Kristen Stewart in Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine interviewed Kristen Stewart in their current issue.  She covers her new Joan Jett project as well as the Twilight experience.  Be warned the language of the interview isn’t PG-13. TY to Twi-Crack Addict for the heads up.


  1. I’ve never heard of that magazine but I’ll look for it. Kristen is clearly in the rocker mode with that language. It’s going to be hard for her to jump from Joan Jett to Bella and back and forth again, filming two movies at once. I have faith in her though.

  2. Whenever she is interviewed she gives off the vibe that she underappreciates what Twilight has done for her career. Really, who would see her in Adventureland or follow her at Sundance were it not for Twilight?”

  3. Well, she’s just a ball full of joy, isn’t she? I’m glad she’s not dating Rob. He deserves someone who’s not such a downer all the time. And I guess if she’s smitten by her fellow druggie boy toy, more power to her. I really want to like her. Truly, I do. But she makes it really hard sometimes. She just seems so ungrateful and kind of a jerk most of the time.

  4. Everyone is so hard on Kristen just because she isn’t perky and funfunfun all the time. She’s real, and I appreciate her serious take on things.
    I think she cares about Twilight, but you have to admit that she’s right about the ridiculous questions that she’s asked all the time.
    I like her a lot.

  5. I cant wait to get this in the mail! I love her straight foward attitude. I think she def appreciates twilight I think she doesnt enjoy questions that are mundane and ridiculous..she seems like a very intelligent girl and I love her even more after this article 🙂

  6. it always annoys me that everyone puts down all the screaming tweens, yeah I agree they’re annoying but they’re the ones that gave twilight its hype. it wasn’t me or the rest of my twenty something friends. I understand the it can be intimidating to have hundreds of people screaming for you but if you’re their idol can u just smile and pretend u like it.

    kristen is a good actress but I hate her attitude towards everything twilight. its not like she didn’t think it was gonna be big, she signed up for a triology, and everyone knows a 2nd part doesn’t get made unless the 1st one is successful…

  7. Apparently she is no better in magazine interviews than she is in TV interviews. I agree with Flora…I wish they had cast someone who was in love with the role of Bella.

  8. dancrkittycat says

    i think she’s odd, but i don’t know her so there’s no way to really know… i just wish i could like her more…she just bothers me.

  9. I agree with you guys about her being tired with the questions. Did you see the interview at Sundance where the guy was like “I bet you’re tired of answering questions about Twilight huh?” Then asked nothing but questions about Twilight heh. I think she’s awesome it makes me mad that everyones so hard on her, especially when Rob could do the exact same thing and be looked at as brooding. Watch clips of her with friends or the vanity fair stuff- shes more serious in interviews but is much more relaxed and silly with people she knows.

    I’m wondering if she’s been more touchy feely with Nikki to help get into character for her next movies since I think they’re playing eachothers love interests in K11 (I think thast what its called) and Joan Jett is a lesbian. Just a thought since I’ve heard a lot of people giving her hell for that too.

  10. For those saying everyone is hard on Kristen, I beg to differ. I dont think people are being hard on her, i think, based on her attitude people judge her. She comes off in a negative way because of her attitude. There all a handful (not many) of young hollywood, just like Kristen with bigger talents and projects, who dont crave the “limelight” or party it up with the rest of hollywood, that does not come off the way Kristen does. Yes not everyone is going to like her regardless, but she needs to realize her image is just as important has her work. Look at Natalie Portman (just as an example) she is not into the “Hollywood hype” but she is an amazing actress, well accomplished, stays out of the hype and presents herself exceptionally well when she needs to. Kristen needs to just stop it.

  11. I agree w/ most of you. I understand we are not all “public speaking perky happy people”, BUT part of her job….MOST of her job is promoting the movie you are part of. Regardless of how lame or redundent the questions must be, your an ACTRESS, ACT like your interested in the questions. ACT like your having a decent (Not, good, great, awesome!, just decent) time while your promoting a movie. It just makes me frustrated! I wish she just had something nice to say every once in a while. She’s so negative!\
    I could go on and on, but my mother told me if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything and I’ve probably already upset her w/ what I’ve ranted about!

