Hot Topic DVD Release Party Surprise, Hint Number 1

This just in from the folks at Hot Topic, take a guess at what the hint means in the comments. (We’re currently asking for clarification from Hot Topic, but there might be a prize involved for whoever guesses right.):

Twilighters, are you ready for some awesome news? Good, because Hot Topic wants you to hang out with us and celebrate the release of the Twilight DVD! What sounds better than hanging out with fellow fans and being a part of the phenomenon that is Twilight? Nothing, so don’t miss out!

We also have a surprise in store for you on the day of the launch party! Hold on – we can’t tell you yet. But we’re going to give you a new hint each week. Will you be able to figure it out?

Hint: “I Heart Bella!”

Edit: We now have clarification from Hot Topic. I’m going to quote them directly (actually our questions and their answers) because I so don’t want to mess up the wording here:

LEXICON STAFF: You’re giving out a hint a week and this week’s hint is “I Heart Bella”.  So people need to guess this week by responding to our post what that hint means and a random whoever guesses it right gets a prize?

HOT TOPIC RESPONSE: I will be sending a hint out every week.  Today’s hint is I Heart Bella.  People need to ponder and guess what it means and you guys can decide by the fourth hint who ever guessed it right, let me know, and they get some Twilight stuff : )

LEXICON STAFF: OK, so let me get this straight, so after four weeks of hints, whatever the hints are leading up to is a cool something or other and after week 4 we pick someone as a winner who we think guessed it right?  Sorry to be dense but I’m going to get flooded by emails and comments from users.

HOT TOPIC RESPONSE: It’s something really cool for everyone (meaning something to do with something surrounding the Twilight DVD and Hot Topic that everyone who visits a Hot Topic can appreciate, not that every single person who guesses will get a prize***)  but who ever guessed it gets Twi Merch.

So here is what the Lexicon is going to do to be as fair as we can be.
If you want to be eligible to win, you have to play along and comment on each week’s hint thread. Then when it comes to the final hint, we’ll pick a random winner from the commenters.

***This info in parenthesis is a Lexicon clarification, not Hot Topic’s words.


  1. Engagement ring.
    Edward Doll.
    Crystal Heart Charm.
    Bella’s Bracelet.
    Something with Edward!
    Great update guys!

  2. Sterling Snow says:

    Hmm, I think something Edward related.
    Maybe they’ll be giving away and Edward doll at every release party.

  3. Maybe…I’m going out on a limb here…but maybe it has nothing to do with a person but a certain Hearts candy…that is being released in March in time for the Twilight DVD?????

  4. IT has to be the bracelet with the charms.

  5. the bracelet right?

  6. err, the twilight conversation hearts?

  7. Mahriah Schmidt says:

    Hmmmm….they added some info since I first posted. Something that every fan can appreciate when they go into a Hot Topic store that has to do with the Twilight dvd??? Maybe a bigger section of the store devoted to Twilight merch?

  8. First thought was the bracelet, but I seriously doubt they would be using that for the Twilight release when it wasn’t in that book. So, I am gonna go with the Twilight themed Heart Candies. Guess we’ll have to see what other kind of clues they’ll be giving.

  9. ummm is it an Edward Cullen doll?

  10. I definitely think it’s the Twilight themed conversation hearts from Necco. It makes perfect sense and I have been excited for them since I heard about them. Bring em on!

  11. Jenna LaRiviere says:

    Sweetheart heart candies 🙂

  12. Necco Twilight candy hearts

  13. Either the candy hearts or Edward Cullen dolls 🙂

  14. hmmmm…. I’m thinking either Twilight candy hearts, or Bella’s bracelet. Ya know, because it had a heart on it? Not like it matters to me. I don’t get to go *mumbles angrily at parents* besides, the closest Hot Topic is an hour away 🙁

  15. ooooh wait, good point about the bracelet not being in the book. Yeah, its the hearts…

  16. I am guessing either a Bella doll or and Edward doll or the candy hearts!

  17. Its Bella’s charm bracelet the crystal heart Edward gave her in Eclipse and he said it belonged to his mom. Jacob feels sad when he sees it!

  18. Well, Edward loves Bella… and he gave her a crystal heart in Eclipse, so that is my guess. 🙂

  19. Twilight Nymph says:

    I’m going also with the it’s the charm bracelet or It has something to do with either Edward or Jacob, because both of them love Bella, up until the end of the second half of BD.

