Hot Topic DVD Release Party Surprise, Hint Number 1

This just in from the folks at Hot Topic, take a guess at what the hint means in the comments. (We’re currently asking for clarification from Hot Topic, but there might be a prize involved for whoever guesses right.):

Twilighters, are you ready for some awesome news? Good, because Hot Topic wants you to hang out with us and celebrate the release of the Twilight DVD! What sounds better than hanging out with fellow fans and being a part of the phenomenon that is Twilight? Nothing, so don’t miss out!

We also have a surprise in store for you on the day of the launch party! Hold on – we can’t tell you yet. But we’re going to give you a new hint each week. Will you be able to figure it out?

Hint: “I Heart Bella!”

Edit: We now have clarification from Hot Topic. I’m going to quote them directly (actually our questions and their answers) because I so don’t want to mess up the wording here:

LEXICON STAFF: You’re giving out a hint a week and this week’s hint is “I Heart Bella”.  So people need to guess this week by responding to our post what that hint means and a random whoever guesses it right gets a prize?

HOT TOPIC RESPONSE: I will be sending a hint out every week.  Today’s hint is I Heart Bella.  People need to ponder and guess what it means and you guys can decide by the fourth hint who ever guessed it right, let me know, and they get some Twilight stuff : )

LEXICON STAFF: OK, so let me get this straight, so after four weeks of hints, whatever the hints are leading up to is a cool something or other and after week 4 we pick someone as a winner who we think guessed it right?  Sorry to be dense but I’m going to get flooded by emails and comments from users.

HOT TOPIC RESPONSE: It’s something really cool for everyone (meaning something to do with something surrounding the Twilight DVD and Hot Topic that everyone who visits a Hot Topic can appreciate, not that every single person who guesses will get a prize***)  but who ever guessed it gets Twi Merch.

So here is what the Lexicon is going to do to be as fair as we can be.
If you want to be eligible to win, you have to play along and comment on each week’s hint thread. Then when it comes to the final hint, we’ll pick a random winner from the commenters.

***This info in parenthesis is a Lexicon clarification, not Hot Topic’s words.


  1. I think it may be the twilight themed sweethearts candy.

  2. “I heart Bella”
    So something Edward…. Maybe an Edward doll. Or the Edward film you get when you buy the D.V.D at Hot Topic, but something Edward.

  3. I would guess that it’s a necklace or bracelet…..maybe it’s a t-shirt?

  4. Well immediately when I read “I heart Bella”, I thought of Edward, so it must deal with Edward merchandise to give out or appearances or a special something at the party for everyone, maybe a doll…other than that not sure

  5. i think if they would have said whether it was eiher an it or a who we are looking for might have been somewhat helpful first thought was oh! that’s totally something edward…but then i was like..oh yeah..jacob would say that too..but so would alice..charlie…well there goes that lol

  6. “I heart Bella!” is hardly a clue. This is an odd contest. Hot Topic, you confuse me.

  7. I was thinkinhg, maybe the heart shaped charm that Edward gives Bella in Eclipse? Note that I am absolutley terrible at riddles, and the only way I get them right is if I’ve heard the answer before XD

  8. Maybe it has something to do with Bella’s Lullyby since Edward composed it for her.

  9. I think it has to do with the fact that either the alice doll will be coming out “i heart bella” and alice loves bella u know. The other one would a bella doll or jacob doll or edward and bella doll together. Well does are my ideas.

  10. I’m REing Amanda and Alli. The first thing I thought of was the I Heart NY shirt I have… Corny, but why else would it be phrased that way?
    Answer: They felt like it.

    Did a quick google search. Nothing really… cafe press shirts, blogspot (unrelated), myspace (unrelated)… The lexicon… xD

    We all love Bella, I think. Possibly the Bella dolls, cause it’s I Heart BELLA, not EDWARD. (Though we heart him too!)

  11. the wolf and heart bracelet bella gets in eclipse?

  12. FoundMyEdward0510 says:

    It may be something to do with Jacob or Edward since they love Bella. Maybe it’s the new Alice Doll. Maybe it’s her bracelet. Maybe it’s some other type of jewelry that is related to Bella.

