Rob Pattison and Hugh Jackman Sing?

According to E! Rob and Hugh, who is in Toyko promoting his movie Australia, bonded decided to unwind by singing.

The girls from Twilight Singapore captured video footage of Hugh and Rob’s arrival in Japan.


  1. FreakinLoon says:

    I loved the “Special Appearance By” title. Very funny!

    Hugh was so cute and sweet to walk the ENITRE line of fans, even if they weren’t there for him. Wonder if he gave Rob any grief?

    Hugh should nominate Rob for the People’s next Sexiest Man Alive. I’m sure he has some influence.

  2. little bonbon says:

    you rock, guys!!!!

  3. They both look HOT! I agree Hugh Jackman definitely went to everyone he could.

  4. WaiTTTTTTTTTTTT Wattttttt

  5. GenevieveCullen says:

    OMG! Robert and Hugh singing karaoke!?

    Oh what I’d give to have been in that bar…..
    I really hope someone recorded it. I’d pay good money to see that!

  6. hahaha
    the famous beanie is backkk!

  7. i like twilight it is a good movie i like robert pattison

  8. i like robert is so hot

  9. i’m going to buy the movie on march 21 the twilight

  10. i like twilight it is so hhhhhoooooottttttyyyy

  11. hi robert pattinson i love you so much
    i want to married you

  12. james is uglyyyyyy

  13. dyanna like twilight

  14. danielle like robert is mine you can’t have him

  15. Hugh is very nice! Very kind to fans, even fans that weren’t his.

  16. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy about edward (rob pattison)and twilight it’s awsome.I’m getting every book and dvd but I have heard the late movie is rated R I don’t belive it but even if it is rated R hopefully my mom will take to see it…….Edward is sexy

  17. You are sooooo awsome in twilight you are cute too I wish you can be my bf (boyfriend)


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