be ridiculed and sh*t-talked about all day long. I give her and all the other actors from twilight MEGA props for all the bullsh*t they go through with some of the crazy obsessed fans!!!

  18. Kristen needs to go back and re-read some of her interviews especially the one for MSN where she called the fans who were on the Twilight set “retarded”. She can deny she’s ever said anything negative but it’s there in black and white forever. I figure Summit probably told her to make nice right about now.

    Hey Amanda! It’s pretty weird you think people are jealous just because their opinion is different than yours. Jealousy has nothing to do with it. I’m tired of her attitude and acting like fans have ruined her life.

  19. Peolpe can be very gullable… media or who ever twist’s a comment that an actor or actress says and everyone is ready to jump on them, turn their backs on them… I have not doubted her for one second and cant wait to see her as Bella again in New Moon…. or any other film she makes.

  20. Isolda I really wouldnt bring Princess Diana into, thats rude. But as for the backlash that Kristen has got over everything I personally think it’s really uncalled for. A lot off the things she has said has been blown way up out off proportion. I’m irritated beyond believe but I feel like I’m stuck in a ground hog day with all this. Everyone needs to get over it and drop it, its in the past-forget about it! The media ie-press and paps=the untruth they scrutinise and twist words. So all the fans need to join together and start supporting the cast and the crew. New Moon in my opinion will be better than Twilight-bigger budget, better director and better script (form the cast’s mouths) I have complete faith and cannot wait for it too come out!

  21. Patty, gullible? How many of her interviews have you read or watched?

    Gullible is thinking she really gives a damn about you.

  22. Wow I think everyone needs to stop fighting! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and will most likely share it. But that doesn’t mean that we have to be hating on each other. Keep the peace. 🙂

  23. Rachel A. says:

    I agree with Jane and Katy0. I haven’t been impressed with KS from the first interview I saw of her…and my opinion of her has continued to drop. No, that does not mean I am jealous of her. Why do some people assume that if you are not a fan of KS that means you are jealous?

    Some of the fans are crazy, and psychotic would not be a bad way of describing them, but in her (KS) position (lead in the movie) and at her age (I don’t think 18 is too young to know what to say in an interview) KS should know better.

    If you want to think she is a true fan of Twilight, and that she really does love Twilight fans, go ahead. I don’t buy it (as Jane pointed out…look at her past interviews).

  24. all of the hoopla over her dad’s Oscar remark… and SHE WASN’T EVEN INVITED! LOL!! Wow. Just… Wow. And to those of you doubting whether it’s true, I’m sure the “Oscars” people would call her out on it if she was lying.

  25. stealth pooch says:

    It’s not ‘damage control’ or anything, it’s just PR. The comments that Kristan’s dad made got her into the news did it not? No news is bad news!

  26. shavei7 says:

    Can’t we all just please STOP FIGHTING and be happy about Twilight and the upcoming movies?

    I personally don’t understand all the animosity some fans have towards Kristen but that’s their opinion. Let’s not bash each other.

    (I wish other fans would stop bashing KS but I guess that’s too much to wish for)

    peace =)

  27. Stealth, I don’t know… she didn’t need that aggravation from her dad. She didn’t need any press at the time, she is in the press a lot what with her several movies and New Moon. That would be a drastic stunt for someone losing the limelight, not in it!

    I think he shot his mouth off in error. No way would he put her in the hot seat like that simply for PR. She didn’t need any!

    It was a mistake. He really should have stuck up for her instead of letting her take the heat. Whether or not she said it to him, he could have defused the situation by saying that she didn’t and it was his opinion only.

    He hurt her. Especially if she was not invited! What the heck?


  29. @Rachel A.
    Once again I completely agree with you. We all know this is damage control. I doesn’t take 1-2 weeks to apologize if you’re being sincere. I’ve seen one too many celebrities do this and in a couple of months they go back and do the same thing. Next thing you know they’ll have Robert speaking on her behalf. Speaking of which, I love the fact that her fanatics(by the way she probably thinks you guys are psychotic as well) think because you don’t like Kristen it’s because you’re in love with Robert and you’re jealous of Kristen. What predictable excuses. For me, my stance on KS hasn’t changed from day one – I don’t like her, but I don’t hate her. And that’s how I fell about most celebs. Even if I don’t like them, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a movie with them.

    I, also, am sick and tired of people using her age as an excuse. Kristen is 18 going on 19. You can’t in one sentence go she’s intelligent and mature and then in the next one go, but she’s only 18, she doesn’t know better. That’s a complete contradiction.

    As for PapaStew, he sounded like a jealous, bitter person. He probably was mad that she wasn’t invited.

