Five Reasons Why New Moon Will Be Better Than Twilight

The Deadbolt gives their spin on why New Moon will top Twilight. Our favorite was this one (super cool that someone has actually read the books!):

“In other words, with such a profound back-story between werewolves and vampires, New Moon will explore more while connecting on a deeper level to Bella. In many ways and aspects surrounding the Quileute Tribe and the legend, New Moon should tap into the book on better levels than that of Twilight. The legend and the expanded significance of Jacob will take fans on a darker journey while evoking more complex emotions than Twilight.”

We’re looking forward to great news from the deadbolt in coming months since they are based out of Vancouver, Canada where much of teh movie will be filmed.


  1. I’m so excited. Cant wait to see NM ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think all three of the next movies will be very difficult to make, but also more complex–as the books evolve, the characters become less like teenagers, and it becomes much less of a YA story and more of an adult story. I would think especially Rob Pattinson will have a challenge, because he truly will be playing a very grown-up person stuck in a 17 year old body.

  3. Sakura-Miaka says

    Anyone notice that she referred to the Twilight Saga as a Trilogy??? and I’m pretty sure she was referring to the books when she said that….

  4. She Didnt Sakura-Miaka She Said The Next 3 Movies Bcuz Twilight Has Allready Been Made Never Forget This One Thing I Say If Vampires Are Real Im Getting The Cutes One LOl KK
    Love From,
    Twilight Lover And Proud

  5. nezzi4teamjacob says

    ME? I think it will be better because we’ll get a healthy dose of Jacob. All those shirtless scenes… sigh…
    <3 JACOB <3…. and Taylor

  6. Yes, Sakura, I noticed the trilogy reference several times as well.

    NM should definately be better than Twilight. I would say the only issue that concerns me personally is that too much time will be spent on Bella/Jacob. I am really hoping to see more of the Cullens this movie (and yes, I already know that they are not focused on in the books but as far as their movie characters go they are interesting), and I am looking forward to Italy. Italy should definately get a lot of time in the film because it will be exciting. I am also hoping they make Jane’s role a little bigger than it was in the book because Dakota could be amazing in it.

  7. lirael cullen says

    Hmmmm, aha ^_^ getting movie excitement again!! It’s Twilight all over again ^_^

    Hmmmm, why are they filming in Vancouver? Is it because it’s more woodsy or what out there? What about Forks? Are they just cut and pasting the scenes from there together?? Hmmm like Twilight i have a lot of hopes for this movie. Especially for the wolf pack.. A lot of hopes for this because I’m native american, it feels like a challenge for Us.. its strange.. hmm but anyways.. I hope the best for this movie. I really do.

  8. I’ve always said New Moon will make the best of all the movies. I want to see Bella on a motorcycle and jumping off cliffs! Action scenes!!!!

  9. lirael cullen- It’s likely that they’re shooting in Canada because its alot cheaper so they can stretch the budget further. Hopefully they’ll still use the same school and house for the few scenes they appear in though.

    I’m hoping they don’t change the stories too much from the books in adapting them. Thats the one thing that concerns me about casting Dakota and other big name people into the smaller roles because it kind of encourages them to flush out a role that shouldn’t have more than 20 mins screen time max (All Jane did in New Moon was to approach him after he tried to kill himself in Italy, test her gift on Bella & the others, and basically in background while Aro questions them). She’s barely in 2 chapters.

    So I hope that they don’t try to make more famous actors happy or create more action at the expense of building the depth of the main characters.

    BTW- Didn’t they have a better pic of Rob & Kristen? You can tell they’d been shooting for hours in this pic, not the most flattering one in the world for either of them.

  10. Jacob is not shirtless alot in NM. He’s shirtless all the time in Eclipse. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Okay so I have a question, then. Does this mean New Moon will not be filmed in Washington or Oregon like Twilight was? Because all I hear is Canada and Italy.

  12. i am so excited that its being shot in vancouver
    vancouver actually has great weather for twilight, it rains A LOT
    and the scenery looks almost identical to where they filmed twilight

  13. Vancouver is amazing in it’s beauty. Yeah Washington is beautiful and it is my home but British Columbia is just stunning. I actually had a hard time reading Twilight but I loved New Moon. Of course Edward isn’t in it that much but still it was dark and exciting. I went back and read Twilight after I read the other three books and it was much more interesting to see how the Edward/Bella relationship develops then.

  14. Indiesr: Regarding a shirtless Jacob… Yeah well too bad we don’t have Catherine directing because she would make sure Jacob would be shirtless in New Moon. Look Hollywood and Director Chris understand the concept of gratuitous toplessness relative to actresses now lets see them apply it to actors for the sake of female audiences. Unless they don’t want our money?!

  15. That’s all you care about is Jacob going shirtless! I hope they shorted that middle part. I hope it’s a good movie.

  16. I had a typo, I wanted to say I hope they shorten that middle part.

  17. Now I wish I lived in Vancouver.

  18. Beacuse taylor is in it

  19. New Moon? No doubt for that book and the story! Very cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Twi-hard says

    I told myself not to get my hopez up for twilight because i knew movie adaptations of books never do them justice. I was more towards the neutral/kinda liked it side for the movie. Though i didnt hate it, i was still in the back of my head dissapointed with the script. The actors were pretty dead-on(no pun intended)to the book. The soundtrack was great & the hair/makeup/wardrobe was pretty good, considering the budget. I actually cried when robert pattinson’s song ‘Let me sign’ played in the background while he was sucking the venom/blood out of her arm. That scene was soo strong & then the prom when they danced, lets just say I loved certain parts & then hated certain parts of the movie before i get too carried away *haha* hope new moon is done justice & 0h yeah, im still not sold on having a big name actress in any of the movies no matter how small the role is -hintidy hint hint- i guess we’ll just have to wait come nov.20th & see ๐Ÿ™‚ *fingers crossed!!*


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