Adam Lambert Talks Twilight Again

According to Access Hollywood, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert loved Randy’s Twilight analogy of the other day,

“Maybe I’ll be in a movie, let me just put that out there,” he said. “I follow the ‘Twilight’ books and I love them.”

Given that Adam is already getting MTV coverage, can it be long before Larry Carrol is knocking at his door for a Twilight angle?

So, we’re curious, because we’re sure that there are a lot of AI fans and Twilight fans out there. How many of you loved Adam’s satisfaction the other night, and if you did, did you vote for Adam? Did the Twilight reference influence you in any way?


  1. KatieCullen77 says

    I already liked this guy from the auditions and thought he was amazing! The “Twilight” reference was hilarious…it’s everywhere now! And no, the comment did not influence my vote for him…he’s got a great voice and really cool personality.

  2. i already was in love with him but the twilight reference just made me like him SO much more!!

  3. i thought Adam was hot (he looks like a mix of Nixon from Framing Hanley and Joe Jonas, but i don’t like the Joe Jonas likeness so much) & i loved his voice from the beginning so i knew i would be voting for him anyways. the Twilight reference influenced me a little bit though. i voted for him more than anyone else =) he’s my favorite now, lol.

  4. I think it’s funny that people think he’s gained that AI spot because of the Twilight analogy. I think he deserved that spot, whether he has anything to do with Twilight or not. I wouldn’t have voted for him just because Twilight was repeated more than once, and I still didn’t vote for him. I voted for someone else. But still, I think he’s a terrific singer, and one of my favorite on AI, regardless! I hope he gets far. 🙂

  5. Sara(yeah theres many of us) says

    I LOVE Adam and i voted for him like 12 times! I hope he does win! And I would love to see him in a Twilight movie- and to be honest, I don’t understand how people are comparing him to the Joe-Bros (which I hate)! He is very emo looking not preppy Joe Bro crap.

  6. last2right says

    I can’t stand Adam. He is so cocky. He is nothing like Edward, or Rob for that matter. Rob’s music is so soulful and bluesy… Adam thinks he’s a rock star already. I did not vote for him, and was not going to vote for him. After Randy made that comment about Rob I was screaming “WTF?” for about 5 minutes. I hope he does not make it too far! I was pulling for Nick, personally.


  8. Love his voice 🙂
    I’m definitely buying the next few soundtracks for the Twilight Series, especially if Adam’s on one of them.

  9. dude.
    he likes Twilight so
    I voted for him like 3478829034873453 times!!!!!!!


  11. I <3ed Adam from Hollywood Week!!! He’s Gorgeous….

    Twilight Reference=amazingness!!!!

  12. He would make a good Volturi – he has the look. That boy can sing and act – I think he would be a perfect AI!

  13. Don’t think he looks like Edward…I don’t even remember that being said on AI, but then again I just watched the performances because they drag it on too long..

    Btw, my favorite was JOANNA PACITTI, but they let her into the top people…then all of a sudden took it back and never mentioned it. Whatever to AI. I want Danny to win.

  14. I’ve loved Adam since his very first audition on American Idol and I did vote for him that night. Twilight didn’t influence me.

  15. Wow! Adam is the best singer ever! Yeah there is a crazy rumor saying he’s gay. Sorry to burst your buble he is. If you don’t belive me that’s your fault for not wanting to see the truth. I’m not saying I have anything against Lambert OR gay people I’m just stating a fact. I love Adam he is the best singer that has ever been on American Idol better the Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtrey. I also LOVE Twilight! Everything in my room is Twilight. (they don’t have lambert posters out yet) I personally think Adam would make a good vampire but Rob. Pattz is really HOT!!! I would’t replace RPatTz with Lambert but Lambert would make an awesome vampire!!!! I think Adam and Robert Pattinson should hang sometime and take pics. (so I can have a twilight/lambert background) It would be even better if FRed Lambert and Pattz got together!!!!! I also like Fred!!!!!!


  17. i voted on Adam Lambert in the show American Idol. for me, he is the best contestant in that show.

  18. Adam Lambert is a very talented singer and i admire most of his performance. i wish that he had won the American Idol contest though.

  19. Adam Lambert is a very good performer, me and my boyfriend voted for him on American Idol. So many in the business have really noticed Adam. Given his talent, I would guess Adam will be someone many will want to work with, but he is a highly creative artist and won’t slip into someone elses shoes for long.

  20. Adam Lambert should have been the winner on american idol, he is very talented and is a great performer but he did not win.

  21. Madeline says

    Adam would make an awesome vampir you just have to look at his music video For your entertainment he is perfect!!! He would also be sooo amazing in True Blood 🙂


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