Drew Barrymore Interested in Eclipse

If any other news outlet other than Entertainment Weekly had published this, we would have laughed it off. EW rarely goes out on a limb. There sources are impeccable. So, what do you think, would you like to see Drew Barrymore direct Eclipse?

What is interesting is that when EW asked Summit and Drew Barrymore’s rep’s for a comment this is what they got, “Neither Summit nor Barrymore’s reps would comment for this story.”  It’s interesting that front Barrymore’s camp at least there wasn’t a flat out denial.  Interesting…very…very interesting.


  1. Um, no! Has she even directed anything before? I don’t want my favorite book of the series ruined by an inexperienced director.

  2. In what role, I dare ask?

  3. WAIT. As a director? Wow. I don’t know…

  4. WEell I love Drew but I don’t think I’ve seen any of the movies she’s directed so I dunno. =/ Cool she’s interested though! 🙂

  5. soozabooza54 says:

    Ugh. Gross.

  6. well she has a lot of experience with the business…

  7. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    Ummm…I didn’t know she directed stuff… If I haven’t heard of her, I don’t think I want her ruining my fave book in the saga.. I guess I am glad that they wil have the chance to pick the best director out there since they ALL want to…

  8. While I love Drew Barrymore… uh. I’d rather have someone who’s actually, y’know, a director to direct Eclipse. kthx.

  9. Hell No!!!

  10. whoa whoa whoaaaa…
    that came out of left field!! I wish I could judge but I am not familiar with anything she’s directed…
    so I googled her work and:
    “Barrymore did just finish work on her directorial debut, Whip It! starring Ellen Page”
    anddd since that isn’t coming out till the end of the year, I don’t know what to say…

  11. KatieCullen77 says:

    I’m not so sure that I would want Drew Barrymore to direct Eclipse since she is not really experienced…I love her as an actress but I don’t think she would be a good director for Eclipse because of experience. Sorry

  12. NO NO NO…. Lets Have Experenced Directors Only. we want to make this movie as good as possible not use it as Drew Barrymore’s Practice Movie

  13. eww.NO.

  14. dazzle1901 says:

    Oh please no! I love her acting, but… I’m a little worried with what we might end up with if she directs Eclipse.

  15. Drew??? A director? Really? Um…how about we get somebody with more experience and more suited to direct such a major film?

  16. uh I didn’t know she was a director. I love Drew Barrymore, but I hope Eclipse isn’t going to be her first movie as a director.

  17. She is a director…? o.0

  18. Directing? hahaha
    well, as an actress I would like it!

  19. Anima Bella says:

    As a director? Um, no.

  20. Funny how things work out.

    You know, Catherine Hardwicke was once a production designer before she jumped into the director’s chair…

    To hear such negative comments is a bit disturbing. I can understand Eclipse as a movie is close to the hear of many people, but it does not warrant blatant discredit of Barrymore’s ability.

    I say, she deserves a shot, we do not know how good she could be. But I know most will say, “Let her shot be with another movie, not with my beloved Eclipse!” And to that I say…perhaps the grip is too tight on what is considered..”sacred”.

  21. actually she did direct he’s just not that into you or helped out with it shes actually done a bit of work of directing but i so don’t want her directing eclipse

  22. cullen princess says:

    *groans* here we go again….
    I hope this isn’t true. Guess we’ll have to wait and see

  23. Hell no on Drew Barrymore. Let’s have an experienced director. Eclipse is my favorite book and i dont want it ruined. I wasn’t that thrilled with Twilight it could have been way better. I love the books (along with millions of others). I really have hope with New Moon with the new director.

  24. I’m not sure what to make of this news.

    Part of me agree with what Ilu_una wrote, but as a twilighter, I’ve got to be selfish and want the best for Eclipse. Perhaps, if I am a passer-by or a non-fan, I would say “go ahead”.

    I’m sure many people will feel the same way.

    But, some place in my heart, I’m already starting to give up on the movie franchise. It’s becoming one big mess.