  12. I like how Kristen is very real, she doesn’t put on an act, she just tells it like it is and saves the acting part for the screen. I dont think she was negative, she was being honest. Like Bella, shes not the uppity perky type,shes more serious and focused.I think it must be hard for her to be hard to be in a serious relationship and have all this media covering her supposed “off-screen romance” with Rob. Obviously it’s going to seem that way because they have to get into character. I dont think she takes playing the part of Bella for Granted, I’m sure shes very grateful for the part (let’s be honest, twilight boosted her career)I think she just wasnt expecting for the movie to be so HUGE with such a large fan-base. I mean, who wouldnt get bored answering the same question a bagillion times? I personally think the article was great, I’m looking forward topicking up the mag!

  13. Too bad they can’t recast Bella! Kristen seems so “put out” to have to play her. She will be great in Eclipse though…no one can play a better whiner than Kristen!(I Love the books! I hope SM puts out “the book that shall not be named” soon;)

  14. I have tried not to judge Kristen and give her the benefit of the doubt, but that article makes it hard for me to like her. I’ve never been a big fan of hers. It might just be me but there was a lot of unnecessary swearing. I can’t see a reason to use that kind of language so much. As some of you have said she doesn’t seem that in to Bella and that makes me sad too, there are a lot of actresses that would have loved that role, for what it could do for their career and because they love the books. I know people have the right to say what ever they want, but some people should think of how what they say will affect people.

  15. I agree with Keri Lynn… I want very much to like Kristen. I have always chalked up her “attitude” to maybe just being a little shy… which I can’t judge because I’m shy so I know how it feels. But reading that article was disappointing for me. Kristen just always looks pissed off and irritated. Again, I WANT to like her, but she makes it very hard.

  16. She should be greatful for what it has done for her. i really dont like her

    she insults the poeple who like her?

  17. Carly and Tray, I completely agree.

    Show some gratitude, Kristen. Sorry you’re so much smarter than the rest of us.

  18. Does anyone else find her use of profanity a bit superfluous? It’s almost like she threw it in there to make herself seem more like a rebel. I know they all swear, but I just don’t think an interview is the right place to throw that in.

  19. xxollalalxxx333 says

    i dont even know why i look up to her at times i gurss cuse shes pretty and we have alot in common but hosetly she gets the perfect life with all these great opputunites and then just acts like a snob shes basically saying fuck thise dumbass fans… wtf?….thats really fucking rude of you kristen you should tlak your hight and not more than that bitch

  20. I want to like her too, and in some ways I do, but she makes it really hard. She seems very ungrateful towards her fans. I hope she does a better job at acting in New Moon.

  21. Kristen! Kristen! Kristen! I find her hilarious. I guess because I’m older, (24) I’ve seen too many people with their “I’m real” attitude. Guess what? They are usually the fakest people. I get it! She’s not Hollywood (even though that’s what her best friend is aiming for). She’s not a conformist. But, that’s no excuse for her to act like she’s on a permanent menstrual cycle. When you’re promoting and be interviewed about a movie at least sound like you’re interested in it, don’t bitch about the fans because they’re the only reason Twilight is not in the bargain bin of a store right now. If she doesn’t want to do this, then she is in the wrong profession.

    Maybe the reason she sounds like such an ingrate is because she didn’t have to work that hard to get the part of Bella. I mean her best already worked with the director in the past. They probably should have cast Ashley as Bella instead, but I guess she was too pretty for the part.

  22. Sorry, that was supposed to be best friend already worked with the director.

  23. I think that’s just how Kristen is. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I have some friends like her and it’s hard not to take what they say the wrong way unless you know them. That’s just her personality. She’s one of those people you love or you hate.

