Dinner With Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, & Tayor Lautner

Twilight Singapore is back again with photos of the fan meet up and a dinner that followed with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor for lucky winners. According to lucky winner Nina,

When the 20 seat numbers were randomly called, I was so surprised that my seat number was included in the list. I went out of my mind that I even forgot that my friends handed me all their twilight memorabilias so as to have it signed if in case I’ll be included in the lucky 6( finalists selected from the 20 by a pulling of strings contest).

The lucky 6 were chosen thru “pulling the strings” thing.  It took me around 5 seconds to realize that the other end of the string that I was holding belongs to Robert Pattinson!!!! OMG!!! I was in deep ecstasy that moment that I cant remember how I managed to go to the dinner venue…”


  1. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    why does the place for the dvd say nothing and just (endif)??????

  2. yeah! what’s going on??

  3. There is definately something wrong with the site…fix it soon please!!

  4. what’s going on with the post under this one? it has the title, but no description or anything.

    i wanted to know what this said since it’s from summit! hopefully it gets fixed!

  5. Vote for Twiight:


  6. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    i already voted.
    do you thing someboday hacted the website???

  7. I don’t think anyone hacked the website. I think they are just having issues with something. Or, at least thats what i am hoping.

    Ok, and about the dinner thing, they are so dang lucky! I know I would have just, like, fained, right then and there. Well, maybe not fainted, but hyperventalated. I wouldn’t have been able to say anything.

  8. Right now I’m thinking that they are so LUCKY, he’ll they ARE!
    By idk what I would say in front of ROB!
    I wouldn’t be able to speak to him, I would want to, bit I’ll like freak out 😀
    And idk if I would be able to eat in front of them, I mean rob and Taylor are there, how incredibly distracting…

  9. cullen princess says:

    Oh, good, thought it was just my computer acting up. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed asap

    So jealous of these fans!! Definitely wouldn’t have been able to eat, lol

  10. Omg, luuuucky!

  11. Adrielle says:

    Oh, thought it was my laptop problem again. I guess it’s just a glitch on the website.

  12. shavei7 says:

    lucky biatches! LOL

    If I were in Nina’s place I think I would have just gaped at them like a moron. LOL. wooow…

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    i would have not ate anything and i would have just asked questions…. I really hope they fix this fast cus i want to see all the new information i haven’t been on the lex for 5 days.

  14. They are so lucky but well deserved since they endured such hard weather.

    By the way Kristen won a TAFFY awardd in the chicago tribune for twilight. Congrats Kristen!

    Link: http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/lifestyle/chi-0227-taffy-finalefeb27,0,5982415.story

  15. I’m sooo jealous. She’s wicked lucky!! I probably would have been freaking out the whole time and forget everything I would ever want to ask/say to them. And I wouldn’t even be able to say anything to Rob because he’s amazing, and that accent =) She did a wonderful description of everything!

  16. ahhh lucky lucky fans!!! i probably would’ve tried too hard to keep my cool to the point where i’d come off looking like a hollow vessel….orrr i’d be too nervous and red all over, so i’m really glad that she handled it quite well!! awesome pictures! loving twilight singapore <3

  17. they are SOOOOOOO lucky!!!!! GAWD!

  18. GenevieveCullen says:

    Wow, I’m truly envious those those lucky 6. I don’t know how they managed to converse and eat. I’d be too concerned with remembering how to breathe and using proper table manners.

    Gawking at Robert Pattinson with a mouth full of food, the horror….

  19. oh good i totally thought my computer was freaking out on me cuz i couldn’t see anything under the first one! when are they going to fix it?

  20. elminasi says:

    They are soo dang LUCKY!! If i got to eat with taylor, I would just watch him eat and faint! i wouldn’t even try to eat…. I’d just choke and his flawlessness!

  21. misslelie says:

    OMG Luckkkkky<3 I would totally be the same eliminasi!!! Id just like be staring at Taylor the whole time!!!!<3 Wait no…I’d ask to see his muscles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 LOLO:)LOLOLOLOLOO

  22. No I’d DEFINITELY try to talk to Rob-I wouldn’t know when I’d get another opportunity! These pictures are fan-tab-u-lous!! Very, VERY lucky girls!

  23. so glad that i’m not the only one who’s having problem with the site! but omg, if i was that girl i’d probably want to scream from joy but just be rendered speechless. that would just be so amazing!

  24. Caleigh says:

    i am soo jealous.

    hey, whats up with the rest of the site? only this post is showing up for me, and the title of the Summit Announces DVD thing…thats it. is it just my computer or…?

  25. Wow, I’m so jealous she got to meet Robert! Swooooon. I would love to meet Robert and Kristen.
    So glad she had a great time.

    Taylor gets on my nerves though. He is always pushing the Team Jacob thing. Doesn’t he realize how the books end? Pffft.

  26. What’s up with site?????

  27. yeah I was wondering about the site, I thought it might have been my computer : S

  28. Aaaah where’s the rest of the news :S
    Hope it’s all up and working again by tommorow!
    I need my Twilight updates! baha

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was her. (Okay, maybe a little *cough*a lot*cough*) They’ve been lucky the whole trip!

    Yeah, what’s wrong?

  30. Those girls’ luck is starting to scare me!

  31. Araceli says:

    I´m Araceli. I´m from Argentina.I watched and read Twilight and I love its.I love Taylor.If my english isn´t so good, because I don´t know very much.I hope you can understand me.


  32. So,so lucky girls! If I were at Nina’s place I would’ve been so afraid to speak nonsense that I wouldn’t have uttered a word.

  33. Haha I probably would have wanted to try and play it cool and stay nice and calm and talk to them… But as soon as they walked in I feel like I would just sit there being dazzled and have to concentrate on breathing and not gawking weirdly.

  34. One more thing… If these girls really could bottle their luck I would definately buy some. 🙂

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