Bronson Pelletier Confirmed in New Moon Cast

TY to Lexiconer Sarah for the heads up on this one.

Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier’s agency has confirmed that he has landed a “major role” in New Moon. The question of the hour of course is which one.  His resume includes a stint on Discovery kids DinoSapien where he was 19 when he gave this interview.

Canadians will recognize him from the series Renegadepress where he played the role of Jack Sinclair.

According to Wikipedia (which we realize isn’t always accurate) Bronson is a Native American First Nations(Apparently the right term for the majority of indigenous people from Canada. We stand corrected.)  member of the Plains Cree tribe.

So, Lexiconers, let the speculation begin. Given his age and background, who do you think he is going to play?

TY to Lisette who tracked down video. You can see Bronson in the first 15 seconds or so.


  1. Jared,Quil,Paul someone from the Tribe???! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!

  2. weeeeeeeeee.he’s cool.I think he will play Quil,maybe Jared…But Krys play Embry so Bronson apsolutly will NOT play Embry.
    He will be best for Quil=)

  3. I change my mind:DEFINITELY Quil

  4. Native Girl says:

    Your response to my original post makes me sad but it demonstrates the lack of knowledge and understanding related to the Native American culture. There are Native Nations in the USA and Native Nations in Canada…we all live in North America. A Native American lives in THE UNITED STATES thus they are Native AMERICANS! Summit clearly could care less about casting (i.e. casting Taylor and not allowing Solomon Trimble to return). They know there won’t be thousands signing petitions to make sure the right person is cast for the Native American roles so it’s not important to them. As I said before, I realize no one else cares but it’s a matter of honor and respect to us.

  5. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    umm…I’m gonna guess not Embry, he was the other one on the scene, with Sam and Jacob, at the beach!!! so I’m guessing Quil…but that’s not too major…I don’t think there ARE many more major wolves to cast…I’m gonna stick with Quil or Paul! oooh…Paul…maybe Seth, but I hope not, I really saw Seth differently…he looks like a Paul to me…

  6. I think He could be Paul or Quil. He’s too old to be Seth yet.

  7. oohhh me likey!! i think he looks pretty good!!! i think he will be playing Quil in the film

  8. I think Sam or Quil or Seth. is solomon even confirmed for New Moon? If he is not, maybe this guy will be Sam

  9. GenevieveCullen says:

    Yay Canada! 😀

    If his role is as “major” as he agent claims, my money’s on Quil though I wouldn’t mind if he was Paul.

  10. Embry or Quil fo sure

  11. Probably, Seth…ya Seth cuz he looks too cute to be Sam, like too young and fragile. Hes gunna have to bulk up in the 3/4 movies but other than that Seth isnt a werewolf till like Eclipse(i think) I only remember him at the bonfire being all excited. And then Bella later figures out the gray wolf that meets the first night of the fighting course with Jasper. Well hed make a cute Seth.<3

  12. Wait no, changed my mind…I wus looking at everyones comments up there and some1 reminded me that Leah isnt going to be in New Moon so S&L are liek a package deal sort of. And Seth isnt really in New Moon. He is Quil. Thats the only part left. Well Paul…but no Paul has like a rough kind of look to him Ive always thought. So Quil.<3

  13. Okay, here’s my awesome deductive reasoning (lol):
    He is definitely going to be someone from La Push. There’s Jacob, Quil, Embry, Jared, Paul, Sam, and Seth. Cross off Jacob, Embry, Jared, and Sam because they have all been cast (as far as we know). That leaves Quil, Paul, and Seth. It said ‘major character’, and Seth doesn’t really come in too much until Eclipse. Quil is a little bit more important than Paul, so I’m guessing that it’s Quil. 🙂

  14. CarrieBeth says:

    I think this is Sam Uley. It is most definitely a Quiluete. No doubt about that. However, “supposedly” Sam, Embry, and Jared have already been cast. The only ones left (as far as we know) are Quil, Paul, and Seth. The announcement says “major role” so in my opinion it is Paul. Paul plays a larger part than Seth or Quil. But it may also be Quil. I don’t think its Seth and heres why: Seth doesnt come in (hardly) until Eclipse. So it’s most likely Quil since he is Jake’s “BFF”

  15. Lauren Black says:

    Okay, can people please stop suggesting Seth? This bloke is not Seth – he’s too old to play Seth, and besides, Melissa Rosenberg already confirmed that there is no Leah, so why would there be a Seth and no Leah? They both only show up in one New Moon scene.
    Now, even though Jared was rumoured to be cast by Brandon Vayda, I’m actually considering that Bronson will either play him, Quil, or Paul. He is certainly brawny-looking enough to play Paul, and is at the right age [Paul is listed as 18 in the book]. Jared is also a slightly more prominent member of the New Moon book, as he and Embry are the boys who take Bella to meet Emily after Paul attacks her. Quil is also prominent in a few key scenes, such as the garage meeting and the walk and ride home with Bella where he questions his concerns for Jacob. To me, that is an important role, possibly not major, but important.
    So, my guesses are Jared, Paul, or Quil. But not Seth. The only actor I will ever want for Seth is Tyler Posey. He played in Maid in Mahattan and he’s right around the perfect age. But of course I would have to wait for that until Eclipse, cos that is where Seth’s role is more prominent.

