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Sam Bradley talks about his music and Rob

My Prom Style has a Q&A with Taylor Lautner about his school, his prom and who he took with him.

Several sources are reporting that HIllary Duff has shown some interest in being in New Moon.  Deadbolt has a great article on the topic.

HitFix has exclusively revealed that Robert Pattinson will be presenting at the Academy Awards.


  1. cullen princess says

    First time I’ll watch the academy awards in years

  2. OMgoodness. Stars are just crawling out of the woodwork wanting to be in New Moon. I feel a lot of the reason behind it is simply because of how popular Twilight was when no one really expected. The stars of that movie are certainly getting excellent press.

    Of course, it could be just a rumour (and I really hope it is) just like all the Vanessa Hudgens stuff. We’ll have to wait and see.

  3. That is so cool! Good for him. Many more good things will come.

  4. woohoo! now i have a reason to watch Oscars. I hope Stewart will be presenting with Pattinson.

    um…when is Oscars night again? this sunday, right?

  5. please please please please let the hilary duff thing be a rumor. she might possibly be even worse than vanessa hudgens.

    shavei7: yes, the oscars are this sunday.

  6. yay for rob at the oscars!!

    and about this hilary duff business… it says that she wants to be in new moon… not that she will be! so rumor or not, there’s nothing to fret about… there are many people who want to be in new moon!

  7. Faktririjekt says

    No, no, no, most DEFINITELY not. If she is, she can be someone in the background. . .that doesn’t have any lines. I’d be fine with that.

  8. If she somehow gets into New Moon, I will pull all my hair out.

  9. Robert Pattinson will be presenting at the Academy Awards!!!! Yes!!!

    Oh NO!! Not Hillary Duff!!! Please NO!!

  10. Lol, ‘Scream, scream, scream’.

    Ahh, whatever to Hilary Duff. She is so ’08 which is in the past.

    Woot! I guess I’ll be watching the Academy Awards on my telly. XD

  11. Hilary Duff?
    I’d die.
    I dont really like all the publicity that Twilight is getting. Before the movie became big twilight was exclusively for the devout book fans and now its gone mainstream.

  12. No, Hilary Duff cannot be in New Moon.
    I just start thinking of Lizzie McGuire whenever I see her in something.
    And I agree with Kat.

  13. Devon061381 says

    Yes’d to Rob at the Academy Awards (squeal!)
    No’d to Hilary. Big time.

  14. I’m not completly aginst Hillary Duff in New Moon cause she’s a good actress and that’s all that really matters to me. And I totally agree with Kat about the Twilight movie and stuff. And my mom hates it cause she doesn’t like twilght so when she sees it on the news and stuff she just wants to scream. LoL it’s soooo funny.

  15. OH Hillary Duff wants to be in N.M?
    and i thought that this coudnt keep getting worse.
    this is starting to make me angry.
    All these actors are now wanting to take a part in the movies now and they are ALL so CHEESY. now if Gary Oldeman called up wanting to take part and be one of the volturi I would be cool with that. but COME ON…Hillary Duff NOW? I think i just puked in my mouth,ALOT.

  16. Now I’m even more pumped for the Oscars!

  17. allisonlovesedward says

    Aww… I hope Rob does a good job! I was already going to watch them but now I have to. Lol. The Oscars are such a big deal. Not like the MTV Movie Awards with that jerk of a presenter…

    And as far as Hilary Duff showing interest in New Moon.. I agree with lilymo. Just because she wants to be in it doesn’t mean she will be. Hell.. I WANT to be in New Moon but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be in it. Lol.

  18. No Duff in new moon i like her but no… I really can’t see her in the twilight saga!!!

  19. Now… now… some people (NOT ME!!!!) were against Rob Pattinson as Edward before Twilight… they even started a petition (I know… RIDICULOUS!!!!). Just calm down. Get a grip. Everything will be fine! Besides, the only members of the Volturi with any lines are either males or have already been cast, right?… Heidi & Jane. Another possibility is Lauren! She wasn’t in Twilight tho’, so she probably won’t be in the others.

    Hopefully the Oscar rumor is true. I wasn’t planning on watching, but I probably will now.

  20. Ok.. I am not totally against Hilary Duff, but it is true. Everytime i think of her, i think of Lizzie McGuire. (I agree with hayley)… I mean, i think she is OK but she seems more of the whole magazine/photoshoot girl. I wouldn’t really enjoy having her as ANY character in the twilight movies (thats just my opinion) :[… I just keep hoping that this movie will be good even though so many actresses keeping wanting parts in this…. ALSO… i hope we figure out who-gets to be -who parts in New Moon because, remember, they are supposed to start shooting NEXT MONTH!!!!!!

