Twilight Cast on Extra: Post Your Video Questions!

This just in from the folks at Extra.



Get ready to sink your teeth into something special, Twilighters – “Extra” is bringing you closer than ever to your favorite vampires! “Extra” will have the entire cast of “Twilight” on set next week — and they’ll be answering questions from YOU!

Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone — they’re all waiting to hear from you! Just upload your video questions! Rob and Kristen have answered for you before — in fact, so has Jackson!

Be sure to watch “Extra” next week — and see if your questions were asked!

To upload your questions, go to

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  1. I want to ask Kristen, “What’s it like to kiss a vampire?” You think that’ll upset her? (rhetorical) J/K

  2. someone should ask KStew why she’s such a crank and why she hates being part of this ‘psychotic’ movie making. 🙂

  3. I want to ask Kristen if Rob’s hair ever bothered her and if it smelled bad, but I don’t want to make an account and everything on extra.
    Would someone please request that question for me?

  4. Yes I want to ask Kristen if she is dating Robert Pattinson….:D…Oh and how does it feel to kiss a vampire…

  5. I want to know if any of the on screen relationships were brought off screen. *coughfAshleyandJacksoncoughf*

  6. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    what are we doing? taping our selves asking a Question???? !?

  7. KatieCullen77 says:

    Will someone please ask:
    -What will be in the “New Moon” script…and is it good?
    -Why did Kristen not go to the Awards (I’d rather hear from her rather than her father)?
    -Who is offically in the cast for New Moon? Dakota Fanning as Jane maybe?
    -Does Jackson think that Ashley would be good girlfriend material?
    -Does Rob think that Kristen is fully into the series? Why?

  8. I just went on to ask my question but you have to do a vidio to ask it and my mom won’t let me(and I don’t have a vidio camera). Can’t we just send in our questions in tex form. If someone is going to do a vid can you ask funniest person off screen. thank you.

  9. KatieCullen I love your questions. They are deep girl real deep. Someone really needs to ask those.

  10. Hey, someone should ask if they’re gonna be more Robert’s songs in the upcoming movie/soundtrack. I so think it should! I love his songs… “To Roam”, “I’ll be your lover too”, “I was broken”… they fit perfectly to the movie!

  11. Well I cant do a video message but i am not computer inclined…
    so i will put the question out there and see if anyone wants to ask…

    How do they really feel about the movie compared to the book and will New Moon be better???

  12. Oh, and one more…

    How do they really feel about big name actors trying to get into the saga???

    Personally i think they should stay out, especially now Drew Barrymore, come on now.

    #10 Comment Bela Rob already said that he will be putting any music into the next soundtrack. I am sure you can find his comments online so dont waste a question on that.

  13. Sorry for the error… on comment #10


    I should stop writing i am falling asleep.

  14. Um ask krsiten what she is looking forward to in New Moon and also ask her for me what is the atmospher like when they are filming also ask if she has read the script and if so how does she feel about it if you could say they are from Matthew F it really be appreaciated I love Kristen.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw Ashley Greene is so awesome if you could ask her about how the atmospher was like when theyw ere fliming I would love to know.

    Also without spoiling so much hint how rob and krsiten feel about the steamy scenes that will be coming in the past and if they feel uncomforatble with what’ll happen and if they are not looking forward to it for themselves personally.!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also don’t gorget to say thank you all for your time cause they are all so nice.!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Actually sorry I didn’t read the upload part someone please mention these questions for me. Also get a reaction about the direction Alice’s charcter goes at the end and how Ashley feels about it….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think this is an awesome chance for Kristen to stick up for herself so I hope someone asks her about the bad press lately…

  17. My questions for Kristen:

    1. When did you realize you hated being part of Twilight?

    2. When did you realize you were better/smarter than all the fans?

    3. What makes you qualified to say Twilight isn’t good enough for you to promote at the Oscars? I hope you have plenty of bridges, because Hollywood is a little town and you, Kristen, certainly burnt a few with your snide remarks.

    4. Isn’t smoking marijuana illegal?

    5. What’s it like to kiss a vampire?

  18. Kate… your questions are spot on!
    she is so full of her self and someone should really send those in!!!
    her reaction would be so funny!

    great times…lol

  19. @Kate
    Damn girl! You went straight for the jugular(no vampire pun intended)! Kudos to you. I don’t think anyone at Extra would have the balls to show your video or any video that came at the cast members that hardcore. That’s the type of stuff you have to ask at a live event or on a radio show.

    I’ll watch the show, not for the questions because I already have a feeling I know what questions they will be airing, but just to see how everyone is positioned. Have you noticed in photos there always seem to have Rob, Kristen, and Nikki in one corner and then Taylor or Kellan might be in the middle and then it’s Nikki and Jackson on the other side. I’m just curious to know if it’s photographers that are placing them like that or it’s personal preference. ‘Cause you never know, somebody really might saying “I don’t want to stand next to that b*tch over there.” I’m just assuming.

  20. Twilightfreak says:

    They are going to be on set already? YAY!
    Well, they should be on set if they start filming the 23rd…

  21. Good job, Kate. I do hope you upload those questions, actually.

  22. Dang. I don’t have access to the equipment. But here’s what I’m wondering:

    1. Did Rob read Breaking Dawn, and if so, what did he think? Is he still in for the movie if it gets made?
    2. What did Rob and Kristen think of their action figures/dolls? And also, what about the websites that let people dress them?

  23. i would like to say hi to robert pattison you look like a sweet lad dont let the fame spoil you

  24. Danielle says:

    I’d ask (this is for any of the cast too) –

    Out of Jasper and Emmett, who would you rather include into lets say a love square with Bella, Edward and Jacob? And why?

  25. Twilight is a great movie. I love the way the charicters talk with sutch great pasion. But theres one thing that i don’t reallly get? Why does every one love EDWARD. His great, but all the other charicters are cool

  26. The movies have been pretty close to the books. How important is it to read the Twilight Box Set first before seeing the films?

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