Authors Making a Cameo

IFC has a rundown on authors from Truman Capote to Dorothy Parker who have made cameo appearances in films. They start off the list with Stephenie Meyer’s cameo in Twilight in the diner scene.

So, do you like author cameos? If so, where would you like to see Stephenie pop up in New Moon?


  1. I think Author Cameos are great it shows that the author supports the director in the direction of the film. I think Stephenie should be Maybe in the crowd in Italy or something….OH OH OH I know maybe when there’s that group about to have a “tour” of the Building in Italy should could be in that group. But not that I think about it that group of humans gets killed ….so maybe not.

  2. Freakin Loon says:

    With ABSOLUTELY no disrespect to Stephenie, I think once was enough.

  3. I would love to see her in the later films.
    Maybe if we are lucky she will want to take on a bigger role [not that big of a role] and have a few lines maybe.
    Who knows?
    I would love it!

  4. haha it would be funny if she was one of the people that get led into the Volturi feeding chamber!

  5. I would love to see Stephenie in all the movies … Maybe in the crowd in Italy?

  6. lol! I totally agree with Christina!

  7. I love author cameos! I hope she pops up in all of them. 🙂 It would be cool if she was maybe a nurse at the hospital next time Bella has to get stitches… like maybe after her first motorcycle wreck.

  8. Yea…I think Stephenie should be the mom in the family that sees Edward as Bella’s trying to get to him…

    That would be AWESOME!!

  9. COMPLETELY agree with Christina! It was the first scene that popped into my head!!!!!

  10. I think it would be great to see Stephenie a bit PO after Bella bumps into her as bella is running to Edward in Italy. Stephenie is going to learn a bit of italian like something in the lines of “Hey vigilanza esso!”it mean hey watch it!! {:

  11. Team_Jakeward says:

    lol I would love to see her in the feed chamber.

  12. lirael cullen says:

    sadly i have to agree with Freakin Loon.. once was enough but, if i were to decide where i’d say a place in italy would be good. maybe being led into the feed chamber or one of the people that Bella pushes over while running to edward. Some where in there.

  13. Yes she needs to be in New Moon….what if she were one of the Volturi in the feeding room?

  14. I think I agree with most….at the Volturi munch down! Just radomly in that group! LOL!

  15. feeding chamber

  16. Maybe she could sell the movie tickets at the Bella/Jacob/Mike creepy flu “date”. HA HA. I can’t wait to see this scene, It’s going to be the best!!

  17. It would be cool if she was at the movies when Bella, Jake and Mike go see a flick, thatd be cool. Also a cool one would be if when Bella was running through the crowd at Volterra she ran into her or something.

  18. amie (vampwolf) says:

    I think it would be funny if she was one of the volturri. Or maybe one of the people BELLA RUNS INTO WHEN TRYING TO SAVE EDWARD. She could also be a person or employee in the movie theatre.

    she could be in the movie theatre
    she could be in volterra square
    she could be volturri

    The movie would get even more ratings, and would excite the fans ten times more!
    Make an exponential amount of money
    She could put her own ideas and imagery into the film so we can see what she saw.
    She now has experience directing- the Jack Mannequin music video was very well done.
    She could help with the casting and screen writing

  19. She could be a customer in the tourist shop at La Push. There aren’t any scenes that take place in the shop, but it was mentioned. And I think it would be really cute, kind of like her supporting the development of Jacob’s character since that is what New Moon concentrates on.

  20. amie (vampwolf) says:


  21. I agree with Catherine, she should be the mom of the little girl who sees Edward…and wear the red scarf…and its should flow around, maybe be a bit torn and tattered, like the ribbon on the eclipse cover…a perfect setup for the next movie


  23. i would love to see stephanie have a cameo in all her movies. I think just like last time it should be something noticeable. But not big. Like on the airplane, someone the stewardess talks to before Alice and Bella…something like that

  24. I think she should appear in Italy as a face in the crowd under the clock tower!

  25. I think somewhere in italy or like on the flight as a passenger Authors should have the chance to be in their own movie/books

  26. twilighter says:

    i think stephanie’s cameo was way too long in twilight. they paused the camera on her toooo long and gave her too much attention so much that it was an akward part in the movie, and it took you out of it.
    i wouldnt care if she was in the others just as someone walking by in the background, as long as they didnt bring any attention to her, like they did in twilight.

