Catherine Hardwicke Tells All to Forbes

So just how big is the gender gap in Hollywood?  Several female directors tell all to Forbes, among them is Catherine Hardwicke.   Looks like whoever said this, didn’t see a certain ballet scene!

There’s also the perception that a woman simply can’t direct a big, male-oriented film: “People have literally said to my face that I can’t do action,” says Hardwicke, who has worked as a stunt coordinator as well as directed the action-packed Lords of Dogtown and put her signature action stamp on Twilight. “That does make me mad. There’s a lot of stuff they would never say if I were a guy.”

Catherine goes on to say:

“I’ve been on a set where actors have meltdowns, there’s screaming people, the director is yelling, cussing, there’s physical abuse, emotional abuse,” says Hardwicke, who worked as the production designer on the notoriously contentious set of David O. Russell’s Three Kings. “And that is all OK. But if I turn my head to the side, privately, and one tear comes out, I get nailed for it.”

Attention Hollywood! We have money, we will spend it if you’ll only give us what we want. It’s different than what the guys want; it doesn’t make it better or worse just different. So listen up and you’ll get our dollars!


  1. What a GREAT post. I observed this behavior when I first entered the workplace back in the ’80s, working for five middle-aged company owners. It was okay for them to get mad and red in the face and curse, but if a female displayed any emotion, all we heard was, “This is why women shouldn’t work.” Please! You go, Catherine! This Catherine will be happy to go see any movie you make, action or otherwise.

  2. nezzi4teamjacob says:

    That’s SOOO true! Thank you sooo much for posting this!

  3. Catherine did not leave a postive impression on me as far as her directing capabilities go, including the ballet studio scene. I do not blame her lack of success (in my opinion) in bring Twilight from book to scene on her gender, but rather her lack of talent. But I agree with her that guys do get away with a lot more in the work place than women do in general.

  4. from book to screen*

  5. Rachel – I couldnt have stated it better. Well said.

  6. @ Rachel
    Well said! I agree with you 100%

  7. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    she isn’t the best, but I hate that people are being so mean to her…that’s just sexist. Sure, she may have not done the best, but she isn’t THAT horrible…I just hope Chris doesn’t ruin it…I’ve seen about a boy, great, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about Golden Compass…

  8. Catherine did a good job from my perspective. They gave her about half the budget they are giving Chris and she will probably make a much higher profit. I hope Chris has something in him besides his arrested adolescent male perspective. I would hate to see that imposed on the Twilight saga. Yeah I am through paying to see the male perspective on life and women. The one dimensional female characters are a joke. This is 2009, the lack of female directors in Hollywood is appalling and it is also a breathtakingly stupid business decision. By the way I am looking for real female perspective not female perspective that Hollywood men approve.

  9. But hey women, 52% of the population are merely a niche group? Right?

  10. I agree 100% with Catherine. In any work field men think they can get away with more, and that they’re above women. It annoys me that we’re in the 21st century and it still happens. I want New Moon to do well, but then a part of me wants for Twilight to be the most successful film so that Catherine can prove that women are just as powerful. I thought it was extremely unfair that the new director was paid a huge amount more than what Catherine was offered before she turned it down. It just goes to show how sexist this world still is. We need more women to rise up and take control.

  11. It is unfortunate that there is still a glass ceiling in hollywood. Society says the women and men are equal but makes it difficult for women to suceed. This happen in the fields of law and medicine at first but changed. Hopefully hollywood will change.

    Hollywood will you produce more movies for women. Especialy for teenage girls, there lucky if they get one movie every quarter to watch. My cousin just went to see high school muscial 3 becuase it was the only up that her friends and her could go see. Women of all ages want movies for them to see and just romances and romantic comedies. We want movies that have good plots in them and not mindless that men want.

  12. It may not be a conspiracy against women in Hollywood. The fact (sad but true) that female directors in general are not as successful as male directors in general may be based off of talent rather than gender. Can we stop making everything about race, gender, religion, politics, and whatever else, and start focusing on getting the desired results…regardless of who (be it male or female, white or colored, christian or atheist) delivers them? If female directors want a better name for themselves, then they need to stop complaining or making excuses for why they don’t do well, and they need to change Hollywood’s opinion of them by PROVING themselves.

  13. Rachel, women cannot prove themselves in Hollywood unless they are given the same opportunities as men. Therefore, the complaints and “excuses” you seem to loath are very often valid. Yes, there are several terrible women directors out there, but — guess what? — many, many male directors are just as dreadful.

    There is CLEARLY a double standard at work here. The fact that you cannot see it and that you choose instead to bash women is very disheartening. Cut the “MEAN GIRLS” nastiness and grow up. Why do so many women love to tear one another down?


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