MTV Asks Some Intriguing Questions

MTV asks if the backlash directed at Kristen Stewart from various fans is warranted.  They cite recent articles that where Kristen commented to Nylon Magazine regarding her fan experience, and comments Kristen’s dad (a TV producer) made regarding Kristen not appearing at the Oscars.

Next, MTV wants to know what you think of Demi Lovato. It seems that Demi might be a Team Jake person and like a lot of people in the entertainment field these days, she’d love to be a part of New Moon. What do you think of her as a potential soundtrack artist?


  1. xI-MustBeDreamingx says:

    Please. No Disney on the NM soundtrack. =/

  2. lol Demi*

  3. I know, some people have a problem with having “Disney people” having anything to do with New Moon..but Demi’s song “until you’re mine” always reminds me of New Moon. It would actually be kind of perfect. Go check it out.

  4. I don’t know I think we need to keep Disney with Disney and Twilight with Twiligh. I don’t have a problem with everything Disney. But there is a time for Disney and a time for Twilight and they are not at the same time!

  5. No please, keep everything as before, no Disney, no mega stars,besides the ones Twilight made ;+)

  6. Regarding the negative feedback about Kristen Stewart:

    1) I have heard about her/her father’s comments. They kind of did make me flinch. No matter how hard she tries she will always be Bella for a number of Twilight fans. She just needs to get over it.

    2) I can understand why she might be feeling the way her comments make her seem. Being asked the same questions about the same movie for what, over a year now? That must be getting old…
    But still she maybe should just keep her feelings to herself because it could come back to her in a negative way.

  7. Vamp_angel says:

    Seriously, I don’t know what they can’t get through their heads. I don’t care if she’s Team Jacob or not, I don’t want any Disney popstar that thinks they’re music has the Twilight vibe, because it doesn’t. There are plenty of other artists and bands that are perfect for the soundtrack — other than her.

  8. she’s better than the jonas brothers, but that doesn’t mean i want her in the soundtrack.
    so, that’s a no.

  9. I don’t really want Disney people in it at all! In fact, any celebrities beyond those in the original cast. If you have generally unknown people I think you can get wrapped in the story more. And I think Disney makes it too “kiddie”. As for the Kristen Stewart comments, they did bother me a little. I think she needs to learn to act more gracious. And if that comes about from having a little back lash from fans, so be it.

  10. Perfectly put, Vamp_angel. Also, getting on the Twilight soundtrack is great for small bands to get publicity. I think she has enough…

  11. Hale-to-the-no. That’s what I think about it.
    Who’s next Hannah Montana?? Little Richie??

  12. Kristen refuses to BS so, it’s natural that she’s going to upset some people. The Nylon interview- whatever upset there was there (shakes head) came out of no where. Nothing she said there was offending. Now what her father said, that’s another story and just a bad move on HIS part. I mean, if you can’t talk to your dad- who can you talk to?! I’m not mad. I’ll admit it hurt at first (even though I DEFINITELY agree that the movie wasn’t “great”, I still love it because I’m a fan of the books), why get upset? Useless and she’s a cool kid. Period.

  13. Angel, I like your reasoning. I’m TRYING to keep the same mindset.

    Of course Demi Lovato wants to be on the New Moon soundtack. Too bad she’s just another generic Disney sweetheart lacking any actual talent.

  14. Keep in mind that media men consider the Academy awards the “women’s superbowl” and they are mad because women don’t really care about watching it, the viewership has gone down each year and that affects the money they can make selling ads to mostly fashion and beauty products. So they want to attract more young female viewers, they have Rob P. and Zac Effron. As far as Kristen going on to star in a really good movie, well isn’t she set to star as a stripper in some low budget film? Yeah it sounds sort of trashy and cliche to me, not exactly a great movie. And remember Hollywood is extremely sexist and her Dad is probably offended that Twilight is possibly the highest earning movie of 2008 and was written, scripted and directed by a woman. I am sure the fact that female fans would happily pay to see the world through female eyes for a change is threatening to many.

