Subscriber Wars

So there’s this friendly feud going on between Bailey (No More Marbles) and Kaleb (The Twilight Guy) as to who can get more people to sign up for their respective YouTube Channels. Kaleb just upped the ante. Where is the Lexicon in all of this…Switzerland, seriously, no way we are stupid enough to get in the middle of this. We love ya both guys!

Here’s Bailey’s video that sparked “the war”

And now Kaleb fires back. Oh, and the video below is worth watching just to hear Kaleb say “pwned” like 50 times.


  1. lol switzerland for me as well. i’m subscribed to both of them!

  2. Now that’s childish.

  3. hahahaha!!! I LOVE it all!!!!!! This is great for me, because I subscribe to both, and have a chance to win some REALLY cool stuff! (as do most of the rest of us). Its all great!! 😀

  4. Bailey should win, IMO 🙂 not a fan of kaleb. i kinda think this competition is a bit ridiculous, but i see where bailey is coming from.

  5. These vids make me laugh. 🙂 Good luck to all who subscribed!!

  6. lmao i love both of them as well, kaleb wins a point with me today for saying PWNED! love it!! where in the heck does he get all this stuff? to give away? ohh and that christian serratos picture is beautiful! she is a very pretty gal!

  7. LOL. I saw her reaction to his video last night during the pod cast. It was priceless! Though I subscribe to both, I’m a Kaleb girl at heart. So, def not Switzerland. Go Kaleb!!!

  8. Big laugh from me. I’m going to subscribe to Kaleb.

  9. Kaleb’s just so more interesting to watch for me… Go Kaleb!

  10. Why can’t they both be TwiTube royalty??
    I love them both!
    Kaleb could be the TwiTube King
    and Bailey could be the TwiTube Queen!
    See how much more peaceful this is??

  11. Keri Lynn says

    I’m all for Team Kaleb.
    For one, he spells his name awesomely and he just seems a lot more likable, to me.
    Bailey has made nothing but bad impressions. When the whole TwiCon thing started up and the live webcast thing was on, she seemed a little mean and this just seems a little petty. That’s just my opinion though.

  12. I can’t watch either of their videos, they make weird faces that scare me. 🙂

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