MTV Features the Twilight Board Game

MTV got a “tour” of the Twilight Board Game that is due out on March 15th.



  2. alice_rocks says

    I so want to get that game! Where can you get it at? Hot Topic? At the DVD release party? Or online somewhere? That is so awesome!

  3. twilightobsessedddd says

    Wow…. this just made me love Twilight a little bit less… not that the game isn’t a great idea or anything but come on…. remember back when Twilight was new, and you were the only person who knew about it? When you showed it to your friends and they thought you were crazy for reading a vampire love story but then they began to love it also? Why did this have to happen? I miss the good old days!

    But like I said it’s a great idea and I will probaby buy like five of them.

  4. you know what would rock?

    A Twilight Scene-It style game that not only includes footage from the movie but sound bytes and trivia from the book as well. I would definitely buy THAT game.

    This one? I can make it myself in about a day and save myself a few bucks. (which I’ve actually done before, its easier than you think)

  5. Seems like crap.

  6. GenevieveCullen says

    From what I’ve seen, it looks cheaply made =/ and with a Twilight logo, it will undoubtedly be jacked up in price.

    Like Ilu_una, I’ll hold out for Twilight SceneIt

  7. this doesn’t make me love twilight less, it just makes me hate retailers who sell twilight stuff for profit like this >:(

    how sad.

  8. Where are they going to sell it?

  9. This is just made to take the money of sweet inocent teenagers, who would buy anything with “Twilight” in it. They just need some Twilight cereal, apple shaped and flavored and covered in edible glitter, Twilight tooth paste that would make your teeth not just white but “razor sharp” etc…
    Come on! don’t just give away your money like that! Let’s try to maintain some of the dignity of our beloved Twilight world.

  10. Edward_Lover says

    Is it coming out in Australia? because I’m not sure

  11. I’ve already pre ordered mine on amazon. I thought it looked cool and that it could be a collectors type of item. It will probably go up on a shelf of its own just for me to look at. lol. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think its cool that Twilight has a board game now. Although, I must say, Twilight Scene It would be the best thing they could do. I’d buy that without even thinking about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Yes, we need to try to put some pressure on the scene it people. That would be sooooo awesome.

  13. deepthink says

    Wow…I hate how Twilight is being sold everywhere. and every site I go to has an Ad for something Twilight related… I remember when I first started reading the Twilight series(a month after New Moon came out) where it wasn’t even that popular at all..*sigh*

  14. i dont think people should be compalining about the populartiy of twilight, its popular because it is a good book and that is why people like it! it is true that things like the board game are pretty useless and only a way of making money but thats what comes with the success of a book or a movie, or both! i dont think people should begrudge twilight being popular, its a fantastic book that deserves the recognition. i for one am happy with the success of twilight, id rather twilight was this well known, well read and well loved than being a fantastic book that only a handful of the population know about. that would be a waste of a brilliant book.

    whilst i dont like the look of this board game, im liking the idea of a twilight scene it!

    K x

  15. I read twilight when it first came out and I love it so much and without its popularity there probably wouldn’t be a movie so everyone should be thankful that its booming with popularity… I’ll admit that some of the stuff they sell is not very good but stores are going to do whatever they can to make a lot of money

  16. I am just wondering URCOOLCARRIE what you typed in to find it on Amazon, because I couldn’t find it. I am not personally interested in the game I too would rather have a Twilight Scence It, but I think t would be a cool gift for my niece.

  17. twilightobsessedddd says

    twilight scene it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great idea…. but i totally agree (obviously) that twilight is just becoming too much of a fad

  18. we all know we are totally going to play it anyway just to see what its like!


  19. I must have this!!!!! I know everythig there is to know about Twilight!

  20. Cool video, think I will pick this up!!! I am especially excited by the trivia. Definitely going to pick this up when the DVD comes out and invite people over to give it a try.

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