Twilight Singapore With Tokyo Press Conference Video

Twilight Singapore has now uploaded their coverage of the Official Press Conference of the Japan release tour. For those of you keeping track, this would be the first event where the cast was indoors, nice and dry, and Kristen wore the black leather minidress and the 4 inch heels.  Twilight Singapore’s coverage is great because as officially invited press they were in an elevated area so their camera angle isn’t broken up by heads and bumping elbows. The other great thing here is that there were decent questions getting asked, and the actors had a chance to say something meaningful each time. Hat’s off to Twilight Singapore’s awesome coverage!

In this first video they greet the audience, talk about Stephenie’s involvement in the film,

In this next segment. Rob talks about Twilight and Harry Potter connections. Twilight Singapore gets to ask their question about actor preparations (nice question guys!)

In video number three someone asks what is the appeal is it vampires?

Finally wrapping up with video four with the photo call.


  1. GenevieveCullen says:

    I’m supposed to be studying for midterms right now but I just gotta say their Japanese wasn’t that bad.

    I wish Rob would have spoken more. Anything he says in any language or accent sounds hot. XD

  2. Urgh… They won’t load and I was dieing to see this.

  3. This might sound crazy, at 2:47 on the lower video it looks like Kristan is checking out how good Taylor smells!!!! lOL!

  4. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    I would faint if I got close enough to smell him!! I really would, and since he is such a prefect guy, he’d probably care enough to try some first aid or CPR or something!
    TAYLOR is MINE!! <3

  5. Catherine says:

    Those were great! I love the fact that the questions they asked were more in depth. So many interviews so far (excpet for those by the Lex and a few others) have questions like… “Whats it like to kiss a vampire?” or “How did you get your hair like that?” or “Do you like being famous?” or the ever popular “Are you seeing anyone?” Its nice to hear some answers about the process.

    And I thought it was funny on the vampire appeal questions, what Taylor said. If I was him, I probably would have said something like. “Vampire appeal? Pshh…there is no appeal! Now werewolves on the other hand….”

  6. Really great videos. Great coverage, Twilight Singapore! But I have to say I love the awkwardness of the language barrier. Half the time, it looked like Kristen, Rob, and Taylor were lost, and that was great entertainment for me. And then during the photo call, the awkward hop they did when the Japanese lady said “Okay, now to the left.” And then it was super super awkward when they told them that they could wave. They had no clue what to do. It was GREAT!

  7. Aislinn says:

    Even though I couldn’t really understand half the things that were being said, it was fun to watch their facial expressions and reactions. Awesome coverage! =]

  8. This site is great, The Twilight Lexicon, everytime I log on I find out something new. I am so happy I joined, thank you keep up the good work. I love it here.

  9. Seriously,great coverage!

  10. Emily W says:

    Yeah she does sniff him. He makes a funny face shortly before that so I wonder if he may have farted… I love her Miss America wave at the end.

    And how I think its about midway in the 3rd one, she sees rob messing with his suit and sits up striaght and fixes her jacket heh.

  11. GenevieveCullen says:

    I wish we could hear what Rob and Kirsten were whispering to each other.

    All three looked like they were enjoying themselves. I’m very happy for them (:

  12. Julie M. says:

    This was really fun to watch. What a class act!! Thanks to the Lex for posting it and especially to the Twilight Singapore girls. You guys did a great job. I’ve really enjoyed reading your coverage each day.

  13. i loved all the videos, thank you so much Twilight Singapore! I esp love the video of the photo call when Kristen sort of pushes rob and taylor to put their arms around her to start things off…so cute!

  14. ahhh i love it!! THANK YOU to twilight singapore! so sweet of you ladies to share these!!!
    i have to say that it was hilarious to watch them while the translations were being done, while they were being told which way to stand. watching these i had practically forgotten what it was like to have an interview with these three without girls in the background screaming every time they spoke. so refreshing!

  15. Emily, I thought her Miss America wave was cute too. Totally something that she would do. I loved it when she pulled the two guys towards her for the pictures. The three of them are adorable.

  16. in the second video after kristen talks about her prep she did for the movie what was the question that was asked that she said yes to?


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