    I love TW (the books and the movie) but I was sick of the ridiculous questions too. Whenever I watch an interview with any of the cast I cringe waiting for a whacked out question that’s been answered countless times.

    Now, I realize with all the hype and all the interviews, you do run out of thought provoking questions eventually. But that doesn’t mean we need to ask, “What was it like to kiss a vampire?” forty seven times.

    I’d also like to point out that many of the ridiculous questions come from the PRESS – not the fans. Choose your PR people better from now on.

    I also resent the psychotic-tween connotation that’s been branded on the Saga. We have tween, teen and adult followers, male and female. Only a fraction are tweens and only a fraction of tweens are that crazy. You see similar trends in other popular series. We’ve all seen Trekkies and kids wearing robes and carrying wands. But that isn’t the driving force behind those series, nor are the crazed fans ours.

  24. with some of hte poeple here i really agree because her language is SHOCKING! don’t noe bout toehrs but i use htat language when i’m REALLLY TICKED OFF! she was casually using it. Anyways as far as her role as Bella, personally i don’tthink she was really into it! She kinda seems dull in hte movie. I’ve been trying to like her but she kinda makes it hard at times.
    Again i agree with some who said that hte teen are always pin pointed. I agree cuz i’d probably screem if some i saw someone playing a characterfrom a book i really like but for her to get sooo annoyed like it was a bad thing doesn’t make sense. Hello! without us you’re kinda nothing!

  25. I like her. Shes really straight forward and serious about what she does. She did great in twilight. I know its hard to like her because she seems to hate her fans, but i would be pissed if people asked me ridiculous questions like that all the time.

  26. I am disappointed too…geez…
    It made me feel embarrassed to be a fan of someone who doesn’t seem to like fans.

  27. Wow I completely get where everyone is coming from with “wanting” to like her. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s in love with a series wants to like the main character of the movie based on the books they follow… And I also agree that sometimes kristens don’t care attitude makes that hard. Other times though she really seems to get where people are coming from if that makes any sense. So I’m still undecided on how I feel about her.

  28. I have been one of Kristen’s staunchest defenders because I have seen that the fans can be overwhelming but this article just seemed like a giant F you to a fan base that is a lot more diverse than screaming psychotics. (I even defended the alleged pot smoking pics…) This is just the most recent in a stream of her spoiled milk attitude.

    Personally I don’t want to see her recast as Bella, I still find her very talented. But I think that the studio should be a lot stricter with the obligations clauses of the contract.

    I think Kristen plans on doing the acting thing (which she called being a professional liar) for just a short time before telling everybody to go jump in a lake. Yes she is a serious minded actress and person but she is just as self-absorbed as the media hungry starlets. She may soon find that studios aren’t so willing to work with actors who are unwilling to promote their films.

  29. I just have to give my 2 cents. I think Kristen is a great Bella. I honestly can’t picture anyone else playing her. I refuse to believe that Kristen is ungrateful or regrets doing Twilight. I didn’t get that from the article. Yes, she does come off as having a bad attitude at times, but that’s just her personality. Who are we to judge that? She is different than say, Vanessa Hudgens, and doesn’t care about the whole party scene. We need to give Kristen the benefit of the doubt here. She doesn’t like the whole interview part of movie promoting. Look at Sean Penn, he doesn’t either and he won an Oscar! I love and fully support Kristen. Okay, now I feel better.

  30. I do think that people are too hard on Kristen sometimes, and I also agree with whoever said that it’s apart of her job to put on a face.

    But, I know I can’t criticize her for saying those things when I think them sometimes…about the ridiculous questions and what-not.

    Why would someone in their right mind ask “what is it like to kiss a vampire?” unless they made it clear that they were kidding and were looking for a joking answer. Most of the time that’s not clear at all.

    That might work for some people, but Kristen wants to answer intelligent or at least legitimate questions when she’s interviewed, and I can’t blame her.

    How many times was she asked if Rob proposed to her on set? After a while, you have to be like, “really? why does it matter?”

