Oh Canada!

Canadian fans have two things to celebrate.  First, Chapters/Indigo the booksellers are committed to midnight DVD parties for the Twilight movie. Check out if the Chapters near you is one of the participating stores. According to Chapters,

Canada’s Twilight Headquarters will host “Twilight Movie Night” starting at 9pm on Friday, March 20th, 2009 at select Indigo and Chapters stores nationally and will feature:

– in-store screenings of the movie

– trivia games, contests and prizes

– free refreshments”

Next up, Canadian music chain, Sunrise records, has a Twilight contest going. The prize is a $400 dollar Twilight gift pack including merchandise exclusive to Sunrise records and items from NECA. One of the items is a “Vampire mini kit” we’re not sure what that is, do you get your own venom booster shot? Other items include the new watches and bracelets coming out in NECA’s spring line. Check them out.


  1. So you can only enter if you’re canadian? Ahw…. 🙁

  2. I agree! I want a one for US residents. 🙁

  3. i’am canadian and i’m always mad when you americans have contestes that we can’t enter because we live in canada so I wouldn’t so upset

    and they most likely will have no for you

  4. I’m sooooo thankful that the movie is being released the 20/21 not the 28th like Chapter’s site originally said, ’cause I have a tournament on the 28th. Soo midnight release, here I come! Only I can’t figure out if it’s at my store or not. There’s this HUGE Obama ad in the middle of the article.

  5. I agree with you abby but do you really need to be so mean but it. I’m from london and they never have contests hear but I not freak’in at the americans. It’s not there fault

  6. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? My chapters or indigos or coles ISN’T having a midnight release party. WHAT THE HALE?!??!??

  7. LisaAnn, you’re not the only one. 🙁

    I don’t understand why so many Chapters stores won’t be hosting parties. Their loss, I guess.

    It’s nice there’s a contest for Canadians though…we so rarely get any good Twilight-related ones.

  8. nezzi4teamjacob says

    its good they have something for them, I mean they’re right next door and they barely get anything, I should know, I lived there for a few years.

  9. I’ll be going to the parties, but I’ve already pre-ordered my 3-disk from HMV

  10. Melanie Cullen says



  11. /dance
    It’s good to be in Ottawa! 😀

  12. GenevieveCullen says

    I live at the very opposite end of the city the Chapters is located at. I’m tempted just to go simply because it’s the first Twilight related event that’s been in this country since I started liking it 🙁

  13. Hey Everyone! I live north of Toronto so I am going to attend either the one at Yorkdale or Mississauga. Anyone else here on the website – which are you going to? It would nice to meet up with some fellow “lexiconers” !!! 🙂

    I am SO thrilled that this has been announced. I was so bummed that I was going to have to miss the launch parties going on – but not anymore !!!!

    I CAN’T WAIT !!!

  14. This is so annoying! I don’t even think there’s a Chapters near where I live.

  15. omg! theres one in my city! i HAVE to go!! FINALLY something special in canada! and its only a 15 minute drive! yay!

  16. ok i love twilight and i love edward mosst of aii sing o’canad

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