Interview With Kimbra Hickey: The Hands Of Twilight

Alphie and Pel had a chance meeting with Kimbra Hickey, the hand model whose hands are the famous hands on the Twilight cover.  Over the years so many people have asked questions about the hands ranging from: Are they Stephenie Meyer’s hands?  Are they guy’s or girl’s hands? Was it just a manip of stock footage?

Well now you have the answers. Kimbra Hickey has answered just about every question people have asked us over the years about the Twilight hands in this exclusive Twilight Lexicon interview. Thanks to Kimbra for sharing the experience with us.


  1. man Thats So cool Imagine and eye or eylashes Every body likes my eyelashes

  2. nezzi4teamjacob says:

    Cool, I always wondered who’s they were.

  3. That is actually pretty cool. I like the idea of mailing my book to her and having sign it and send it back…. hmmm…

  4. Kiki Alice Cullen says:

    ol. I always wondered about the cover! Nice. Lol.Hmm, good idea Jen…heehee. *winks*

  5. What a great interview! Thanks to TL and Kimbra for it!!! Just another reason to love the Lex!

  6. I wus always guessing what the fruit was on the cover, OMG I rememeber some1 telling me but i completly 4got. LOL Kimbra is soooo lucky<3

  7. lol they are just hands…i think thats funny “how has having your hands on the book changed your life?” haha

  8. Wow, she’s pretty cool. How blessed she has been, indeed! 🙂

  9. Seriously, what a cool interview. She sounds like a really fun and down to earth person. It is nice to hear that she feels so lucky and is so grateful for the fans, because we all know Twilight fans are the best! Thanks for getting this interview and sharing it with us. The LEX rules!

  10. I met her at the chicago convention!

  11. She’s so nice! I loved that interview.

  12. You rock Kimbra!!

  13. Kimbra is awesome! Yay for Kimbra! 🙂 Great interview, too!

  14. Very down to earth girl. Nice interview.

  15. proud_twihard says:

    now we need to find the model for The Host!

  16. cool, she sounds very nice 🙂

  17. KatieCullen77 says:

    She seems very “real,” and not fake like some of the people in Hollywood are. 🙂

  18. I always thought th cover was a drawing. Very interesting to read.

  19. I read the interview and she said that she thinks the hands are Bella’s but I think it’s Edward’s hands. I wonder what SM says.

  20. Melanie Cullen says:

    Is the “V” really for vampire? It would be so cool to be her. You can walk past a twilight display and be like “those are my hands by the way.”

  21. I was wondering that too ahahahaha thanks I feel informed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I have kind of wondered if who that was, and if they were like a real person or computer hands.

  23. “I’ve always wondered who’s hands they were?”

    haha, that’s a little much.

    Next up, i wonder who’s eye is on the Host cover.


  24. proud_twihard says:

    I don’t see how either of those comments were “ridiculous” (not ridculous.)

  25. omg imagine that. The HANDS of Twilight.
    lucky bitch.

  26. Congrats Cuz

  27. Kimbra has a new website:
    You can also fan her on Facebook and friend her on MySpace.
    She is a very sweet girl.

  28. @Kiki Alice Cullen

    I found your name and quote in one of the articles about Stephen King speaking truth about Stephanie Meyer writing and just wanted to laugh in your face. That’s all.


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