Authors Making a Cameo

IFC has a rundown on authors from Truman Capote to Dorothy Parker who have made cameo appearances in films. They start off the list with Stephenie Meyer’s cameo in Twilight in the diner scene.

So, do you like author cameos? If so, where would you like to see Stephenie pop up in New Moon?


  1. Heck, yes, I wanna see Steph in NM! I mean, where would be the fun in not having her on?

  2. She should be the woman in Volterra with the red scarf that gets blown into the wind.

  3. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    OOOH, it would be great if she had a part that was mentioned in the book, like someone that is actually crossing bella’s mind, like someone she bumps into or something. I love her!

  4. Going in to be eaten by the volturi would be creepy… 🙁 It’ would be kinda cool in a eird way though lol

  5. I agree that she should be involved in Volterra somehow.

  6. In the plaza in Volterra! The appearance would be visible yet not blatant.

  7. I think she should be the woman who looses her red scarf on the approach to Volterra. Great imagery and it would be a fairly quick scene. And it would be a character that she created, instead of her playing one that is made up for the movie.

  8. Ok I think that maybe Stephenie would like more of a out of the way appearance this time (if any), by the sounds of things from the article. But with that said I think that what Di (comment #21) said would be good. Or someone in the movie theater would be ok. But I think that if she does make an appearance in “New Moon” it will be alot harder to find her this time, like “Where’s Waldo or I Spy”.

  9. I agree with alot of people on here- I think she would ROCK as one of the people being led into the Volturi chamber….but I can also see her on the airplane I think the family shot will be too obvious although that sounds like fun too. Also maybe one of the people on the road walking and pissed off at Alice for driving crazy would work too. I’d maybe like to see her at the airport in the background when they arrive back from Italy and Edward is reunited with his family. Who knows which scenes will be kept and which won’t make it but I can see her in alot of places in the film- but just hanging out in the crowd. I don’t like the idea someone had of giving her a speaking role. I just don’t think that makes for any fun at all. We all know who she is and love her, but making her a character would just push that a bit too far- and besides i’d love to see her hidden in the back ground of all the movies and you can’t do that if she speaks in this movie- that would kind of make her a permanent character in a sense.

  10. I think it would rock if we get to see Stephenie in all the movies!! Some thing to look forward too. Steven King does it so why not her? I really hope that she does.

  11. as a teacher at the school.

  12. yes – she should be one of the people being led into the Volturi chambers.

    i agree with Christina

  13. AND – at some point (maybe eclipse fight scene) she should be a vampire

  14. oh oh……maybe she could be in a crowd when theygo to italy…althought i hope she is not one of the persons who will get eaten! lol! but i will like to see stephenie in another twilight movies too, she could have some lines!!

  15. I think Stephenie Meyer cameo in Twilight was awesome! Just a author writing on laptop. Maybe she was writing Midnight Sun? New Moon…ummmm. How about as the flight attendent that looks at Alice and Kristen flying to Italy. Also I do agree with a few other people the lady with the red scarf blowing away in the wind.

  16. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    I like authors who do cameos, they wrote the book, they deserve a cameo in THEIR movie. Steph should be…hmm…I honestly have no idea…any part would be cool!!

  17. One thing is that Stephenie wishes she hadn’t done the Twilight cameo, so why would she want to do one for New Moon?

  18. I want to see her in a cameo again!
    How about sometime at First Beach while Bella and Jacob are walking there? Or in the crowd in Italy,under the clock tower?

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