Bronson Pelletier Confirmed in New Moon Cast

TY to Lexiconer Sarah for the heads up on this one.

Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier’s agency has confirmed that he has landed a “major role” in New Moon. The question of the hour of course is which one.  His resume includes a stint on Discovery kids DinoSapien where he was 19 when he gave this interview.

Canadians will recognize him from the series Renegadepress where he played the role of Jack Sinclair.

According to Wikipedia (which we realize isn’t always accurate) Bronson is a Native American First Nations(Apparently the right term for the majority of indigenous people from Canada. We stand corrected.)  member of the Plains Cree tribe.

So, Lexiconers, let the speculation begin. Given his age and background, who do you think he is going to play?

TY to Lisette who tracked down video. You can see Bronson in the first 15 seconds or so.


  1. Personally I am glad to see a Canadian actor involved in New Moon.

    Also, just so you know the correct terminology for a Canadian of native decent is “First Nation(s)” and not Native American. I have some First Nation friends who have been called Native Americans and were angered for being categorized as such. If you’re going to make reference to these people use the correct terminology.

    Thanks for explaining it. It’s the first time we’ve encountered the term. One question though, what happens when a tribe stretches over the US/Canadian border? What term do you use? We can’t find anything on this in trying to look it up, and there seem to be a couple of tribes where this applies.

  2. Ohmigod finally they cast someone! Judging from that picture, I don’t like him much. I guess that’s because he’s not how I imagined any of the wolves….
    I can see him as Quil, not that Quil or any of the other wolves are major.

  3. TeamWOLF12 says:

    This guy is cute! I really like him!
    I hope he plays Quil! But i’ll tell ya one thing, if they replace the last Embry with this guy… i am going on strike!! Krys made the PERFECT Embry!!! I love his hair!!!

  4. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    I definitely think he’s Paul…he looks like he has anger management issues…lol


  6. he doesn’t look like any of them the way I picture the characters. But I am guessing he is Quil or Embry.

  7. R Cullen (for edward only) says:

    I would hav to say……..
    hes either QUIL or…..
    i dont no y
    but i’d go for Quil

  8. Tsck.. he would be a good Quil cuz I auditioned for Quil and got Quils script and his lines are simple and you just need to have Quils look and he’s got it!

  9. Hey, someone said they don’t want him to be sam because they want the ones from twilight to be in new moon, but weren’t the guys with Jacob Quil and Embry? because Quil and Embry are Jacobs best friends and Jacob didn’t even like sam in the book twilight. I don’t even think sam WAS in the book twilight.

    Does anyone get where I’m coming from?

  10. Sam was in the book Twilight – check out the Scary Stories chapter when Bella goes to the beach and Jacob tells her Edward is a vampire. But I don’t think any of the boys in the movie were specifically named?

  11. CherishJoy says:

    I think either Seth, Quil or Embry. Probably not Paul or Sam. Maybe a Jared but he seems more like he could easily be Jacob’s friend!

  12. Super Sexy Swedish Sara says:

    well… they’ve already got Embry… my first thought was Quil, but personally that’s not really what Quil looks like in my eyes (but hey, i said the same thing about rob when i first found out he was playing little eddie)so i’m hoping maybe jared? yes? no? idk XD

  13. lil_voice1 says:

    nice looks very cute 😛

    also, how long has the whole “you haven’t posted anything on the message boards for ages so we’ll delete your account with us” thing been going on…. it kinda sucks, cos i wanna post!

  14. I’m guessing Seth. I’m holding out hope that Solomon and Krys will keep their roles as Sam and Embry!

  15. i would have to say…………Seth probably

  16. if Solomon and Krys still have their roles based on the age i say Paul, because he could be seth but he’s too old seth is super young in new moon and doesn’t really have a role, not that i remember.

  17. Seth!
    it’s a possibility!

  18. oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not seth. i beg of you!!!

  19. Not Quil and Seth, I hope. They are my favourite shape-shifters. He can play the role of others.

  20. TeamJasper2454 says:

    I think he’ll be a shape-shifter…
    Well, Sam and Embry were already in the Twilight, so they’re out of the picture.
    Jared’s character was confirmed a few days ago.
    He looks too young to be Paul, because if you remember, he’s dating Jacob’s older sister, Rachel.
    And now there’s Quil and Seth. *Sigh* I’ll go with Quil, only because I was hoping to see someone more…”Seth-ish” for Seth. I know, wonderful description.

    Or he could be a completely new character that wasn’t mentioned in the books, and then we’d all be really mad at Summit for doing that. 🙂 Just a thought.

    As for what Bneff said, I don’t think he’d be a vampire. Who would be left to play? Felix and Demetri are the huge guards.

  21. I don’t understand why no one wants him to be seth. He looks 15 to me, even if he is younger. He looks just like the seth I pictured.