    I can understand why it might be hard for some people to like her when they read those articles. Often when we read them, we go into “Twilight mode” and anything negative that we read, we automatically get offended. But if you step back and really think about it, the things she says aren’t off base at all.

    I’m sure she is in love with the role of Bella, and the whole story, I’ve heard her say so. But I don’t think she’s in love with everything that comes with being the actress to play Bella. I don’t think many of us would enjoy doing press for 6 hours straight and getting asked the same stupid question over and over again.

  31. Honestly, how much of “young Hollywood” is really partying? Except for red carpet events, and whoever the papps are hunting, not that many. Stop using that as an excuse for Kristen. People don’t have time to get to know Kristen on a personal level, they get to know her through interviews. So if she’s coming off menstrual all the time, then that’s how people are always going to perceive her. If she’s sick of the Twilight questions why doesn’t she talk about Adventureland or her Joan Jett project. Even though the interviewer may not like it she can stray them off topic.

    Yeah, the questions are stupid, but that is part of the job. You’re promoting the movie. You’re promoting yourself. Well lucky for her, for New Moon people would most likely be interested in Taylor, maybe Ashley, and if it’s really true, Dakota. They can promote the movie and we can forget she exists, since that’s what she wants.

  32. And even though I think Kristen can act, I don’t she was the perfect person to play Bella…but she could prove me wrong in New Moon, and I hope she does.

  33. Correction:
    I don’t *think she was the perfect person to play Bella.

  34. Stacey Jones says

    She’s not real, she’s a bitch.

  35. I have tryed and tryed again to like her but I just don’t like her. It has nothing to do with her”strait forword” atitude it’s just she never seems happy. Oh when I found out she did drugs I had to give up i don’t like anybody that does drugs. I am sooo glad that Rob and her are ONLY on screen actors.But besides me bashing her I can’t believe she’s going to film to movie @ the sametime in two different countries. O well movie watchers can’t be actor choosers.

  36. i absolutely can not stand her-in fact the more that i see and hear her the worst it gets…rude and condescending. any one catch the interview of her father at the oscars last night? he said that she was asked to present but turned it down because she only wanted to present for a “good movie and not just one that made a lot of money.” If i read another comment about how rob and kristen should be together i will freak out…havent any of you paid any attention??She might be an okay actress but if rob is smart he would never ever date her and if any of you keep saying that then you must not like him very much.

  37. @Isabel
    So she did turn the Oscars. Dumbest career move ever. Nobody what anybody thinks of the Oscars, any and everybody are at the Oscars. It’s the perfect networking opportunity. This is what I don’t get about Kristen – Does she really want to be an actress or is this just a way to pay the bills?

  38. Correction:
    *No matter what anybody thinks of the Oscars.

  39. Corrections again (Dammit):
    So she did turn *down the Oscars.

  40. Who turns down the Oscars lmao.

  41. im really sick of kristens attitude.
    she never smiles, looks totally bored when asked about anything twilight-related, doesnt appreciate her fans, played bella as if forced, and now she turned down the oscars? wtf kristen!
    i get where everyone is coming from with the whole “i want to like her” deal, because i do too… but i dont know if i can anymore unless she turns herself around and shows some gratitude for the fans who have done nothing but support her.

    as of now, im through with supporting kristen when she is off-screen, and i can only hope she’ll be able to play bella with a little more depth this time around.

  42. WOW! She is dumber than I thought! You pretty much can’t get better than the Oscars. I would like to see that clip (of her father talking)!

    At first I did not like RP that much, but after I saw how much he cares about the role of Edward and how nice he is in interviews it changed my mind about him. I still don’t think his performance in Twilight was amazing, but I like him anyway.

    TL for Jacob was about the same, I wasn’t thrilled with his casting, and his acting in Twilight was awkward to say the least, but he cares about the part. He really fought to keep the role for NM. So, I like him for Jacob now also.