  15. what is with all these damn disney people?! NO! they all need to stay away.

  16. In regards to Kristen Stewart, I think that it’s good that her comments are finally being called out, as this really isn’t the first time she has spoken negatively of the Twilight phenomenon, directly or indirectly.

    Go to YouTube and watch the Moviefone interview with her, Rob and Stephenie. … She’s sitting with the author of the Twilight books, yet she goes on and on about this other movie that she’s hoping to film, and that it will be the most iconic character ever and it’s based on one of her favorite books. HELLO!

    And I’m sorry, but she’s always given off this vibe when giving interviews about Twilight….the most hilarious part is that she didn’t even act that great in the movie…maybe if she stopped stuttering and sighing, she would have done Bella some justice.

    For someone who’s made millions and is now on everyone’s radar, she needs to be a little more grateful…..if there were no fans hun, you’d still be getting little one-minute parts like you did in Jumper.


  17. Unlike most Disney stars, I think that Demi has a future outside Disney. So, if she saddles away from Disney before the soundtracking begins, I might say yes. I mean, she has a nice voice, and people love her. But I swear to gosh, if I see more screaming girls for Demi than Twilight, I might just have to hurt someone. Maybe my math teacher… 😉

  18. I definitely agree with Angel. If you look at it….nothing Kristen said was offensive. UNLESS you were the one who asked her -“what’s it like to kiss a vampire.”

    Demi’s song ‘until you’re mine’ really does remind me of New Moon though. Doesn’t mean I want it on the soundtrack. The lyrics though, have the same feeling and theme as New Moon

  19. nezzi4teamjacob says:

    I think they MIGHT put some disney stuff on the soundtrack and they are even trying to get already discovered stars in the NM movie to get publicity. COME ON! I mean Evryone out there knows about the Twilight movie and they’ll prbably find out about NM anyway, they should give undiscovered people a chance and plus that would make the movie better(seeing the character instead of the actor if you know what I mean. I don’t really have anything against Demi( i guess she’s ok since she’s team JACOB <3 and everyone likes edward but still…) but i don’t think she has any actual talent either.

  20. MrsEdwardCullen0491 says:

    i definately think disney and twilight should be kept seperate.

    and i’m not a fan of Kristen’s work in twilight either (i feel like she overacted in parts and underacted in others). but i would rather her suck in the next 3 movies than have to deal with different bellas

  21. lirael cullen says:

    eww, gross..

    Please oh Please… lets keep the disney toxic essence out of twilight…

  22. lil_voice1 says:

    if Demi lovato has any part in any area of new moon i swear i will personally fly all the way from australia to america to hunt down the person that allowed that. and then exact my vengence. and if they involve anyone else from the whole disney peoples thing i will do the same.

    thats what i think. 🙂

    and i dont think that Kristen is being ungrateful, i think its more of the thing that she’s still getting use to the new found fame that she has now from being in Twilight.
    also i dont think it was just her fault that Twilight was “bad” (the acting wasnt that terrific, and the mood of it wasnt that good. however i think that it did keep fairly faithful to the original storyline.)i think that a vast majority of people (possibly including us twilighters) had a role in the overall production of Twilight.
    dont just blame her and her father… consider everything and use some logic.

  23. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    I agree with lil_voice1 on the second part, it’s not Kristen or any other actor or actresses fault, but I don’t see that big of a prob with disney people in general…Demi, though, I do…there’s NO ONE I could ever see her as in NM…if she’s on the Soundtrack, whatever, though I’d rather stay mostly Disney free and if there had to be a Disney song, I’d want it to be from the Jonas Brothers, though I know most of you probably hate them. I just want 2 or less Disney people/groups related to NM in any way…preferable only one on the Soundtrack…

  24. Although the first soundtrack was not something I would see EC or Bells listening to, I personally think it was fantastic! I think it will be pretty hard to match or top it in New Moon.
    Demi is a sweet girl with a big voice, but she just wants a piece of the pie as does the rest of Hollywood. Face it, Twilight is THE project to work with at the moment so of course every single star and their dogs want apart of it. If the producers are smart though they will stick by the old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” Just say NO to disney stars. Please :o)

    I did not read the article put out about Kristen getting some slack for her comments. (just the one above) In any event, it brings my favorite comment in Twilight history to mind because it is the perfect comment. imo anyway.

