Another Deleted Scene from Twilight: Danger in the Woods

Access Hollywood has added another deleted scene online. In this one Edward warns Bella to stay out of the woods.


  1. ah i loved it!!! i think they should’ve added this in the movie instead! i love rob(:

  2. how… awkward.

  3. I like this one so much better than how they did it in the movie.
    Well, I don’t know if I can say that.
    I really liked that scene on th cliffs.

    The one on YouTube doesn’t make any sense to me.
    Don’t hate me for not understanding it.
    But she like puts her finger in her mouth and he like bites her or something.
    And then she sticks her finger (that was in his mouth) in her mouth.
    And, omigosh, it’s so weird to me.
    Does anybody have any explanation to this really weird scene??

  4. Rox_Anne says:

    yes Sarah…i think that scene has a kind of was before they had the first kiss in her bedroom( in the movie,cause in the book their first kiss took place in the meadow)..after they fall down..bella puts her finger in his mouth and after that she puts it in her mouth to feel how he tastes,I guess.A sort of french kiss with the finger,lol.

  5. runswiththewolves says:

    That was a terrible scene. Glad they dropped it.

  6. …this whole movie was just…awkward…
    the soundtrack was aight.

    BUT I WILL be buying the DVD (at target for digital copy ^___^) cause I LOOOOOVE the book and therefor ANYTHING Twilight haha

    And I think the scene with the finger thing(aaaawkwaaaard) was wierd cause I didn’t know at what point it happend in the movie. I mean, it couldn’t have been the meadow scene cause if Edward had tasted blood then he wouldn’t have been able to stop AND it would make the ballet scene rescue/venom sucking whatever pointless…He’d already know what it tasted like… and if he stopped in the meadow he’d have no problem stopping durring the James rescue…right??…

    did that make any sense?! haha

  7. Michelle says:

    Sarah: I can only guess, but based on their expressions and the heavy breathing, my explanation would be that it’s insane sexual tension. It was an improv scene. It wasn’t in the script or anything.

  8. Sarah,
    I believe this may have been something that either Kristen and Robert improved or that Catherine had them try before Stephenie saw the whole movie yet, lol. Yeah, Bella was offering Edward a little taste…i guess its supposed to show her “trying” for him – like trying to help him out a little or something or show that she accepts him.
    but we all know that would NEVER be possible b/c 1. he’d have taken her whole finger off with his razor-sharp teeth, and 2. He would never have allowed that – neither of them are dumb enough to push their boundaries like that.
    Yeah, weird scene…(and i’m assuming bella’s just putting her finger in her own mouth to stop the bleeding…which you know, is really a good idea with edward’s venom and everything, lol).

  9. Michelle says:

    Also, it probably seems weird because it’s one of those moments that is incredibly sexy if you’re in it but really awkward if you watch it

  10. sososo awkward

  11. yes…awkward is the right word.

  12. Thank goodness that was cut. Yuck!

    And it’s not in agreement with Edward’s character. He doesn’t let Bella get near his teeth because they’re so sharp. And he’s too self-hating and protective to admit to her that he wanted to taste her.

  13. Daniela says:

    Michelle you totally said what I think…It was awkward for me to watch it because it felt like it’s personal. I felt like a voyaer. The biting scene was sexy but of course it just doesn’t go with the characters. I felt like it was Kristen and Rob and not Bella ans Edward. But that kind of stuff is perfect for DVDs.
    And I like this scene, maybe they could put it in, or a version of the scene if they’ve done it again.
    Oh how many scenes are we going to see?
    I’m looking forward to that bedroom snogging scene haha

  14. I like that scene. It really makes me think of the way Bella and Edward would be together.I WISH they would have done the scene where Bella almost passes out in biology too.

  15. Robert isn’t suave enough… ๐Ÿ™

  16. Oh, of course.
    Strange improv from them.
    Well, I guess that makes sense because it seemed like RPattz was WAY out of character in that YouTube one.
    Thanks, guys!!

  17. Tiffany says:

    Anybody notice how Rob like doesn’t look at Kristen the entire time…. Uh, Edward is supposed to be ALL about Bella. He seems so stand-offish in this. I know everyone likes Rob, but his acting is horrible here….

