Kristen Stewart Clears the Air!

Frosty, AKA Steve over on Collider, (You remeber Steve, the guy with the BEST footage from the Twilight press junket last fall) just gave us teh heads up on an interview that Kristen Stewart did for her upcoming project The Cake Eaters. Kristen address the recent Nylon magazine article and surrounding controversy.

According to the Collider article:

I love the Twilight fans. I have literally never said anything remotely negative about them,” she told us…You have to stay away from certain key words that can be twisted in a negative connotation. Like the word ‘psychotic’ apparently is really bad,” she said, provoking laughter around the table.


  1. Kristen just rules, plain & simple. 🙂

  2. yay! i knew it.

  3. When I had heard that Kristen was speaking negatively about Twilight fans, I had been influenced and I wasn’t sure whether she was the right Bella or not.But now I think I’ve started liking her again.

    As long as she’s being completely honest about her feelings,she’s fine for me cause I prefer her telling the truth than being a hypocrit to simply flatter us.

    And I think we should give her some credit cause it’s definitely not easy to suddenly become a celebrity and endure wild fans.

  4. I’ve read the Nylon interview as well and loved it. She doesn’t come off as rude or insulting to any of the Twilight fans. She has a really dry humor that some people may take in the wrong way.
    The chick is honest, cool, and a great actress.

  5. Daniela says:

    Yeah she clears the air, but she didn’t mess it up in the first place. Those stupid gossip sites did! And everyone who actually read that Nylon interview knew exactly what she said.
    It is sad that people are so eager to believe every misquoted “news” that is out there.

    Anyway I’m so glad she finally had the chance to say something, I hope that bashing will stop now.
    Go Kristen 😀

  6. Kristen Rocks!!!!

  7. Shannon says:

    I love Kristen!

  8. MrsMarriott says:

    Who cares what some two bit hacks write about Kristen, they write about dying Mother’s to sell paper’s… How low can you get? Glad Kristen sees them for the scumbags they are!

  9. I completely back Kristen 100%. She’s a sarcastic, REAL person. She was completely taken off guard by the success of Twilight, and is still getting used to having every aspect of her life scrutinized. It takes practice to learn how to deal with the press. She’ll get there.

    And agreed that the interview was COMPLETELY taken out of context. People need to lighten the hell uppp.

  10. Its cool. Id say we ARE kinda psychotic. But really, I cant believe they would twist her words like that. I didn’t believe it when I read the article. I blew it off. Don’t believe anything until you hear it from the person themselves! Saves a whole lotta anxiety and heartache.

  11. Paula Graciano says:

    Although Kristen is young she seems really mature and down to earth when it comes to fame and the whole crazy thing of being a star out of a sudden. Everyone who actually read the Nylon interview knows she didn’t mean to offend or hurt us fans. But it’s good she finally had a chance to have a word on that and for once clear any misunderstanding it might have caused.

  12. P.S Kristen is sucha wonderful actress! Anymore twisting of her words and Imma pop the guy who twisted it until he(or she) untwists it! just fries me.

  13. I agree. The “air” shouldn’t have needed clearing in the first place. She wasn’t bashing the fans in her interview.

  14. ashley_119882004 says:

    I love Kristen. I mean fans are psychotic but in a good way. I mean but its all in support & love for the actors. The air shouldnt have needed to be clear to begin with.

  15. Kristen rocks? rocks what? She cannot even act for christ sakes..but I guess a lot of you THINK she is a greatest actress out there…yeah she is great at keeping her mouth gapping open and us having to look at those two HUGE front teeth of her constantly. Jeesh guys….get some prospective…she sucks!

  16. michaela says:

    i still don’t like her.

  17. donsher says:

    Blah,Blah,Blah. She’s trying to cover her butt! She has Dis’ed Twilight fans and the books for a long time now. Just stand up and take your licks, KS, like the adult you try to be.

  18. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    I don’t know WHAT to think of her. I mean like, i want to like her even though i HATE Bella(she’s terrible to Jacob) but whenever I hear of her dissing the fans, i just look the other way. Thats doesn’t mean i like what she’s saying.. id rather jus ignore it. She’s really smart and evrything, ijust hope she gives a little warmth to Bella. she seemed too cold in Twilight.

  19. Sorry, too little, too late.

    Why is it she is always having to explain herself?

    It is NOT the press’ fault ALL of the time!

  20. I TRIED to like her, I really did.

    Too little too late.

  21. After reading this I thought that the bashing might finally cease. But… after reading the comments I think that the lovers and haters still seem to be staying on their own sides. *sighs*

  22. Even if she did call some of the fans psychotic, who cares? Have you honestly seen some of the people that are obsessive about this movie? It is ridiculous how much pressure people put on these actors/actresses. She shouldn’t have to defend her sense of humor just because some people take everything entirely way too seriously.

