Access Hollywood Previews the Twilight DVD

Starting this Thursday, March 5, Access Hollywood will be running our 5 day long “Twilight Special” of exclusive deleted scenes from “Twilight!”  And check in with our Twilight page for all the latest news, galleries and videos!


  1. i can’t see the clip…
    it has something to do with my location.
    can someone upload it on youtube please? =)

  2. ahhh damn you access hollywood!! my location spits on you lol!

  3. cullen princess says

    yay! So excited for this! =)


  5. frizz =D says

    is it wrong to get a little turned on by thiss? lmaoo

  6. spunkranDom says

    wow why the hell did they cut all the naughty scenes from twilight?!?!?!?!

  7. GenevieveCullen says

    Dammit American media outlets, learn to SHARE!
    I’m pretty sure this is it.

  8. GenevieveCullen says

    Wait, I just realized, how can she put her finger in his mouth if his teeth are razor sharp?

    @spunkranDOM, they must have cut the more explicit scenes to keep it PG. Bonus features on DVDs however do not require a rating. Don’t expect any “broken headboards” though.

  9. cullen princess says

    haha at frizz=)
    Nope, not wrong at all 😉

    genevievecullen, I was wondering about the whole “biting her finger” thing too, but it’s so hot, and not in the actual film, so I don’t care, lol

  10. hahaha omg, that looks amazing! i can’t wait!

  11. I can’t see it 🙁

  12. oh, thanks GenevieveCullen!

  13. @ GenevieveCullen – thanks!!! lol ahh what a teaser, can’t wait for this dvd

  14. no WAY, frizz =D!!

    I actually admire your ability to admit it, lololololol


  15. ohhh wow that was something
    im putting access hollywood to record!!!

  16. I thought the same thing about the finger in mouth/razor sharp teeth, too. Probably one of the reasons it got cut.

    The extra footage is going to be one of the highlights of the DVD. I can’t wait. Literally ticking down the days now. 🙂

  17. This is so exciting 😀
    I cannot WAIT to see this!

  18. actually, i think kristen mentioned at comic-con a time where she and rob were doing some improv, and he was being all cocky and stuff so she stuck her finger in his mouth and was like “you want a taste?”. i’m glad that’s going to be in here, i always wanted to see that. 🙂
    and oh my god…the kiss…so hott.
    i can’t wait for this dvd.

  19. Omg, so I guess there is a lot more to that kiss than we thought.

    Not that I am complaining. At ALL.


  20. Haha dayyuuummm!! SEX? i cant wait to watch this ahaha :]] and i agree with youu “frizz =D” haha

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