  18. Stefanie says:

    totally awkward. And the finger in mouth scene was even more awkawrd, I mean if that really happened in the book, Edward would have eaten her! He would have never been able to hold back lol. That would have neverrrr happened. If Bella would have really done that Edward would have been so mad at her.

  19. heather says:

    I don’t think the deleted scenes are great, but they are better than what landed in the actual movie… in the movie, they never talk about how bella can cook. They also don’t talk much about Bella’s clumsiness… it’s just hinted at.

    Please, Chris Weitz, do better!!!

  20. It’s a no brainer that they cut this scene. They have no apparent acting ability. I wish they would re-cast both of them and start all over!

  21. Uh, once again I’m glad they cut this crap.

    The way he avoided the Waylon question made it sound like Edward killed him, not James’s crew.

    Also, the acting in these deleted scenes is so incredibly bad I just want to rip my face off.


  22. cristy_702 says:

    I like that seen…and that jacked “Edward” is wearing looks fab-u-lous on him! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Oh yes, someone explained it on YouTube for me and they said that she was letting him TASTE her BLOOD!
    If that’s the case, then it’s a total BS scene!!
    He totally would’ve killed her if that were the case.
    Stupid stupid stupid. ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. Miscie, there are cringe-worthy times I agree, but there are wonderful times too.

    I think it’s just real hard to put the book into play. It’s such fantasy. I mean, there’s no one like Edward to compare him to so how can we say he acted bad? In fairness to KS, who has ever had to deal with a vamp before?

    You know, Catherine is the one who approved the acting. I have a sneaking suspicion we will see much better stuff in NM.

  25. loooooove this scene!! ^,..,^

    and the finger-biting scene was a little weird, but still awesome.
    and I do sort of agree it was out of character for Edward, but I don’t think he ACTUALLY tasted her blood, because, like Robyn said, he wouldn’t have been able to stop.

    and it wouldn’t have made sense, if he DID taste her blood on that part, with the ballet studio because he was barely able to stop.

    But I love them both!!! ^,..,^

  26. shavei7 says:

    awkwaard. LOL… I think maybe KS / RP / CH improvised the dialogue… they both look like they’re trying to remember the next line, or trying to think what to say next. LOL. awkward but cute.

    still love the movie though ๐Ÿ™‚

    can’t wait for my DVD copy to arrive

  27. great.
    another lame, no acting scene.
    I’ve seen Kristen in other movies and she looks the same and acts the same in all of them. She’s has a cool personality (from what I’ve seen) but her acting just plain sucks..and Robert.. yeah He’s a cutie but he’s almost as bad as Kristen. I HOPE New Moon will be better!!

  28. Tiffany says:

    I love how light hearted these scenes are. It builds the characters up more. I remember the movie being too intense and not enough fun scenes between Edward and Bella. And the lack of the cullens, and Jaspers powers being ignored made me mad also!!! They either should have fired Melissa Rosenburg, or they should have added more scenes from the book to help it!! Oh well, lets just hope she does better with New Moon.

  29. Individual says:

    “You dont think i can take care of myself?”
    “I know you cant.”

    HAHA that was funny…this scene, definately better than the other one we previously saw.

  30. twilightmomof4 says:

    I like this scene better than the other one. The “finger” scene was very personal. Like I was watching something I shouldn’t have. I agree it was kinda weird and out of character for them. But let’s face it..any scene with Rob in it is worth watching over and over and over and over…I can’t wait for the rest of the deleted scenes.

  31. Symantha says:

    GAH they are just so awkward. THE WHOLE MOVIE WAS FREAKING AWKWARD. GAHH

  32. wow i like this scene a lot better then the other. i still can’t get over the finger binting?!?! glad they left that one out but i would have enjoyed having this one in.

  33. mananda says:

    wow, the more I watch, the more the acting stinks. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just so unconvincing. Mainly on Kristen’s part.

  34. I think this scene was better than the other deleted one when she stickes her finger in his mouth. I didnt think this one was all that bad.
    I don’t think the acting is me it seems like its more realistic. Thats why I am glad that a bigger company didnt do Twilight. It just seems more real to me.

