SAG Getting Ugly Again

Things are heating up again over at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) talks. If SAG does strike, it will knock out major TV and film project this spring including New Moon. Twilight narrowly avoided the fallout from the Writer’s Strike (WGA) last year. Most of the script was penned before the strike, and the strike was settled just prior to shooting beginning.  In the last two months we’ve seen:

  • Warring factions with A-list actors taking sides and taking out dueling ads in industry papers.
  • Talks back in November with a federal mediator present tank after two days
  • A strike vote that was originally scheduled for right after Christmas wisely get postponed
  • And perhaps our personal favorite the firing of Doug Allen (their chief negotiator) in a not so secret palace coup

So why are we bringing this up now?  This is what the studio bosses said when talks broke off Thursday:

“this is our last, best and final offer”. The went on to say, “The terms in the offer are the best we can or will offer in light of the five other major industry labor deals negotiated over the past year and the extraordinary economic crisis griping the world economy.”

That’s an ultimatum if we ever saw one. Expect people to be polite and not really mention it too much until Sunday’s Oscar ceremony is over. After that it’s anyone’s guess as to what SAG’s next move is going to be.


  1. no new moon filming this spring? 🙁
    please, no strike until new moon is completed!

  2. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    Noooo! this would soo suck…I really want to see NM! I do NOT need a delay or crummy graphics because of less time to put it together…

  3. ARRGH! Please no strike! This would be terrible!
    I can’t wait to see New Moon!!!!

  4. KaKaVegeGurl says:

    SAG really’s sags don’t they? Ugh, people are so typical these days. >>

  5. Twilight Nymph says:

    Hopefully they resolve this soon, cuz otherwise I will not be a happy camper. I’m going to be pissed off. Stupid economy it’s screwing everyone up. As if I don’t have enough already with having to pay more to the Cal State system. Now it wants to mess with New Moon. I agree, yet I say go on strike after the whole Twilight Saga is completed. LOL

  6. I hope the people at SAG grow up really soon, they know how bad the economic climate is! Grrrrrr! I want New Moon.

  7. They really need to get over their selvs. With this economy sucking the way it is we need TV shows and Movies to let us relax and not have to think about our probles at that time. And If New Moon doesn’t come out on 11-20-09 I will be beyound pissed. SAG GET OVER YOUR SELVS!!!!!!!

  8. Those people (SAG) need to shut the hell up and continue to make movies. Do they not understand the amount of people that they will put out of work if they do this. Yea, the actors will probably be able to handle it no probably but what about the crew? The grips, lighting, makeup, stunt people, catering businesses, set decorators, wardrobe people and then if you deal with TV you have the advertisers and then the people that work for them. Its like come on. Just do your job, acting and get on with it!

  9. Sorry, I haven’t really been following this. Why are they going on strike?

  10. NOOOOOOO 🙁 new moon cant be held untill spring
    come on vampires, work your majic!!!!

  11. OH MY GOSH!, I sure hope not!!! I can’t wait much longer than Nov…

  12. No more strikes please! They hurt everyone. And did they notice the current state of the economy? They pretty much could not have chosen a worse time. I hate unions…

  13. Devon061381 says:

    Maybe it’s just me…but I really don’t understand what they’re striking for. They already have amazing jobs, amazing money, and amazing perks. What the hell else could they need? I freaking HATE unions. They do way more harm than good.

  14. xI-MustBeDreamingx says:

    No! D:
    This happened to Inkheart!
    It was suppose to be out last may but it wasn’t in theaters until this January because of the writer’s strike.
    I really hope this doesn’t happen. 🙁

  15. Devon061381 says:

    ^is THAT why the movie (Inkheart) was so awful? I did think the writing for the movie was horrible, figures the writers strike would have had something to do with that. I was really disappointed with how much the movie was different from the actual story, and surprised when I saw that Cornelia Funke helped to produce. And not surprisingly, it hasn’t done well at all in the theaters. I highly doubt they’ll do sequels to it, and with the way the movie “wrapped up” at the end, unlike the ending in the book, there’s no real need.

  16. I think alot of the problems are arising from the transition in technology now. Like as I understand it, it used to be that money was made off DVD’s etc but now much fewer dvds are bought because its easier to rent things off of netflix or get pirated clips of stuff on youtube. If I remember right, the writers strike was largely about how they werent getting paid for the use of the things they’d written online, etc because they get a portion of dvd box set sales. Unless they’re acting/writing/etc for a huge show or movie, most hollywood people don’t really make that much money. Like, the ones on TV shows or just starting out or that write for tv shows. But yeah, they have it better than alot of us and a strike would suck


  18. ok- I’m a little confused here… If they go on strike they will postpone New Moon or never do it???? Either way, I sure hope they don’t! ;(

  19. ugh, pushing back films period would not make me happy. i’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news.
    for anyone that doesn’t know what’s going on, i’d just wikipedia the strike (here’s a copy and pasted short snippet):
    The film industry is anticipating a strike by SAG, in addition to the recently resolved WGA strike. The strike, which could occur after the expiration of SAG’s major contracts in June 2008, would stem from the current handling of royalties from the sale of films distributed through new media methods. This includes royalties earned from Internet distribution services such as iTunes, as well as DVD sales, neither of which are currently written into actors’, writers’, and directors’ contracts. The strike date of July 2008 was chosen due to its coinciding with the expiration of several contracts between SAG and AMPTP.
    Production companies are bracing for the strike by accelerating production of films and television episodes, in an effort to stockpile enough material to continue regular film releases and TV schedules during the strike period. A list of 300 high-priority film projects is reportedly circulating around talent agencies in accordance with this effort.

  20. I’m going to be bold and disagree with the posters here. While I don’t WANT to see delays in the film industry, I think it’s important that all sides take the time to make their work environment and fair and equal place. If SAG and Hollywood in general don’t settle things now, the anger and frustration will continue to mount and potentially halt future productions.

    I would not be bothered if New Moon were postponed. Yes, I’m dying to see it, but the film needs some extra time to prep!! Summit needs a lecture on how to produce quality work. If they rush New Moon and get another round of bad reviews from critics, they’re going to threaten Eclipse’s success. Sure, we the fangirls will go see New Moon dozens of times. But those of us who expect a QUALITY film to match the quality writing as well as non-Twilighters are going to be turned off.

    If SAG forces delays, then we will simply have to settle. But on the bright side, this may give our beloved actors and producers more time to prep. Best yet, maybe Melissa Rosenberg will get caught up in all of this screenwriting drama, even replaced! Now that would be a dream come true for the Twilight movie franchise.

  21. Did you see CNN this morning?? They are saying SAG rejected the final offers.

  22. LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — The board of the Screen Actors Guild rejected the “last, best and final offer” by producers Saturday night, continuing a months-long deadlock over contract talks.

    “What management presented as a compromise is, in fact, an attempt to separate Screen Actors Guild from other industry unions,” SAG’s board said in a statement after 73 percent of them voted to reject the offer.


  23. Harvin, I agree with you that I would rather more time be spent in preparing for NM rather than rushing it. After the disaster of the first movie…we cannot be too careful! And yes, replacing Melissa would be…fabulous!


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