  23. I’m never sure what to think of Kristen. I’ll appreciate her for a bit, and she’ll go pull something like this and then have to explain herself. I get that she’s had to adjust to a different life, but Kristen’s had an entire year to do that. She’s a good Bella, but besides that I’ve decided not to have an opinion on her anymore. That way, when Kristen’s words get taken out of context YET AGAIN I work get worked up about it.

  24. *I won’t get worked up about it.

  25. Stefanie says:

    This doeant explain or excuse the Oscar comment made by her father…

  26. I remain unconvinced. Even if she loves the fans, I get the sense she hates Twilight.

  27. KatieCullen77 says:

    I think Kristen is definitely the “shy” person like Rob is. I think no one would like a whole lot of screaming fans saying stuff like “I love you!” or “You’re dating Rob?” That would get old, for me, especially if I had a loyal boyfriend like she does. I definitely understand her “awkwardness” more because of the interviews taht she does. I think some people [like Amanda said] take everything way to seriously. I know that she appreciates the fans and their dedication…because after all she is going to be doing “New Moon.”

  28. About the Oscar thing,I think she feels that she’s not yet accomplished to be a part of such a big event like The Oscars.It doesn’t make her snob or anything but a really down to earth person.Maybe she wants to do great movies and big stuff and when she’s older and more confident about her acting,she might attend the Oscars.I mean it’s so big a deal the Oscar thing,that I don’t judge her for being rather intimidated by it.Or her father judges her too strictly in order not to think big of herself and he might gave her second thoughts of attending.
    Give her a break!She’s only 19!
    Go Kristen!

  29. Agreeing with the posts at the beginning, she shouldn’t have to clear the air, she didn’t say anything wrong! The one thing, one thing, that drives me nuts is people seem to think she called her fans psychotic, when really, she was referring to the situation! And really, how can someone remain upbeat and “Oh my god I love Twilight” when people from the fandom are placing hate on you? Kristen, I love you!

  30. Rachel A. says:

    Yes I understand her feeling that some of the fans are psychotic, so do I. But, if I was the star of a movie with such a die-hard (or should I say Twi-hard) following I would definitely make sure to not insult the fans. And yes, to all the crazy fans out there, being called psychotic is an insult. So yeah, I don’t blame her for feeling that way, but that is definitely not cool to speak publicly against the fans.

    Too little, too late. It is obvious she is not a fan of Twilight.

  31. The HTIC says:

    Still doesnt explain the oscar comment, and her dislike for all the “BS” twilight questions she gets. I just feel she is trying to do some damage control, especially since new moon is about to film.

  32. Julie M. says:

    I’m so glad she had a chance to speak about the “back-lash.” I knew that Nylon article was taken out of context and I have never once thought that she doesn’t like Twilight. I’ve always supported Kristen and always will. Those of you who are saying she isn’t a fan of Twilight, seriously? Did you even read the whole Collider article? Kristen, you go girl!!!!

  33. Cargonza says:

    Good actress? Like my sister said, *cough*hospitalscene*cough*.

    Eh, she redeemed herself a little I guess. She better emote more in “New Moon.”

  34. You have a smart sister, Cargonza.

  35. It’s NOT funny. Kristen needs to go back and re-read some of her interviews…especially the MSN article where she called the fans retarded. KStew, you can deny it all you want but it’s there forever in black and white. So allow me to borrow one of your words BULLS**T!

  36. Hey Cargonza – your sister is right! I thought her scenes with Rob in the meadow were awful, too.

    She’d better cry REAL tears in New Moon or it’s gonna look fake. The only bright spot as usual is Rob. I’m really starting to dread seeing this movie…sitting through two hours of watching Taylor and Kristen before Rob comes back into the story is…well, just shoot me now.

  37. mimasaka says:

    Rachel A.

    I dunno if you’re the same rachel who always bash KS, but honestly you’re hitting hard girl.

    You keep on posting comments about her but you dislike her. Why not post comments about the other actors that you like? Is it self-fulfilling that you hate her and you keep on bashing her?

    C’mon get over it! If you have nothing good to say then don’t say it!

    You’re not in her shoes to feel the way she does.. I’m feeling your angst everytime I read your comments. When KS say something, bad or good, you just loathe her..

    I may not be her number 1 fan, but I feel for her.. What’s with all the bashing..

    Girl, all the things you’re saying may just come back to you in a snap.

