Robert Pattinson Needs Your Support

Over a Bravo Rob has been nominated for Celebrity A-list Breakout star.

4TNZ  has Rob nominated for Best Head of Hair. No word yet if the New Moon makeup artists are out buying copper colored hair extentions.

Next up is the news that Rob’s Salvador Dali film, Little Ashes, has been postponed until May 8th. The film was originally scheduled to debut on March 27th, the same day as Kristen Stewart’s film Adventureland. Both films have gotten excellent buzz especially Adventureland at Sundance. It now looks like the competition is off.


  1. at the movies last night there was a trailer for Adventureland, and it looks pretty good! definitely going to see that one. of course, i would be ooing anyway to support kstew.

  2. I think the entire cullen cast should be up for Cel. A-list break out star! They’ve all been doing great since TW and their new projects have been getting excellent coverage because of them!!

  3. Hey my birthday is on May 8th! 🙂

  4. I don’t think they were ever in true competition as I think both films will do great. And the last I saw of Rob, his hair looked about right for Edward hair… especially considering he still has a few more weeks to go.

  5. AH! Little Ashes was part of my movie-watching BDay party!!! 🙁 Buu.

    I’m really hoping Rob brings out his “A” game for New Moon and Eclipse and gets more comfortable as an actor. I think he definitely has the skills, but it seems like sometimes it comes in goes within a film. Maybe that speaks to the Director or just Rob. Anyone agree?

  6. Yeah, I had a feeling he didn’t get in toooo much trouble over cutting his hair because he had just enough time to grow it back out if he didn’t touch it until filming started. Of course, now its kinda in that awkward stage during growing it out but he pulls off hats well :).

    I think they might be wary of releasing Rob’s new movie because he’s gay in it and he’s become this huge sex symbol. Plus, he’s gotta do press for it since he’s the lead so they’re probably waiting so that he can do that after New Moon wraps. Kristen isn’t the lead in Adventureland so they can get away with her not doing tons of press for it.

  7. Question: Why are the Obama girls on this list?

  8. * I should clarify, why are Obama’s daughters on this list?

  9. Twilitex57 says:

    Did anyone else here? Eclipse is comming out June of ’10!


    I disagree. The Jonas Brothers are ugly.

  11. KaKaVegeGurl says:

    Why would anyone want to touch that greasy nasty hair? Honestly, all I have to do is wait 3 days, that’s enough grease in hair I want… GROSS. I voted Zach, cuz Rob’s hair is just plain nasty…

  12. Aw I was looking forward to seeing Little Ashes on March 27th, I even took off work on the day it comes out lol. Oh well I’ll just go see Adventureland instead.

  13. i didnt mind his hair until he said he got his look by not washing his hair for six weeks
    i thought that rather gross


    His hair will be long enough in time for filming!
    Guy’s hair grows quickly.


  15. Joanne Maria says:

    I hope Little Ashes will be in NYC. I so want to see it.

  16. ScarletRubie says:

    Aww i was really looking forward to Little Ashes but May 8 is 5 days before my b-day so i guess that’s good!

  17. You do realize that was all sarcasm about his hair right? There’s no way he could pull that off with all the premiers, photoshoots, etc he was doing. A few days maybe. 6 days max. But he had too many people following him around making sure every hair was in place to promote the movie to be allowed to do that. Besides, its not like hes saying he didn’t shower

  18. This is not at all about the topic but I wanted to know if anyone else had pre-orderd the Twilight movie in Blue Ray from Best Buy and got a e-mail saying today that it would not be released now until may??? Target and Best Buy were the only ones carrying The Blue Ray version, the rest of the stores were going to get them in May……Im so bummed…..

  19. New Photo of Rob looking buff w/ longer hair @ www popsugar com/2837399 click on my name for the link 😀

  20. GenevieveCullen says:

    *sigh* I was looking forward to Little Ashes and was excited that it was just a month away. Now it looks like The Summer House will be out before it.

    On a side note, Little Ashes would have kicked Adventureland’s butt at the box office.

  21. 1. Rob is not ‘gay’ in this movie. Beltran is and really wants Dali to be. The ‘gay’ angle is not going to ‘scare’ the people from releasing it! Does Heath Ledger ring a bell?

    2. Rob is sarcastic and is not serious about not washing his hair every six weeks. He says things out of exasperation and he did mention why he told the 6-week dirty hair lie! It fig’s the haters would just sink their teeth into his self deprecation.

    Just like the proposal thing… he has no recollection of that but it has turned into ‘poor Rob is pining over Kristen!’

    A sense of humor is a dangerous thing in regards to the press. They make facts out of every uttered work, and then some.

  22. Uh… that would be WORD not work. Wow, I am supposed to be working now! I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something, LOL!
    Okay… I’m gone!

  23. He’s getting a lot of attention. I think some A-list stars even know his name…that would b so awsome how twilight literally is his breakout role. It does help that he is really cute

  24. well, honestly he’s fine to the roll
    because he started with it
    and i guess that if some other actor take the roll will not be same, definilly not!!!!

    i think he doesn’t need to worry about he’s acting

    screw the media

    and even more if he’s cute

  25. go robert

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