  30. Julie M. says:

    Kristen, you rock!!! Never doubted you for one second. New Moon baby!!

  31. Oh my goodness its way too hard to listen to her talk because she has a hard time finishing a sentence and she stutters some. I wonder if she listens to her interviews and tries to improve the way she speaks? I’m thinking probably not since she continuously does it. This may sound cruel, but she needs to hire a speech coach to help her so that she can sound a little better in interviews. She should be used to interviewing by now since she’s been doing it for a while.

  32. Have you been to a fan event? They are beyond crazy.I can’t even imagine how it must be for the actors when they are trying to answer a question and you can’t even hear yourself think in there.I’m sorry but ANYBODY would feel uncomfortable with 5,000 girls screaming at you for hours. She admits she doesn’t express or articulate well& sometimes obviously gets frustrated with fans.I’m glad you guys are so perfect, but once you come down off your high horses maybe you could give her the benefit of doubt.

  33. Mandy, we are waiting for her to come down off of hers…

  34. Denise J says:

    Kristen is amazing, it must be crazy to have to deal with all the hoopla!I know people say ince you commit to a role ,deal with all the craziness, but at 18 I think shes doing great. She may not be the most articulate, but as Bella shes fantastic and I am a FAN !!!

  35. I haven’t watched or read all of Kristen’s interviews but I’ve seen quite a few. I honestly don’t think she’s that bad, though I understand why people would get the wrong (bad) idea sometimes. This is the first high-profile role she’s had, and dealing with fans is new to her. And Twilight fans are very passionate (not psychotic). Rob is a natural at it, plus he’s a guy… I think it’s easier for him.

  36. twilighter says:

    This is damage control. And I really don’t know if I believe she wasn’t invited to the oscars. Could be, but were any other twilighters there besides Robert?
    Kristen probably thought her Nylon interview would slip under the radar of most twilighters. Her tone is so dramatcally different in each article.
    I agree with whoever said, that what Kristen has said has been printed in black and white, and she cant change anything she has already said. All she can do is a little damage control. But she’s 18, and well, what can you expect?
    Good luck to her in New Moon. I hope Chris can help. 🙂

  37. Oooh, good cover up. I mean, even before this whole fiasco, nothing she ever said seemed sincere to me. If you see her in interviews for Twilight versus interviews for say, Into the Wild, it’s obvious.

  38. Hey everyone! OK, so Kristen has her flaws, but the things she excels at definitely over weigh them. I know she is a good person and you-all do to,cut her some slack and remember, she’s always doing her best. Also, she is a lot like Angelina Jolie: she was criticized and said a bunch of weird things without thinking them through, but look where she is now! Graceful and handling everything on a finger. There’s where Kristen comes in, give her a while and she’ll be great. Not perfect, but pretty close.By the way, i don’t really understand why everyone hates her some much, when she was a main character standing right next to Rob Pattinson himself. She has her right to criticize us because of the things we’ve said and done to her. I still love Twilight and soon-to-be New Moon! Robert AND Kristen are abolutly excellent and fantastic.


  39. sillygirl says:

    she’s young, let her be. She gets asked the same questions over and over and over again. Plus, they are coached on what to say. We’ve never met her, therefore it is not our place to judge her. She’s either a good actress or not. That’s all that should matter to us.

  40. Yea!! i agree with sillygirl!

  41. by he way i meant to spell my name as “this” not “hits”

  42. I know that in the MSN article everyone said she called the fans “retarded”. The quote was actually taken out of context from a longer interview. She was saying the company – Summit- was acting retarded by spazzing out over a movie that wasn’t even finished yet! In other words they had such high expectations for the movie before it was done and to her that was “retarded”. She was saying wait to see the finished product before you make any assumptions.
    As a journalizm teacher I know very well that things can SOOOOO easily be taken out of context by reporters. Sometimes even on purpose,most often not. I take it all with a grain of salt – I’m more worried about her ACTING on film; not her in real life. I don’t go to movies to see the actors themselves – I go because of the story. Let’s keep that in mind, we’re there to see “Twilight” and “New Moon” not just the actors!

  43. wat r you doin on here lisa? (how did u find this website?)

  44. No thanks says:

    I don’t like her. Haven’t from day one. Doesn’t mean that I’m jealous of her. And, yes, it’s obvious that she enjoys her other movies better, even though without Twilight she would just be sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring about another casting call for a role that she wouldn’t get. Just read her articles about Twilight and New Moon, for her other movies, like Adventureland and such!

  45. Oh yeah it’s great now? This is coming from the same girl who called Twilight fans “retarded” in another interview.

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