  35. Thank you Bruja! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was thinking the same thing… but i would like to add that i thought this since would actually fit in he movie unlike the other scene(the impossibilities of such a thing taking place has already been told by many of the other twi-hards). ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Yes, the entire movie was just wrong. I will purchase the DVD, only because the first book was the best.(Breaking Dawn being a close second.) I agree that the acting in both of the scenes is bad, but the lines were actually from the book.(Except for the try my blood garbage.) It’s like they were trying to leave all the elements of the book out. In doing so, they left out the best parts of the story. I guess this enabled them to add horrible scenes like the green house and the Cullen’s kitchen scene. I will never forget the horrible venom scene in the end. I was uncomfortable sitting in the theater watching this with my friends. Well, evidently I am in the minority. Stephenie Meyer does not seem to mind and everyone else is obsessed with Jacob, for some unfathomable reason. So now I have to endure New Moon which is hard enough to stomach reading until the visitor chapter.

  37. Ashleyyy says:

    ok this scene kinda bothers me cuz it seems like kristen and rob not bella and edward..its too THEM. not the characters theyre supposed to play. if it werent for the dialogue i would have never guessd thats what it was about ๐Ÿ˜› other than that its a reallyyy good scene ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. you know what? Just watching the last 2 scenes and the movie….Rob gets the character….I dont think Kristen does however. Rob sounds like the Edward we know…Kristen doesnt quite fit…anyone agree?

  39. Ashleyyy, I totally agree.

  40. Amanda S says:

    Is there a link to the youtube scene or should I just search for it?

  41. I prefer this scene thant the “Finger” one…but still awkward. Their acts were terrible.

  42. Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    I love this! It couldn’t be a deleted scene!!!
    aGGGhhhHhhh!!!! And yea i agree with you pinky Rob fits more into our LOVELY Edward but Kristen doesn’t goes with Bella doesn’t! sorry:]

  43. Amanda S says:

    Never mind, I found it. The finger scene doesn’t make sense because if Edward bit her, he would also get his venom in the bite…

  44. I just found this in youtube. It’s GREAT!
    NEW ! ‘ twilight ‘ movie: all the extended and deleted scenes !

  45. There is not enough interaction between them to tell. Do you realize in the book we get conversations in the car, the restaurant, the lunchroom and the bedroom? The only conversations in the movie were drowned out by that horrible piano music. They have a conversation in the “none-meadow” scene before the music starts again. I guess i should call it “the forest scene”. To answer your question Pinky, yes i agree. I think poor Kristen is under the impression that Bella is angry ALL the time and that she frequently stutters.

  46. that was awkward to even watch lol, i’m glad this didn’t make the cut.
    @ pinky i think that kristen played a different bella than the book. rob playing edward wasn’t as far off as he thinks HE seems to think but kristen…i can’t even explain it…

  47. I cant decide if i want to watch these or not!! i think im gonna wait for the whole experience when im not staring at a computer and wait for the DVD!!

    MARCH 21!!!! 12:01 AM CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Rachel A. says:

    Glad I am not the only one who noticed the awkward “acting”. I feel that both RP and KS would have been fine in a typical teen romance movie, but the thing that is so great about the Twilight books is the deep, sincere, extraordinarily rare, die-for-the-one-you-love, romance. I don’t think Catherine Hardwicke developed the love story (which was my main complaint), and I don’t think she had a clear vision of how she wanted RP to be Edward, and KS to be Bella. Yes, there acting was bad, and unfortunately the movie is compiled of awkward scenes like the one above (thankfully the most awkward…the finger-lickin scene, was left out). I feel like the typical romantic comedy is more moving than Twilight the movie was. :'(

    There is definately hope for NM, I am confident that Weitz will be able to make the most of the cast Catherine selected for him (I wish he had been the director from the start), and we already the know the special effects won’t be as bad.

  49. Rachel A. says:

    p.s. Kristen needs to wear more make-up if she wants to compete with Rob’s lipstick.

  50. LoL .. YEA I UNDERSTAND WHY SOME of us are mad or sad about the movie because we love the books so much but let’s be more optimistic and not so grumpy !! I LIKED THE MOVIE AND wish the acting was better and had better visual effects and makeup but MAYBE NEW MOON WILL PROVE THAT TO US !!!

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