Thank You Twilight Singapore!

The girls from Twilight Singapore are back home after their Japan adventure. If you loved their coverage, make sure you drop by Twilight Singapore and let them know!


  1. nezzi4teamjacob says:

    OM, Thank you SOOO Much!! I was soo jealous you guys don’t even know. I think I am going to go to singapore just to bottle up some of your luck! I hope you guys had a GREAT time!

  2. EDWARDallTHEway says:

    You guys absolutely ROCK! Thanks so much,your coverage was great…I am loving Twilight Singapore!! Hope you guys had a wonderful experience! Thanks again…

  3. Great coverage, I really got a bang out of your adventures.

  4. I loved your coverage! Thanks so much!

  5. thanks ladies!! 🙂 you’re all ridiculously lucky! I AM JEALOUS!! lol

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