The Japan Twilight Tour: The Fan Meet Up, AKA Kristen Stewart Makes Robert Pattinson Blush

Just when you thought Twilight Singapore was done with their coverage, they are now up to the the fan meet up. For all of you following the Kristen fashion (because seriously it’s the only way to know which event is which) this is where Kristen switches to jeans, a white tee shirt and really comfy converse high tops after Kristen, Rob, and Taylor were practically drowned and frozen on the red carpet. We’re amazed they had any energy at all at this point, and that they weren’t cranky as hell.

You really need to read the full account over at Twilight Singapore to get the full play-by-play effect with AMAZING pictures that illustrate each moment. The segment had us laughing. Like a lot of their coverage, they seem to have captured the Kristen Stewart we met on set. By that we mean someone who is a little shy, reflective, better one-on-one, and who has a sense of humor when she realizes that you are laughing with her and not at her. This one moment below really stuck out.

Hehehe… Kristen and Robert looks pretty embarrassed here. Well, you guys can imagine what the question was…..check out how everyone is smiling. ;) a nervous Japanese fan asked (you can hear her sigh in the video) Kristen how it felt like kissing Robert. And Kristen asked back, ‘How did you think it felt?’ The fan replied something which I couldn’t hear. Then Kristen said,” SOO much better!!”. WOOOOoooOOOO!! The whole hall crowed and laughed! And Robert’s facial reaction was like, “Oh?” Haha! You guys HAVE TO WATCH the video because I cannot described it! Awesome answer Kristen!!

We think we can safely speak for the fandom when we say, “We can’t wait for the video on this one!”


  1. OMG! That’s hilarious… She made him blush, too.

  2. Can’t wait for the video! ;]

  3. aww…that’s soo cute! can’t wait for the video either

  4. Bellalie says:

    i seriously ROFL’ed at this. This is one of the best rumors ive heard all day.

    😀 hope it made you laugh!

  5. OMG pls post the video here!!!

  6. i cant wait 4 the video

  7. Jillian says:

    i can’t wait for that video!! it’s going to be soooooooo funny!

  8. shavei7 says:


    soo funny and cute!

  9. You know the girls that did this are brilliant, Kristen, Rob and Taylor looked really relaxed and enjoyed themselves even when they were getting pelted with rain, sleet and thrashing winds. Just goes to show how down to earth Kristen really is, I’m really fed up with the negative press she’s been getting lately and I hope this will silence the hate campaign that people have going on out there. Cant wait to watch the video! Ive been following the whole thing over the past week and I just want to say what an amazing job the girls did, so well done!!!

  10. well said denise! 🙂

  11. Here here Denise! 🙂

  12. bella'srevenge says:

    can you post the video about this?!!?
    we would watch it!

  13. bella'srevenge says:

    We can’t wait for the video on this one! XD

  14. I agree with you Denise. Kristen is actually a down to earth person. She just got surprised how something that was thought to be little became in matter of seconds. I think she just needed a break from everything that way she could relax and take in all the fandom and realize that we just want to see her happy. Plus I think it helped a bit that everybody wasn’t yelling constantly like in comic con. That way everybody heard the questions and answers.

  15. wonder what her boyfriend would say if he heard this XD

  16. Video please!!!

  17. I’m so anxious for the video….

  18. samantha says:

    im tired of wating!

  19. LOL!!! that is soooo funny! i cant wait for the vid!

  20. Nicole: It’s questions like yours that bother Kristen. She was just going with the flow and trying to have a sense of humor about the question even though, from her interview, she thinks they are bull. At least she’s trying. She has a boyfriend whom she’s obviously in love with. She and Rob are playing Bella and Edward. They’re not Bella and Edward nor are they boyfriend and girlfriend. They are friends. When silly questions are asked, silly answers should be given. Good for her. Humor the fans and then live your life.

  21. *waits for video*

  22. While we wait for Twilight Singapore’s vid (which will probably be better focused), I found this so we’re not in total suspense….
    I just couldn’t wait!!! Enjoy!

  23. I forgot to mention that the part you are REALLY interested in is about 3 minutes in…

  24. thanks, lynn! 😀

  25. Indiesr says:

    Salsa: You definately have a point.

  26. Well said Denise and Salsa!

  27. Ah that’s sweet.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. GenevieveCullen says:

    Denise, I whole heartedly agree 🙂

    And great job to Twilight Singapore! Their dedication is amazing. Thank you so much!

  29. That was a good recap of the events, awesome!
    I love the pictures … and that rope thing to select contest winners was such a neat idea!
    I also agree with Denise and Salsa, I’m glad other people want the negativity about Kristen to stop and understand she’s just a normal teen, not a crazily bubbly girl, and not a beotch!!
    We’d probably all be the same in her situation – and really, the guys are probably always happy because a) boys don’t get periods, ever and b) the girls hate kristen because they’re jealous she gets to mash faces with rob, which isn’t fair, it’s just a job.

    Ok, support rant over!
    Only a few months until new moon … kind of! 😀

  30. I really need to watch this video! I can’t wait!

  31. I just wanted to add that the Japanese fans are amazing. They showed their appreciation but they also let the actors answer the questions in a thoughtful way. They also showed equal love to all the actors and made them all feel very welcome. This was the most relax and calm that I have seen of Kristen from all the press that she and Robert have done together and the atmosphere may have something to do with it.

  32. Emmett_Alice_Cullen says:

    Omg lol!
    I would want to kiss him too! 😀
    It looked like a very nice kiss! 😉

  33. naomijfisher says:

    Wait, I read on some comment on this page that this was a joke, like someone made this all up – the thing about Kristen making Rob blush.
    But this is true, right?

  34. Emily W says:

    Nikkie- my thoughts exactly. And I’m proud to see Kristen embracing her role. I’ve really related to her and stand up for her alot so it feels good to see her do so well.

  35. LoLo! That funny just from the description!I wish I was there and I can’t wait for the vid. Oh and Kristen seems to be sombody I wouldn’t mind playing Bella. I think NO I know that New Moon is going to be way better that Twilight. Can’t wait!!

  36. Vampiregirlgaby says:

    Ummm.. i’m not sure where else to write this but I can’t click on the previous entries link that’s usually at the bottom of the page. And I can’t wait for the video of this.

  37. JVangelgirl says:

    I think this is the video you guys are talking about. It’s at the 2:55 mark. I felt kinda bad for Rob. He was really squirming. I liked Kristen comment though…I can tell she was just playing around with the fans.

  38. JVangelgirl says:

    Well, actually the question begins at 2:35 mark…sorry.

  39. Victoria says:

    I applaud the japanese and singapore fans for being such gracious and well-mannered fans. I agree that the Twilight cast appears to feel much more comfortable in your presence and feel much more connected to the fans in this press conference than others that i’ve seen and read about. And Bravo to Kristen, Bravo!! I applaud her for greeting the fans in Japanese (shows respect and appreciation) and being able to joke around a bit with the audience and putting Rob in the hot seat for a change. I loved it! That’s the side of Kristen we rarely see (probably because other venues were not that comfortable for her). I’m very glad she’s had a chance to share that side of her with deserving fans that can appreciate and understand the tough time it’s been for her these past few chaotic months after Twilight’s release. Can’t wait to see the video! Thank you.

  40. Joanne Maria says:

    I really want to see that video!!!

  41. therealmrswhitlock says:

    I watched the youtube vid and just—squee!! And because they’re in Tokyo–Robert watashi wa anata no aishitemasu!!!

  42. therealmrswhitlock says:

    that’s Japanese for I love you


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