  25. oh no…don’t we already have enough Drama this week…I think I need a vacation…..
    can somebody list Drew’s resume of directorial projects?? so we can at least have an educated opinion…everybody wants a piece of Twilight…wow…

  26. I agree with you Ana. Eclipse is my fave book too (all the tension and jasper is the center of attention:)
    i don’t want an inexperienced director to take charge…ugh

  27. I’d love for her to act in it, maybe as one of the Denali vampires. But I don’t think Eclipse would be the right breakout movie for her directing career.

    Sorry, Drew!

  28. FreakinLoon says:

    No disrespect to Drew, she’s produced some of my favorite films and introduced us to Michael Vartan (Yum!) but I really think a more experienced director, especially with the action the movie will have, needs someone who can meet this challenge.

  29. I think she’d be fantastic!!!!

  30. tanner nicole says:

    As much as I love Drew (coincidentally I just watched Never Been Kissed again today), I’d rather have a director with more action experience than her. Eclipse has the most action out of any of the books, and I want some grade “A” vampire-werewolf tag team scenes going on!

  31. I think that is the worst Idea since slavery! Eclipse is my favorite book of the siries and the closest she’s come to directing is producing and those are two completely different thing.

  32. NO! Please get someone with experience!

  33. cristy_702 says:

    I like Drew Barrymore…but directing eclipse?..Idk..but if she dose…she better do a great job on it!

  34. twilighter says:


  35. My word! Does anyone NOT want to be involved in the Twilight franchise to lift their own star status? It’s getting so ridiculous. Everyone in Hollywood sees that New Moon is a guaranteed hit and now they all desperately want to jump on the band-wagon. It’s pathetic.

    I don’t think Drew has been much of an actress since she grew up and wouldn’t want her within ten feet of any one of the Twilight saga.

  36. OME, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ugh, i HATE the fact that Summit’s even THINKING about getting all these mainstream actors and actresses involved!!!!!

    they’re going to ruin it!!

    *grabs torch and pitchfork*

  37. As a director? No…

    But for a role in the movie… maybe. What is she plated Bree? Hahhh interesting… 🙂

  38. Hmm, interesting…

    Let’s hear the confirmation from Summit then.

  39. Jessica Luu says:

    I really hope New Moon doesn’t become an all-star movie. It’ll be like another Hamlet movie gone wrong.

    Even if I want to watch the movie out of mere curiosity, it disgusts me that Twilight is becoming a money-grubbing type that no matter how crappy it’s made, it’ll still make tons of money. It just ruins everything about Twilight and why it’s so beloved. Instead of being a great book to read, it’s just the next “BIG THING” that everyone has to grasp in order to be more popular. If this continues to happen, I don’t know how many people will even appreciate the art of movies or the beauty of acting or why the books are so beloved.

  40. seriously. is everyone and their brother jumping on the “twilight” bandwagon in hollywood? first every tween “star” from Disney Channel wants to be part of New Moon, now one of Charlie’s Angels wants to direct Eclipse? ugh. for the love of all that is holy, when will this madness end?

  41. I don’t want to shoot her down just because we don’t know much about her directing capabilities- who knows, maybe she’s great?
    But I’d rather have someone with more experience. x_x

  42. i didnt know she directed!! maybe as a vampire in new moon or breaking dawn (Denali Clan?)but not director

  43. Drew is an actress, producer, and director. She’s been in the business a long time. But, I don’t think that makes her a good pick for the Twilight series!

    I like everything I have seen her in, maybe she could be one of the visiting vampires in Breaking Dawn?! I’d give her that.

  44. She can be very talented but she’d have to be an older charcter from like the amzon or something cause she isn’t very young best of luck if she is accepted.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  46. no no no no no.

  47. If she’s only directed one movie, that means she has little to no experience with special effects… and Eclipse is going to require a lot of special effects……….

  48. maureennnnnnn says:

    direct????? what has she directed before????
    i can see her playing a character not playing director though

  49. Jessica Luu, they’re talking about her directing Eclipse, not appearing in either movie. 🙂

    I don’t know, I’ve liked some movie’s she’s been a producer in, but I’ve never seen anything she’s directed. I don’t think it would be the end of the world.

  50. Direct? No. Be in it? Eh, sure why not. She’s a good actress.
    But directing? No.

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