    “If the interviews when the movie were any hint, the commentary could be amazingly entertaining. Catherine with her “I did my best on this movie, dammit!”, Robert with his “seriously, will someone explain the appeal of this movie?” and Kristin’s “this movie’s just a paycheck to me”… it could be brilliant.”


  25. please! no disney on the new moon soundtrack!! o.o

  26. 1) I’m completely against disney people being on the soundtrack too. It’d be much better if they were more independent or smaller artists… Or people that aren’t signed yet. Disney people have no problem selling stuff they don’t need the extra outlet

    2) In all fairness, Kristen’s DAD was quoted as saying that, not her. And only the one source is quoted as having seen him… and no one has pics of Kristen even being there- which is kinda weird considering there were photographers everywhere. It could just be a rumor

    3) Kristen’s comments in nylon are actually kinda redeeming if you read the whole article. It has bad language tho. You can read the whole article here:

    She talks about how she tries to seriously talk to the press about what she’s working on- especially with twilight- because she cares about it… but she actually thinks out her answers so in editing her answers, her words end up getting twisted around and she looks snobby.

    And watch the short photoshoot/extra interview here:

    She’s obsessed with sneakers. Who knew?

  27. i’m a fan of demi and contrary to what a lot of people are saying, she actually does have incredible talent. her voice is killer and her songs are catchy like it or not. but i agree that disney and twilight just don’t mix and shouldn’t ever mix. and demi is actually a fan of the books and the movie so i don’t think she said that just because twilight is the “it” thing right now. i mean if it were me as a fan of twilight who was asked that question i’d say the same thing because it’d be an honor to be asked to contribute to the books/movies that i love. but i think she knows it wouldn’t work, theres a look in her eyes thats like..doubting and the way she says it makes me think that she’s not like serious about doing it because she knows disney and twilight shouldnt be together. i don’t know…i just think people shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  28. No, please no.

    I would love for NM to have a very original soundtrack, made with original artists who have real talent. Demi’s sweet and all but not NM material.

  29. It’s so upsetting that nobody understand Kristen Stewart. I understand the “artistic integrity” they’re talking about. This isn’t about publicity, fans, or fame. This… is about the art of acting. Many people are misinterpreting what her father said:

    Kristen Stewart wants to be at the Oscars the day a movie she’s in, or a day that she’s nominated or recognized for something. Many of you don’t understand that the Oscars are the most prestigious award an actor can recieve. It’s like a lawyer becoming the president, or an author being awarded a nobel prize. I understand where she’s coming from because I wouldn’t want to be exploited for ratings.

    Don’t you realize that the Twilight Saga movies have become a mainstream, money-hungry product? They’re filming TWO MOVIES IN TWO YEARS. I’m pretty sure that Kristen Stewart is as pissed as us that this movie hasn’t been “great” and its’ only “made a lot of money”. Of course, Summit has the resources to produce a “great” film, but they’re more interested in getting OUR (twilight fandom) MONEY.

    And, yes, she’s not the best actress… but it can takes years to perfect the art. When you study acting, and gain a passion for something you’ll understand that it’s not about fame, or “the hand that feeds you”… it’s about that passionate feeling you get in the deep crevices of your gut after giving a stellar performance.

    Understand art. Understand “not selling out”. Understand that most of the people in this industry have forgotten about caring about the art form, and have cared more about the “fans” and the “fame”.