  38. Typical damage control. A celebrity says or does something stupid, backlash ensues, then they play nice for a while until it happens again. Russell Crowe and Naomi Cambell(sp?) are veterans at this. The amount of times I’ve heard the “It was taken at out of context” excuse. I don’t read Nylon but I’m assuming it’s a real magazine and not a gossip magazine. Usually when these celebrities get interviewed the journalist records the interview so that they can transcribe the interview verbatim. If Kristen’s people are not going after the magazine, chances are nothing was taken out of context. And I don’t know what reality Kristen lives in, but those “psychotic” fans are the reason Twilight grossed as much as it did. I really hope she doesn’t believe that people went to see it an obnoxious amount of times for her or because they actually thought the movie was good.

    Kristen needs to stop with the whole “I’m real and anti-Hollywod” act she has going on and actually be smart. Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut. When Twilight is all done, she can write a tell-all book and bad mouth whoever she wants.

  39. I agree completely with Melisa.

    First of all, how is the word “psychotic” meant to be used in a postive term? She has bashed her fans once again, and they’re the ones who are supporting her! I don’t think her words were taken out of context and if they were then why didn’t she speak up sooner about it?! Hopefully she’ll get over herself and accept that she’s now in the limelight and treat her fans with a lot more respect. People constantly stand up for her when she should be called out for her negative attitude towards Twilight and the fans. Hopefully she’ll grow within the next few years and realize how lucky she is to be where she is now.

  40. Tartar le freak says:

    Acting is just a fancy term for lying. I read more Kristen Steward interviews. She is basically saying we are lost in mob mentality and can’t be original/unique. She is just trying to save her reputation, and therefore her paycheck. That little excerpt wasn’t even an apology. It was, “I’m still right”. I don’t trust her word, why should I?

  41. There is a definite double standard when assessing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s statements. Robert has called the Twilight hype “ridiculous” and likened the screaming fans to “the gates of hell” but I don’t see you getting worked up over that. He’s still charming to all of you.

    Why is this? It’s all about market demographics. 99% of Twilight fans are female. I put the 1% to husbands driving their wives and daughters to the cinema who have no choice but to do it or they won’t be served their dinners. And because you’re all females, you will have a natural tendency to gravitate towards the male hero of the movie who is Robert Pattinson/Edward. This adulation will absolve him of any sarcastic or negative comment he may make about Twilight, which you will quickly charge to his sense of humor.

    Not so with Kristen Stewart.

    You already subconsciosly hate Kristen to begin with because of her access to Robert Pattinson aka Edward and you’re just waiting for her to make a mistake so you can pounce. Therefore, the slightest comment she makes, no matter how similar it may seem to what Robert Pattinson had said, automatically fuels a nuclear reaction.

    I think fans need to take a step back and be objective. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are actors and are human. It is impossible for them not to be affected by the lunacy surrounding the Twilight hype.

    The truth is that both Robert and Kristen have been very honest. Their both also very attractive.

    The problem? There are NO MALE Twilight fans. If there are, they are most likely gay and will hate on Kristen as well. LOL!

  42. And for those calling out on Kristen referring to the Twilight situation as “psychotic”. Tell me, how different would it be for you if Kristen used exactly Robert’s words when he said that the screaming Twilight fans sound “like the gates of hell.”

    I’m sure if Kristen said that, you will dissect it in several different ways that you can derive from the Holy Bible and curse Kristen till kingdom come. But with Robert, you found it so adorable when he said “gates of hell”.

    God, some of you (not all thank god!) are really psychotic. LOL!

  43. Quit comparing Rob’s comments with Kristen’s.

    Even though the guy is at times miserable with his whole new life he never took it out on the fans.

    You can say things with humor, like Rob does, or you can roll your eyes and call the fans retarded.

  44. BCullen24 says:

    I almost started getting mad at KSTew for saying all those negative things about the fans, but when I actually read what she said, I figured out that she is kind of bad at interviews, and a lot of what she says can be taken the wrong way lol Now she kind seems cool, but a little confuzzled.

    I think when Robert Pattinson says any sort of remote insult, it sounds pretty hot because of his accent 😉 You can’t deny it! That’s why he can get away with it 🙂

  45. I think alot of people just misread Kristen. The ones who hate her act like they have known her for years or somthing.
    I think she is great. She is her own person no matter what and doesnt feel she has to act a certain way to make everyone else happy.She does what she wants. Good for you Kristen. You can’t please everybody.

  46. Cargonza says:

    Rob says his stuff with a smile, Kristen hardly ever smiles. It’s not that she’s unhappy, we all know she’s an introvert, but society frowns on, frowns. 😛 It can’t be helped.

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