Twilight Singapore Explains It All: The Japan Tour

In case you were wondering like we were why Kristen Stewart kept changing her clothes in the Japan footage (Black leather mini-dress with sky-high heels, sweeping Grecian inspired gown, tee shirt and jeans with a reappearance of the killer heels) Twilight Singapore has the answer. She attended three separate events. Even though the Rob and Taylor stayed in the same suit  (How unfair is it that guys can do that !).

Okay, here’s the deal with Twilight’s Japan Red Carpet Premiere Event on the 27th of February. It’s a 3 part event that takes place concurrently – the Press Conference, the Red Carpet walk and the Fan Meeting…Robert, Kristen and Taylor – they were whisked off somewhere in the building each time and had to make a grand entrance at every event. I guess it just how things were done, and actually it made a great effect cos the audience were always different…”

Once again these girls managed more so than mainstream media to capture the real unstaged look of the actors. The other day they manged to get that cute “I tried” smile from Kristen when she gave a greeting in Japanese to the fans (translated as ,” I am very happy to come to Tokyo.”).  Today they captured her when the wind kicked up. Keep in mind it was freezing, literally 32F, on the red carpet and then the damp breeze hit her. See their whole gallery and write-up about the red carpet here.


  1. FreakinLoon says

    Fabulous shots! Good job.

    Attitude aside, that gown is gorgeous! She looked lovely.

  2. buurrr…that must be cold.

  3. definitely tipping my hat off to these ladies!! i love reading their stories and seeing their pictures muuuch more than watching something like extra. they have great luck and are too sweet for sharing their stuff!
    and poor kristen! the girl’s probably sick by now thanks to the cold. i can practically hear the lil yelp coming from that picture as the wind hits her. they all look amazing, love her dress!

  4. This is my fav pic from that day :). Yeah, you’d think Rob or Taylor would have tried to help warm her up a little bit (no pun intended), but the press would’ve been all over that and her bf probably wouldn’t have appreciated it. She looks gorgeous but holy crow- one shoulder dress in 32 degrees? Thats craziness.

  5. That’s a great gallery! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love these ladies they take the best pictures! 🙂 I absolutely love this picture of kristen she looks so real… and freezing.

  7. Rockin'It says

    Wow, beautiful dress, but dang, that must have been FREEZING!!! Haha, love Taylor’s face in this pic! So cute!!!

  8. Danny Chipman says

    Would it have killed her to wear something…warm?


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