  27. twilighter says:

    I don’t think she could play another character aside from the one she has already played- someone in a forks diner- that would ruin the continuity of the movie.
    If shes in the others, they should make it hard to find her, like I Spy Stephenie.

  28. Heck yeah! a running gag of her in different diners, in each movie, ordering the veggie plate would be funny!

  29. I LOVE cameo’s.
    Hmmmm, where should Stephenie be in New Moon?
    Well, I liked the idea of her somewhere in the Italy crowd.
    Or maybe sitting on the plane in front or behind of Alice and Bella on the way to Italy. Or on the way back….OR BOTH!!!!

  30. I would really love to see Stephenie Meyer as one of the Volturi!! That would be really cool!

  31. I agree with Catherine, Stephanie should be the MOM of the family in the square in Voltura that gets in the way when Bella tries to get to Edward. Or if I were her I would want to be one of the tourists on there way to be food for the Volturi!

  32. seventeen forever says:

    I love cameos. i knew that was her in the diner scene, but none of my friends believed me 🙁 i think it would be cool if she was the volutri’s receptionist. you remember her, right? she really wanted to become a vampire, and bella thought that was horrible because of how the volturi kill humans. That would be awesome.

  33. i would like to see her in Italy 🙂 that’d be soooo cool

  34. I’d love to see her in the Palazzo Dei Priori!!! Maybe as someone Bella runs into!!!!

  35. No effance, but I think I wouldn’t see S.M. in New moon because she was in alot of crowds well she was in two,but still! I would see her on the plane to italy!

  36. ashley_119882004 says:

    I think she totally should. I mean she wrote the books so why shouldnt she be able to be in it. I think any Italy scene would be awesome.

  37. I think she should be the mother of the family that is suspicious of Edward, Bella and the others in the square.

  38. no offense to stephanie meyer, but I DO NOT think she should be in new moon. it would be weird; she was a cashier at the diner already… what, does she magically appear in Italy with her diner uniform on??? I think it should be a definite NO.

  39. Super Sexy Swedish Sara says:

    how fun wouldn’t it be (or maybe i’ve just go a bad sense of humor) if she would be in all the movies and be like the same person every time, and in the end it comes up that she is STALKING THEM! MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH!

    yeah… okay… ignore… anyway, would love to see stephenie get eaten by the Volturi >.< XDXD

  40. i loved it and she should also get one in new moon

  41. Steph should be one of the Volturi wives! LOL

  42. Oh and FYI…she was a customer at the diner who was seated at the counter, the waitress brought her a “veggie plate”. She wasn’t an employee at the diner

  43. I think she should be the woman with the red scarf that Bella sees in the crowd when she first gets to Volterra.

  44. ummm no more steph in the movies. It’s a wee bit weird. They didn’t do JK rowling in all the Harry potters!

  45. KatieCullen77 says:

    I would LOVE to see her when Heidi brings in the “unlucky” people, that would be a cool scene! Or any other, I thought it was cool that she was in Twilight.

  46. As One of the volturis wifes or something that will be so cool
    she wrote the stories at least she diserves it!!!!!

  47. I agree with KatieCullen77, I think SM should pop up when Heidi brings in the in the people the Volturi are about to eat. this time I’m going to look for her last time it took me two times of seeing it to notice her last time. Can’t wait.

  48. I think that she should pop up at the movies when Mike throws up!!! That would be so funny! ^.^

  49. i think stephenie would b coolest in the italy square scene, like have bella run into her or something!


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