  21. HILLARY DUFF? I’m sorry, but HELL NO. I think she’s really cute, but I can’t stand her acting.

  22. yea.. i dont see why people think she is a good actress. seriously? No.

  23. I feel a little guilty changing the subject, but is that a tiny tiny dog with Taylor??? I wonder if it is his … Anyone think it’s cute?

    p.s. I giggle a lot when I imagine Rob trying to present an oscar … it should be fun to watch … repeatedly

  24. OK I don’t see what everyone is complaining about. First of all, if Hilary Duff was in NM (which obviously it has not been confirmed that she is even in the running for it) her part would be so small that it wouldn’t matter. Second of all, she is pretty. Yes, looks matter if you want to be a vampire. Third, she has acting experience. I am not saying she is an award winning actress…because she is not, but the girl can do a decent job at least. I gather that most of people that are against all of these attractive people (i.e. Vanessa Hudgens, Anna whosy-whatits, Dakota Fanning) that are rumored to be associated with NM are fans of Kristen Stewart. Did you ever notice that she looks more masculine than feminine? Did you notice how she has never shown a great interest or excitement for the Twilight franchise? Did you notice how her “acting” was the same in every scene and every movie she has ever done? Did you notice how she has the personality of a rock in real life? I do not understand how people that are OK with Kristen Stewart could possibly have a problem with ANYONE else joining the cast. Obviously it is not talent, looks, or personality that you care about. And this isn’t just me speaking…go read some reviews (from people that are professional movie critics).

  25. yay for rob! i hope someone puts his part on youtube so i can watch, cuz i cant stand award shows. sorry!

    not to freak anyone out or sound threatening, but if hilary duff gets cast in new moon, she should keep her bodyguards about her at all times. if you catch my drift.. she sucks.

  26. OMG, I love Sam Bradley and his music!
    I’m pretty sure I heard about him indirectly from this site a few weeks ago though. I think it said something on the blog about Liz from TwiCurls. (I ADORE THEM!! Look em up on YouTube! I’m subscribed! Haha.) But it said that she wrote an article about people that are getting famous or whatever through Twilight.
    Well, it mentioned Sam on there, and of course, I looked him up on Myspace immediately.
    “Too Far Gone” is just simply AMAZING!
    …Actually, I like “Too Far Gone” a lot better than “Never Think.” –Don’t hate me; it’s nothing against Rob and his music. I love him and that too.
    Lol, “Too Far Gone” was actually my Myspace song for a while.
    But yes, I love how Twilight is just opening our eyes to these amazing people and all of this wonderful amazing music that not a lot of other people know about.
    Just another one of the many perks of being a major Twilighter: GREAT MUSIC!

  27. lirael cullen says

    hahah everyone is trying to get under New Moon since Twilight did such an awesome job. its pathetic how many people underestimate the power of the fans, now they all want in… and i mean all..hoo boy…

    And yes! i’ve a reason to watch the academy’s is that it??? hmm coolness… really ^_^

  28. omg, i totally agree with Kat. twilight was really only for us, the devoted book fans. i mean it’s cool that others appreciate it, but this is too much. a lot of stars wanna be in it just so they can share in the fame. whatever. i don’t think she’ll even pass first round auditions

  29. Hilary Duff?! Is she serious? What could she possibly do in Twilight?

  30. Okay so, Rob Pattinson at the Oscars is great…but i also heard somewhere(I 4get where) that there DEFFINATLY is going to be more than 1 Twilight star prescense at the Oscars. As for Hilary Duff, I guess it’s not terrible, she could be Heidi or something…but she can be a serious actor I saw her in War Inc. and she was really good and serious. She might be good for that part but for anything else I’m not sure, but I think Vanessa Husgens would have been worse cuz she hasn’t proven to us that she can be serious yet. And as for what Michelle said on IMDb it says that Jessica was a collaboration of Jess & Lauren so Hilary Duff could not play Lauren cuz she isn’t in the movies. So ya.