  30. Let’s face it – Kristen just doesn’t play into the whole “people-pleaser” thing. She’s not out there to make everyone like her and she most certainly didn’t choose to do Twilight so she could get fame and publicity. Kristen is an artist who truly enjoys what she does (and yes would like to make a living off of it). I think we all knew from day one that she wasn’t going to be a happy little ray of laughs and sunshine, lol. That’s what the REST of the cast is for – like Kellan, and Taylor, and Ashley 🙂
    So, I’m not really surprised that Kristen would have negative sentiments at any point in this process b/c i tihnk she ended up with a lot more attention than she bargained for! I’ve just come to accept that that’s part of her personality.

  31. I hate Kristen. Brat is the word that comes to mind when I see her in any interview or read about her. She is in for the long haul and she needs to just fake it. At least do it for the younger girls who idolize her as Bella. I wish they could switch actresses. You suck hard Kristen.

  32. I really don’t like all the rumors of Disney kids being involved in Twilight. I would really hate for it to turn into a teen pop HSM kind of thing. Same with Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato is WAY too preteen pop for the Twilight films. And besides, I loved how in Twilight they cast all virtually unknown or forgotten actors, so no one walked in with major previous expectations. If you cast a Disney kid (What’s next? Miley Cyrus is rumored for Emily?) or someone really famous (Dakota Fanning), Twilight will lose it’s…I don’t know….Twilightness.

    Not soundtrack, not cast… nothing!!! I can’t believe the casting people are actually CONSIDERING casting those people since the fans of the books and movies are hating that idea!

  34. NO, NO, NO. I don’t believe it. I refuse. Besides top rock soundtrack to disney pop? I think not.

  35. What do you guys think about Megan Fox in for a role in one of the movies? I think it suits her

  36. So does Isabel Lucas!

  37. I really like Kristen, she has Talent. She didnt ask for getting attention, she got it for being awesome! Shes really unique, shes not letting the fame change her, and shes really down to earth. She’ll get used to the whole fan phenomenon sooner or later, cause she’ll probably get alot of awesome parts in movies to come.

    Whats with all of these Disney stars wanting to be in New Moon?? To be Honest, I hope none of them make it! No, Vanessa, JoBros, Demi or any one of them. I do like them. I just dont want them to be in New Moon or any of the Twilight movies, or the soundtrack. So, PLEASE NO DISNEY!!

  38. Megan Fox = “Fox was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and has Native American, French and Irish ancestry.”

  39. While I think that Stewart’s (both of them) comments were uncalled for, because it’s never a good idea to bash something you’re involved in, I don’t exactly disagree with them. It’s never a good idea to bash a project that you are involved with, if you tell people it’s a bad movie that you’ve acted in, a bad book that you’ve written, a bad report that you’re turning in, the majority of people are going to read or watch it as such.

    Twilight is not a movie that is going to win awards outside of the Nick Awards, Kid’s Choice or MTV. There are “great movies” and then there are “mass friendly movies”. For the most, Stewart seems to do small independent movies that she seems to love for various reasons. Twilight, she said, she loved because of the story, it’s an epic romance, someone’s chance to play this generation’s Juliet.

    Now, she went out for the role, she got the role and she played the role and because of that she needs to stick to it and keep her mouth shut when she feels like badmouthing it. Yeah, I agree some of the fans are a bit asinine. But, that’s part of the deal. When you have a cute little baby, you have to clean up the diapers that explode all over the crib.

    How can we expect her to do a good job, if she doesn’t even appear to like the movie anymore?

  40. Rosario Dawson also has native american origin!

  41. I’m really tired of all the rumors. I’d like to know once and for all who will be in the cast and I hope they’re mostly unknowns…I think people need to cut Kristen some slack. She’s only 18, and I don’t blame her for not wanting to answer questions like ‘What’s it like to kiss a vampire?’. It’s a silly question. I don’t think she should be blamed for a comment her father made, either. I think she’s just an honest person who doesn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight. Most of us would not feel comfortable being interviewed in front of hundreds of people or having our pictures taken constantly.