  13. But if you guys remember what HT told the lexicon
    “It’s something really cool for everyone (meaning something to do with something surrounding the Twilight DVD and Hot Topic that everyone who visits a Hot Topic can appreciate”
    That doesn’t really sound like a material item, so that’s why I was thinking of a meet and greet type thing…I dunno

  14. I think it’s her bracelet.

  15. maybe it’s like a signed picture of edward or jacob by rob & taylor because of the whole “i heart bella” thing or maybe ashley greene who plays alice? or bella and edward dolls?

  16. i don’t know i think maybe there will a celebrity guest fromthe movie.

  17. maybe there will be some autographs pictures from edward since ”he hearts bella”.

  18. I think it’s those NECCO candy hearts. Mmmmm, candy!

  19. I’m kind of hoping that this could mean that possibly Robert Pattinson could be showing up at Hot Topic for the DVD release, because edward hearts bella? but I’m most likely guessing that it’s some sort of jewelry.

  20. Twilight-themed sweethearts candy! That seemed obvious as soon as I read the hint!

  21. i think that kristen stewart will show up(:

  22. I am thinking either a heart charm, candy conversation hearts, or the satellite broadcast. I did hear something about special twilight version conversation hearts coming out.

  23. Hmm I think it has to be some sort of object, like a charm or maybe a tshirt?

  24. I’m going to guess the heart shaped diamond charm Edward gave Bella for the bracelet Jacob gave her…
    that’s all I can come up with, haha(:

  25. Uhh could someone help me out how do I email twilight lexicon what’s their email address?

  26. Maybe it has something to do with a tour of the set when they are filming New Moon? Like a raffle or something. We all “heart” Bella – how cool would it be to see her in action?

  27. My vote is on the crystal heart charm that Edward gives Bella.

  28. KatieCullen77 says:

    Bella’s bracelet with the heart that Edward got her…? But that wasn’t in Twilight or New Moon…that was in Eclipse..hmm…

  29. I’m guessing it has to do with Bella’s bracelet. The one Jacob gives her and Edward adds the heart shaped charm to. Maybe they are giving away a bracelet at every event.

  30. Hmm… I’m thinking that maybe it’s a patch or sticker or button.. something along those lines..

  31. I’m guessing it’s the heart charm. =/

  32. My guess would be the bracelet with Edward’s crystal heart and Jacob’s wolf figure

  33. maybe its possibly some kind of new merchandise? but i think it relates to twilight only since this is the DVD release party and the other movies havent come out. Or maybe Kristen Stewart will be making a guest appearance…

  34. Edward!!!

    It’s totally got something to do with Edward!!!

  35. “I Heart Bella”……………it has to be something Edward related or something! But it is not the answer is not the merchandise that we will get! Think, think, think………..

  36. I am going to guess either a heart charm or a bella doll signed by bella herself…hmmmm

  37. “I Heart Bella” Maybe they are going to play a trivia game or perhaps Edward and Jacob will play the Love Connection game with Bella.

  38. I don’t see it as being something material if they said it’s something everyone can enjoy, the thing would really just belong to one person then

  39. Dream: Edward

    My Guess: The Twilight candy hearts ?!?!?

    I though it may be a “Bella charm bracelet” with a wolf and crystal heart charm. HOWEVER, wouldn’t that be for an Eclipse release?

  40. maybe a song written by “edward” dedicated to the winner….COOOOOOOOL

  41. I’m guessin that its either the crystal heart bracelet Edward gave Bella or the bracelet that Jacob gave her on her graduation

  42. Probably something to do with robert pattinson. Or just Edward.

  43. Im thinking that Kristen Stewart will do a broad cast or something since every fan heart bella in a way. Or the Necco candy hearts that were mentioned a while back.

  44. I think they will have the Twilight-themed candy hearts on-hand for the midnight release. That would be fabulous!

  45. I’m guessing that it’s Bella’s bracelet with Edward and Jacobs charms on it!

  46. Wait are we supposed to guesse what the prize is or what the hint means?

  47. hmmmmm Initially my guess is the crystal heart charm as well, only problem is it has nothing to do with twilight. So is this contest only twilight? Is it the movie, book or both? Maybe heart isnt love, it could mean something else. hmmmmmmmmm

  48. Individual says:

    Everyone is saying Edward!!!

    I bet it has something to do with Jacob Black.
    That or that heart charm that Edward gives her.

  49. I guess that it is a family portrait.

  50. I think that pize is bella’s braclet because it has something from Edward and Something from Jacob and they both heart (love) her.

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