  31. ashley_119882004 says

    Cant wait to see Rob. Dont really know how I feel about the Hilary Duff thing yet. :\

  32. Here’s my thing as far as the whole Hilary Duff thing goes…
    I love the fact that Twilight had stars that were known, but not huge. It made the movie much more authentic for me. I am not against these big Hollywood actresses, however, I do not think they are right for Twilight movies. I like the fact that Twilight has been the big break for most of the actors in the movie. Big name actors and actresses would ruin this clean, yet rough around the edges, image for me

  33. I am in agreement with Kat.

  34. I do not think that a lot of so called “mainstream” actors would want to be a part of NM because of Twilight’s “success”. The movie brought in money, but to anyone with any common sense the movie was a major flop. I would guess that the only thing that would draw Hilary Duff (or anyone else) would be that they are actual fans of the books and would like to be involved. To suggest that these actors that are already known in Hollywood would want to jump on the bandwagon is laughable. Let’s face it, the movie was an embarrassment to everyone involved. I am surprised that reputable people would even consider being in the sequel (although NM is pretty much definitely going to be better than Twilight…thanks to the switch of directors). Anyway, if people with actual talent and experience show an interest in a two line role, good for them. They are doing us fans a favor.

  35. I have nothing against Hilary Duff because I think she’s great, but whats with all these famous people trying to get a part in New Moon?! I hope they don’t let Dakota, Hilary, or any other already really known people into New Moon. It seems like they only really want the part because the first movie is so well known and made big bucks. None of these well known people have probably even read the books before the movie was released and was box office gold. I mean I admit I hadn’t read the books before watching the movie, but I saw it on the day it was released and then read the books straight afterwards. I mean give me a break and please only hire unknowns for the parts in New Moon!! They shouldn’t be chasing New Moon for the wrong reasons.

  36. p.s. PLEASE stop with the whole “lets keep unknowns in Twilight”. Don’t we all agree that talent is more important than how famous or unknown a person is? I wish there had been more talent in the lead roles in Twilight. But at least they were unknowns right? NOT!

  37. Rachel…jesus, calm down. You’re coming off like you have something against Kristen, and Catherine. And maybe you do, whatever. I think, and so do a lot of other people, that Kristen’s a great actress. She chooses roles that compliment her style. She may be an introvert, but who cares? Is that a crime? Because she’s not fake & dumb in interviews she has the personality of a rock? Sorry, but the way your comments are sounding makes your personality seem VERY judgemental & snobbish. Just because “people that are professional movie critics” didn’t like the film, who cares? They are CRITICS, and just because a few of them didn’t like the film it doesn’t mean it was a “flop” or an “embarrassment.” I loved the film, and know plenty of people who also loved it. And I seem to remember watching NUMEROUS interviews in which Rob & Kristen were saying that they were very proud of this film. You’re entitled to your opinion, but to blatantly bash people like that is just plain tacky. I’m not a huge fan of Hilary Duff, but I’m not gonna post a bunch of rude things about her over & over again. You wish there had been more talent in the leads? I wish people like you could SEE IT’S ALREADY THERE.

  38. Wow…Rachel, you consider Hilary Duff as having “actual talent”? That is pretty hilarious.

  39. Oh, and “don’t we all agree that talent is more important than how famous or unknown a person is?” Um….YEAH. That’s why ROB & KRISTEN were chosen as the leads. Because they ARE TALENTED. Sorry, but it’s true.

  40. I think the reason alot of people want lesser known actors is because of the way that made the first movie feel. It was an independent film, and because of that it felt more intimate & easy to connect to. If all these Hollywood people jump into New Moon, it’s not gonna feel that way.

  41. read the reviews honey, neither KS or RP were impressive…but especially the one dimensional KS. And I do not think Hilary Duff is extremely talented, but she can at least crack a smile so if you are comparing her to the rock that played Bella, yes she is more talented. I would also say that 85% of any random high school class would be able to act better than KS. Watch the movie again, you obviously did not paid enough attention.

  42. Kristen Stewarts “acting” = the “special effects” on Twilight

  43. Grow up.

  44. Rachel
    Who made YOU the profeesional of every single detail?

  45. Rachel…
    Um just because some actors are well know doesnt mean they are good actors either.
    and if you think Vennessa,and hillary duff are good looking then Enamorada is right and you do have serious problems. Go complain somewhere else.

  46. Rachel’s comments = Hillary Duff’s bowel movements

  47. HAHAHAHA!!! Sammy’s comment RULES!!

  48. I think Hilary is really pretty, but for some reason I just can’t see her as New Moon material.

  49. RACHEL… WE GET IT BY NOW that you abslolutley LOATHE AND DETEST EVERY SINLGE SECOND of the Twilight movie with every single beat of your heart,so i DOUBT you will be pleased with ANY choices for N.M.
    so.. please let me help you out with a solution,
    GET OFF the computer and just STICK WITH THE BOOKS so YOU can imagine EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DETAIL OF IT TO YOUR OWN LIKING. Why are you wasting your time with news if you KNOW you are going to HATE the outcome of N.M anyways?

  50. La Tua Cantante totally nailed it with that comment. So true!!

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