Vote For Twilight on Fandango

TWILIGHT is in contention for the “2008 Movie of the Year” in the Fan Choice Awards and Sweepstakes at Fandango!

If you vote and meet the age requirements, there is also a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas!

The sweepstakes ends February 27, so vote today!


  1. little bonbon says:

    go twilight!

  2. voted…

    how do we know how many votes Twilight got now?

  3. heavenlysamuraigirl says:

    As much as I love Twilight, it’s gonna be hard with the Dark Knight being in the competition. I did vote for Twilight ^_^

  4. ChasingTheCullens! says:

    ^^ Same here…I mean Twilight is just…Well, Twilight but…The Dark Knight was really amazing…Ah well, my aligence lies with Twilight not Marvel Comics =D

    By the way, Twilight will probably win by a landslide. Well, here’s hoping anayws!

  5. Voted for twlight yayyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. DK is going to be some tough competition-but we can do it! =D

  7. Is there a limit to how many times we can vote?

  8. I voted, but i hate when you can’t see the results of the voting until after it is over because now i don’t know if i need to keep voting over and over! 🙂

  9. I bet Dark Knight gets it. Al those batman fans… UGH!!!
    it won at the box office too. I hope Twilight wins!!!
    EVERYBODY VOTE!!! I hope this is on ALL the Twilight sites!!!

  10. ashley_119882004 says:

    Voted. Good Luck. I hope yall win!

  11. silkoverglass says:

    ugh! Void in Puerto Rico!

  12. KatieCullen77 says:

    I voted! Yay!
    When will they have this “Award Show” on tv, does anybody know?

  13. @ ChasingTheCullens! – DC Comics is Batman. As much as I love all things Twilight including the movie when in competition with Dark Knight I had to vote Dark Knight. : ( I feel sad now, but I had to.

  14. I wish the movie had been good enough so I thought it deserved an award. Unfortunately, it fell very short of my expectations. Hopefully NM will have better luck.

    FoxOtter, even though I didnt like the Dark Knight that much (the action scenes were sooo long), it definately deserves to win over Twilight.

  15. I would probably even vote for HSM3 over Twilight (yeah, I thought Twilight was that bad).

  16. HSM in all its forms is simply horrible, in my opinion. But whatever floats your boat.

  17. Twilight was perfect…if you read the book… if not, well, it was a bit confusing (I went with some people that didn’t read the book). I thought it was great, and I can’t wait for New Moon to come out. I hope it lives up to Twilight or is even better!

  18. wahine naauao says:

    im 17 yrs. old from hawai’i and i just wanted to say TWILIGHT IS THE BEST MOVIE SO FAR
    i think stephanie meyers did a great job
    bella and edward were such good characters
    its hard to get it out of my head
    the movie was awesome
    the director did a good job also
    bellas pretty
    edwards hot

  19. wahine naauao says:

    twilight everything
    cant wait for the next movie to come out
    just started reading the books

  20. wahine naauao says:

    wish i could meet stephanie meyers the director and all the good vampires and main characters in person


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