    Kristen, as it seems most of you have seen, does not have that love for Bella’s character. She does not have a love for the fans. She does not have a love for the books. I honestly wonder if she has a love for anything (maybe her parents?). What a shame that such an ingrate was cast. And on top of it all, her “acting” was not anything to brag about either. I was open to liking her at first, but each interview she keeps digging herself deeper and deeper. And I agree with the people that complained about her language in this particular interview. Definately not classy!

    How about we make everyone happy and recast the role of Bella, give it to someone who wants it (preferable with acting experience)! And yes, I know it is not very realistic.

  43. I guess I’m in the minority, but I really like her. I appreciate how honest she is. I curse a lot more than that too (when speaking). I’m pretty ashamed of it!

  44. I am relieved to read some of these comments, because I was afraid I was the only one getting worried about the attitude. I love the TW books and I think Kristen is beautiful and talented. I just wish she would let herself enjoy her role (in the movies and in life) a little bit. I don’t want to see anyone else play Bella, and I hope she doesn’t one day decide to say f* it and walk away because she doesn’t feel like answering a bunch of stupid questions.

  45. @ Corynn. That was well said. I 100% agree.

    All those lame questions would make me continuously run my hand through my hair too…so I can pull it out in frustration! I think I get just as annoyed hearing them as she does answering the same ol’ same ol’ questions. Really, the interviewer should do some research first…

  46. She makes a point to give off this vibe that she’s really smart and well-read. Well, if that’s the case, why does she speak like she’s white trash? I’ve never heard a literature teacher speak like that. In fact, my literature teachers all pretty much taught that hardcore cussing just proves how uneducated you are because you can’t think of anything else to fill up your sentences with. I just think she believes she’s smarter than she actually is. She puts herself above everybody else her age and assumes she’s so much more intelligent, when in reality she just needs to get off her high horse and come down a few notches in humility because she’ll find that she doesn’t have any fans after she’s done with Twilight.

  47. When I read this, I sort of felt ashamed of myself. I spent so much time in the past wishing Rob and Kristen would go out. I spent time commenting on websites like this about how they obviously are in love with each other, why can’t they just realize it. Well, we have to realize that yes, they did a movie together. Yes, they auditioned by making out. Yes, they have chemistry. Yes, they are very close with each other. Yes, he bought her a guitar for her birthday. Yes, he bought her a book of poetry. Yes, they hang out. But it doesn’t mean they are going to go out, or that we have the right to talk about them like they are together.

    As for her attitude about it, she is always like this. It isn’t negative, it is just honest, and I respect her for saying this. Rob and Kristen are great friends, that is clear – it is because they have gone through this ordeal together, like she says. She isn’t a negative person, she is just serious, like Bella. Think like Bella. (But Bella doesn’t swear that much)

  48. I’m sorry, but I disagree with people who keep saying Bella is serious. Kristen interpretation of Bella is serious. Bella may not be superficial as how some other characters in the book are, or how people perceive teenagers in general, but she’s not serious. Her mother said she has an old soul, that’s not the same thing as being serious.

  49. I’m not “team Kristen” or “team Rob” I’m Team Twilight, and I just want to put that out there first. I think Kristen is just annoyed, can you imagine how much its got to suck to not be able to go anywhere without being called Bella, or being asked about Twilight? I’m not a ridiculous, scream every time I hear the word Twilight mentioned sort of person, so I know what she means, and yet, I get the cold shoulder sort of, “I’m smarter than all those Twilight fans” sort of vibe from watching her interviews and reading them as well. But I don’t dislike her for it…I don’t know.

  50. the article and the interview with her father are on access hollywood web site. She is a pain in the you know what. She does not like the “twilight universe” and she has never been shy in saying so.She tries to come across as smart and educated but she does not even know basic geography(going to london from moscow??on what?? chitty chitty bang bang??) she smokes pot and that is only what we have seen with our own eyes! Ha! I would not be unhappy at all if she was recast. there are lots of good actresses and i am sure that someone else would have”chemistry” with rob. by the way,what kind of a person turns down the oscars???not a very gracious one that is for sure!!!

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