  22. Zookie Monster says:

    I first thought he would be Jared, too! But Jared didn’t have that big of a part from what I remembered…
    Didn’t Solomon and Krys (from Twilight as Sam and Embry) say that they were going to play their characters…maybe? I think Solomon is still playing Sam…but I don’t know about Krys…
    I think he could be a good Seth, or Quil, or Jared. I don’t know about Paul…

  23. Taterbuggy says:

    Seth or Quil

  24. monicak711 says:

    SETH for sure!!! Awesome!

  25. I wish it was going to be Seth, I loff Seth. But Seth’s pretty young compared to Jacob&them sooo.. But probably Jared. But HUZZAH for Canadian talent!

  26. i want to say seth, but he isnt a main character until the later books. so at this point i am going to say embry.

  27. Jane volturi says:

    quil or paul!!! i hope its paul!!!

  28. He’s Sam. Solomon will not be returning as Sam, thank the lord.

  29. lirael cullen says:

    Cute… i’d say Quil…

    And Ms. Native Girl up there at #45.. whats the big deal? We’re all Native… I’m Apache and i still call the Natives up in Canada my brother’s and sisters???

  30. My guess would be either Paul, Quilm or Jared since they’re the major male roles of the wolf pack that haven’t been cast…

  31. The second i saw the picture, i thought of Seth .. But idk !

  32. Paul or Quil is what i am thinking! We will see!!!! Yes! things are starting to come out!

  33. I dont want him to play Seth. Seth shoyld look alot younger.

  34. Seth.

  35. I really cant see him as Seth. He looks to old and he doesnt look like the type to tag along behind jacob following him around. I was some other pics of him and i actually think he could make a good Paul! I think he looks like he could play of angry really well.hahah. he doesnt look little boyish nearly enough to be Seth. I hope he plays someone else.

  36. cmon guys…think about it…hes 19, sam is 19, the oldest of all the guys…he will be sam

  37. OK..Just wondering?
    Isnt the only time Seth is really in N.M is at the spagetti dinner at Billy’s house? and since it has been confirmed that Leah wont be in N.M and that was the only time she was in the book as well,are they going to not bohter with putting Seth in N.M either? since it is such a small part? I HOPE they find some way to put Seth in N.M but they may just wait for Eclipse like they are for Leah.hmmmmm. I wish they would say somthing about it but i guews we will fing out soon enough.

  38. I say Quil since we already have an Embry…and Seth doesn’t come in till later…and Jared doesn’t really come in till Eclipse either…

    So the guess is Quil, he seems to fit…

  39. or maybe Paul…

  40. I think Quil too because Seth should be a bit younger and Sam a bit older. Quil would be suitable

  41. La Tua Cantante makes a good point…and I also think he looks too old for Seth. He’s cute! Would make a good Quil or possibly Paul!

  42. FilDeCuivre says:

    Seth or Embry? That’s who I’m having on my mind when I look at him. I hate it when we’ve heard that someone has just been cast but we have no idea who (s)he’s been cast as.

  43. They BETTER NOT REPLACE KRYS! I liked him as Embry! why would they. that would just be all the more work to find more people to cast.

    Also..I wonder if Talyor and Kristen are going to learn how to really ride motorcycles! hahaha. I mean i am SURE they will use stunt doubles too but i bet they will havve to learn the basics.hee hee. how fun. although it wouldnt surprise me if Kristen already knew how to ride one.hahaha

  44. I realize he’s 19–which would be Sam’s age–but he still looks too young to be Sam, imo. I’m getting more of a Quil vibe from him. 😀

  45. Seth! But I thought that Seth wasn’t in New Moon that much. Maybe Quil, though. Yeah, Quil.
    Because Quil has a pretty big part in New Moon (book) but as we all know, this is the MOVIE!
    His face is Seth, but HE is Quil to me.

  46. I’m gonna say Quil. I don’t think Seth is going to be in New Moon, because they’ve already said that Leah isn’t going to be in it, and Seth and Leah always seemed like a package deal. (Besides, I don’t see him as a Seth.)

    Taylor is Jake, and if they keep Solomon as Sam, and Krys as Embry, and then if they end up casting Brandon Michael Vayda as Jared (as an earlier lex post stated it was rumored), that only leaves Paul and Quil.

    So I’m gonna say Quil.

  47. I think he’ll be playing Quil or Seth. Looks good.

  48. He definitely looks like a Quil to me. As Rockin’ It says, Jake is Taylor and if soloman stays as Sam and if Krys stays as Embry and that Brandon dude is Jared, then that leaves Paul and Quil and i don’t think he looks like a Paul. Remember Quil is considered more stocky and beefy and his face makes him look that way. Plus i think they mentioned that it was a bigger role and Quil does have a role similar to that in New Moon.

    I just don’t think he is Seth. Leah isn’t in New Moon so i doubt Seth will be in it either. They are a packaged deal. Plus Seth is only 15 and is supposed to look kind of lanky. But good news we should see them both in Eclipse, so we will probably see who they cast in the summer if my calculations are right.

    End of story: Quil, definitely.

  49. To me it doesn’t matter who he plays, I’m just glad he’s not a current disney star.


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