Stephenie Meyer in Vogue: Dreamcatcher

Thanks to Misti for the original heads up on this about a week ago. Vogue finally loaded the story (well at least a part of it via Style) online today.

In the article Stephenie talks about writing, her home life, and more. It’s the first article we’ve seen in ages that covers new angles and isn’t the same old same old.

“I had always told myself stories my whole life and assumed that everyone does,” Meyer says. “You know, it’s funny; in Jane Eyre, which is something I’ve read 40 million times, there’s this scene where she shows Rochester her paintings. And she explains that in her head it was so different. And Rochester replies that she captured just a wisp of what she was seeing. I used to paint, and I won a few watercolor contests, but I could never get it to look exactly like it did in my head. But with writing, I discovered I could get it to look exactly like it did in my head.”


  1. soozabooza54 says:

    ahhh what a great article! go steph!

  2. I just have to leave a note for the peeps who run the Lexicon: you are awesome! It’s nice to be able to check a well-run site with information about the fantasy world that stephenie meyer built. Keep it up! Thank you!

  3. That is a really nice picture

  4. That’s so cool! Go Stephenie!

  5. Great pictures of Steph!

  6. This is such a nice article on Stephenie. it’s nice to get an update on how things are going for her. And the update about Midnight Sun is illuminating. I hope she continues to write it. The article alluded to the fact that she is still writing, but it never really went into detail. I wonder if the full Vogue article that appears in the magazine dives deeper into that subject?

    The picture is nice, too. I think that dress is very becoming on her. I’d love to know where it was taken.

  7. Stephenie looks beautiful as always. I can’t wait to see and hear any other project she has in her head and decides to bless us with by sharing them. Love you Steph.

  8. Just a quick heads up is completely separate from InStyle magazine…it would be quite odd for InStyle to be promoting an article found in Vogue.

  9. Wow, she look fabulous! Go Stephenie!

  10. organic nicole says:

    Stephenie looks fantastic!

  11. nice picture, she is awesome!

  12. Is this issue on the newstands now or a future issue or just the online article. I try to keep a copy of all print work related to Twilight and Stephenie. Thank you

  13. Thank you, Vogue, for such a wonderful article on Stephanie. I enjoyed catching up with her through such a well written piece. Also, she looks fab.

  14. What a great article! Continue to stay happy and healthy, Stephenie. I didn’t care for The Host, but I’m still anxious for something else from her!

  15. What a great article. We need more people in this world like Stephenie Meyer. The article is in the March issue of Vogue on page 448. Her dress is by Carolina Herrera and the photo was taken at the Boulders Resort and golden day spa near her home in Arizona for those of you who wanted to know.

  16. mrsspunkhandsome says:

    where do you read the article?

  17. mrsspunkhandsome says:

    where do you read it?

  18. I just got into the Twilight series and I just love it. Who is Misti?

  19. Is it just me or does her dress look a bit stereotypically vampire-ish?
    Either way the length and color reminds me of Volturi cloaks for some reason. Lol.

  20. ashley_119882004 says:

    That great. Go Stephenie. Yeah her dress does look vampire-ish. I think thats awesome.

  21. Wohooo! What a hottie! GO Steph!

  22. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Her dress does look vampireish. lol ‘
    but it suits her.

  23. I love this article. I got the magazine yesterday and thought it was amazing. You really get to know Steph in a more deep and meaningfull way.

  24. what a beautiful article on Stephenie Meyer. I loved it. It’s great to see her non-Twilight side.

  25. OMG! she’s so awesome!

  26. HAHA
    Oh Vogue, you fail.

  27. Stephenie looks intimidating in that picture, but I still like it.

  28. i would like to know what does stephanie thinks about the actors and actress in the movie. are they the way she had imagined?

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