  20. It has to be the new necklace hot topic is selling Twilight Quote Heart Necklace – This chain link necklace features a 2″ heart pendant with ”I dream about being with you forever” etched in the center.

  21. Shells4eddie says:

    I’m thinking either the necklace or those neco heart candies made for twilight.

  22. in my point of view i think its either a bracelet or a necklace representing that edward and jacob both love bella
    mor it could also be a new sticker or keychain with a picture of edward saying i love bella
    so thats pretty much my guess

  23. Malia Cullen says:

    I am going to go with Bella’s bracelet with the heart charm.

  24. last2right says:

    I am thinking the Twilight Heart Necklace the Hot Topic just released a few weeks ago….

  25. umm…the first thought that came to me was the bracelet that had a heart and wolf but then i was like it has to deal with new moon….i think…so the best i could come up with is conversation hearts (the candy)… jacob gave bella a box for valentines day…but if not idk

  26. Kristen Stewart? ahaa im guessing i onno.

  27. twilightfan86 says:

    I think it has to do with the charm that Edward gives Bella

  28. Love. Bite says:

    Hm, Hm…

    Well, I’m going to go with the necklace- which everyone else is speculating- and then I’m going to shoot for something else…Hm, let’s say a some kind of tee-shirt or something that has one of Edward’s notes.

    Lame, I know, but that’s the best I have. 😉

  29. The charm bracelet? that has the diamond heart that Edward gave to her.

  30. toriedward25 says:

    A new piece of jewerly?

  31. Haley Pattinson says:

    I think it is Bella’s charm bracelet because it has to do with Bella and one of her charms is a heart. I can’t think of anyhting else!

  32. Mabey the Twilight “Heart Quote” Necklace
    by Neca?

  33. JulesCullen says:

    I’m going to go with the diamond heart charm that Edward gave to Bella. It is a heart and it symbolizes how much Edward loves her. Makes sense to me!

  34. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the conversation hearts.

  35. Hmmm… I’m torn between the conversation hearts or the heart charm bracelet. I know how much Jacob has been talked about and how important he is for New Moon so I’m leaning toward conversation hearts…. I guess we’ll see.

  36. I think it will have something to do with the heart charm Edward gave Bella.

  37. I think maybe it will be like one of the I heart New York T-shirts…or it could be Bella’s bracelet..

  38. dude…hmmmmm I would guess rob or taylor but i assume they arent magical enough to make it to all stores… say like a heart necklace, like nessies locket….

  39. Chloe Cullen says:

    Sounds like something to do with EDWARD. But what could it be? Or maybe it could have to do with Jacob… Too soon to tell 😛

  40. Um edward cullen doll? Or just edward? Jacob? Renesme?

  41. Why would Hottopic waste their time telling us about candy? And it would be too expensive to give out the bracelet/any physical item. If EVERYONE can enjoy it, then it’s unlikely everyone will pay for something. So I’m thinking it’s more like an appearance or event.

  42. I think its…. um…. is it Bella’s engagement ring? The hint is I heart Bella, and Edward proved his love with his mother’s engagement ring, so, i think that’s it!

  43. I think it will be a life size edward doll or poster

  44. mrsrobpattinson says:

    I think that it means they’ll be giving out Edward and Bella dolls at the release parties

  45. I would guess it would either be Bella’s engagement ring, bracelet, or an Edward doll.

  46. ummmmm………..

    something Edward related……..

    – a Hot Topic gift card for Twilight purchases

    – cullen family jewelry

    – Twilight cast jewelry

    – a phone call from one of the cast members or
    anyone involved with the Twilight Saga

    – an autographed picture from one of the cast
    or directors

    – Twilight dolls

    – Twilight shirts

    – Twilight bags

    – Twilight perfume

    – exclusive props from the actual movie

    – the Twilight script

    – Bellas charm bracelet

    – bellas ring

    I got nothing else…….but i’ll be back….lol

  47. special guest appearance?

  48. A beautiful heart

    Because “I heart” (the heart) and “Bella” (Beautiful in Spanish)

    So maybe the charm bracelet Edward gave Bella in Eclipse with his beautiful cold heart :]

  49. edward Cullen


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