Ningin Interviews Justin Chon Part 2

The final part of the Ningan interview with Justin Chon has been posted. Justin gives some advice for others breaking into the business and reveals the people in Hollywood that he’d most like to work with.

Make sure you check out Justin in Crossing Over when it finally reaches theaters in limited release February 27th. It is rated R. You can clearly see Justin several times in the trailer.


  1. WOW i would so love to see it!!

  2. What the… where is Justin in the credits? A movie about immigration starring mostly Anglo whites?

  3. OMG I love Jim Sturgess! I’ve seen every movie he’s played in since Across the Universe so I’ll definately be seeing this one. The storyline actually looks great so I look forward to seeing it.

  4. xI-MustBeDreamingx says:

    Ha, the 27th is my birthday ^^

  5. This trailer is awesome!

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