  16. We heard from Melissa already that the “origina cast” would be back in action for New Moon, so I assumed that means that Solomon Trimble still has his part as Sam.

    My guess would go to Quil. After some working out with Taylor, he looks like he could play the “tough guy” persona, which is one of the main ways Bella described Quil and Embry.

  17. twilightroxz says:

    i think hes gonna play a vampire because it says their a pale olive tone color so i think he might be felix, Or ON a slim chances Alec maybe lol

  18. Omg I hear his voice and I picture Jacob sorry Lautner fans I realize you love him but his acting was very blah in Twilight I wish this kid the best of luck and to represent us fellow Canadians well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. i think maybe quil, but what twilightroxz said about possible vampire could be true, but not felix

  20. Dude, as stated some distance above, Jared is already cast. He’s too old to play Seth, and DOESN’T look ITALIAN, so I doubt he’s playing one of the Volturi—I’m gonna say Paul, because in case no one remembers there was a rather large fight between Jacob and Paul in New Moon which gave Bella nightmares. At least I hope he’s Paul.

  21. And one more thing–they better NOT replace Solomon because if they do I’m boycotting New Moon!

  22. hello everybody, this is bronson’s cousin, chelsea, if anybody has ANY questions whatsoever about him, email me at 🙂

  23. i think it will be sam. but im really not sure…. maybe embry but not quil cuz his sorta big. anyway i think it mite b sam. jacob is HOT

  24. hmmmmmm he looks like a jared or paul to me…….he just dosent strike as an embry or quil….

  25. cristy_702 says:

    I hope they didn’t replace any one from Twilight.. I also hope that who ever he plays… he better play the role good.. :\

  26. from some reason we i look at him i thought about Quil so i hope he plays him cause it u look he kinda fits the role anyways

  27. from some reason when i look at him i thought about Quil so i hope he plays him cause if u look he kinda fits the role anyways

    i messed up on the first one

  28. I definatley think hes a Quil.

  29. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Paul or Quill one of those. He looks really cute.

  30. well at first i thought seth but i think he might be too old. im guessing paul or jared.

  31. i think Embry, but jared’s already been cast so u never knoww 🙂

  32. nezzi4teamjacob says:

    I see Quil too, but he COULD be a vampire…? I think the whole wolf thing just comes when they mention that he is part First Nation. he would also be great for that part where Paul explodes.
    <3 JACOB <3

  33. I have no idea but either way he’s going to be H-O-T HOT. I think he would make an awesome Seth but he’s not in the movie/book so IDK. Then again hes totally cute enough to be a Vampire.

  34. I vote for Sam, he’s the right age……..

  35. ashley_119882004 says:

    I would say either Paul, Jared, or Quil. Hopefully not Embry or Sam b.c. I like Solomon & Krys.

  36. He looks like a Paul to me :]

  37. Wow, so much discussion since last night! Well, one things for sure: Someone needs to get a hold of this boy before we go bonkers trying to figure out his role! If he can’t tell us WHO he is going to be, then they should at least say WHAT he is going to be (shape shifter or vampire). I think everyone really wants to know. 😛

  38. QUIL!

  39. I really like his voice too, it’s different, but I like it.

  40. Not Sam and not Embry, cause they are already cast, yet not confirmed. Ughh, that bugs the Hale out of me. $h!t

  41. Yeah. Embry was SO hot. Kris Ivory, ftw. But I think this one, he’s playing Quil.

  42. seth or quill

  43. no i dont think he looks like sam ………in the book it says that sam is physically built stronger than jacob n i just dont see that, jacob(taylor) is way hotter!! 🙂
    i seems more like paul, QUil, maybe Jared
    besides he seems a little to young to play sam

  44. instead of “i” i ment 2 put
    “he” srry lol

  45. seth. i’m pretty sure it’s seth. He’s not very important in New Moon, but he gains importance in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

  46. He looks like a Quileute! I don’t know… he have a baby face so he could play Seth, but I don’t know! Beacause of his age, made he’ll play Jared!

  47. *correction* It’s not ‘made’ but ‘maybe’ XD Sorry!!

  48. quil for shuuurre! paul has to be more macho and tough. embry, sam, and jared have already been cast. seth needs to be cuter! if this guy is seth i’m gonna be so sad 🙁

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