  42. I think
    that we need to relize disney has changed and is not as greta as it once was… new moon. is an amaizng book and is about twilight i think that we shoudl take artists that may not be as STAR* in their name, and disney people would ruin teh movie it wil take away the indie tye film that people origanily had in mind. no offense to those liek teh jonas brothers or demi lavota but they are disney product and most likely will not last much longer…. aka may not be as special as peopel think and new moon is special and everything about it is speciel… so teh msuic should be and teh actors should be

  43. I do not care if any of the Disney stars are in the movie or not. The main thing I care about is talent and the right look. If the right person happened to have been in a Disney project in the past…who cares? Honestly Disney does better with their movies than Summit did with Twilight.

    Kristen Stewart should just give up the role of Bella, she was awful in the first movie (partial blame goes to director, screenwriter, Kristen’s “acting”, also the “makeup artist” and wardrobe person). Plus she obviously does not care for the role, or the fans. I would pretty much prefer anyone to her. I hate her “too cool for this” attitude. Oh and News Flash, unless she gets struck with a bolt of lightening that suddenly makes her have talent, she can plan on never getting any closer to the Oscars than she did this year.

  44. I totally agree with you Angel! Well said. The Nylon quotes were just her being honest, and they were not wrong. ‘What is it like to kiss a vampire’ is a moronic question. How is an intelligent person supposed to respond to that? Going to a fan event where security has to physically carry you to your vehicle is indeed a psychotic situation for the person being carried off. Look at things from her perspective, she is not wrong. In the past she has been genuinely upset that her comments were misconstrued (when talking to the fan sites at the Twilight premiere), she has said repeatedly that she loves the fans and that she is proud of the movie. The media loves to put people in a box, and they have decided that Kristen is ‘difficult’.

  45. Also wanted to add, how many of us would want our parents speaking on our behalf? I know I wouldn’t. You can’t blame her for things her dad said, and please no Demi/Jonas/HS musical crowd anywhere near Twilight!!

  46. Bravo CMOMMA!!! ITA-people need to see things from this perspective.

  47. First off allow me to qualify: I’m a huge Twilight fan, own all the books, jewelry, trading cards, have the soundtrack on continuous repeat on my iPod, ordered the DVD within hours of it becoming available and read the news page of this site every day first thing in the morning. With all that said, it is difficult for me to disagree with Kristin and her father and I applaud their frankness – let’s face it, Twilight is not a “great” movie and Summit has much to improve upon in the sequels, the fans can be pretty psychotic and the questions can be pretty stupid. We have all heard the uncontrollable screaming and inquiries of the “what’s it like to kiss a vampire” variety. C’mon now, everyone in that movie is human, they’re all actors and while, as one commenter has noted, will always be Bella, Edward or any of the others to the fans, they’ve got other things going on. Let’s face the reality of Kristin’s career not being all about Twilight and accept that she likely has ambitions that go beyond what they’re doing these days, not to mention the guts to say it like it is. That alone gets points in the world of today.

  48. I think Kristen Stewart’s issue with twilight is that she was never a “blockbuster” actress. I get the sense she chose films because they “said” something (think speak). She signed on to twilight not knowing what a huge fanbase it has. I think this makes her feel like it’s just another a shallow fad. I hope that one day she’ll realize that twilight does “say” something. Sure, maybe it isn’t particulalry profound or sophisticated, but it makes an impact just the same. It gave many something to look foward to and a sense of optimism in a world where such becomes harder and harder to have. And, i think, in many ways, the books have given many people, male or female, young or old, a stronger sense of value for themselves. So, I don’t criticize Kristen for her comments. I think, in a way, she’s disappointed in the turn the movie has taken. I think she expected it to be an “indie” sort of film. Maybe, one day, she will come to see what a positive thing twilight really is.

  49. Wow, more people are on the same wave length as me than I thought :). Cmomma, Ashley, Amanda, Carrie, Olga, RMN & anyone else I missed… You guys rock! I have a feeling we’re the older ones in here though :-/. Does 23 count as old?

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