Hot Topic Adds New Items

Hot Topic finally added to their online catalog the PJ’s that have been in their stores for awhile. They also have added a new shirt to the collection.


  1. PJ’s???? I didnt know they had PJ’s. I SO want these. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in Twilight PJ’s;)

  2. Sorry, $40 is too much for PJ’s. =/ They’re cute though.

  3. Shouldn’t Hot Topic give it a break?! I mean they only have like 4 mths until they can start rolling out the New Moon merch.! LOL

  4. They are soo cute.I am so going to get those.Come on,there pjs..thats preety cool.

  5. I saw these pjs a week ago at the hot topic store, but, I only had ten dollars with me. D=

  6. I hate hot topic, I wish borders would carry more stuff.

  7. does anyone actually buy this stuff? Anyone that is over the age of 10 that is…

  8. emmettslover says:


  9. OMG, I just went to the states and got a shirt that says “I <3 boys who sparkle” on the front and on the back “Twilight” it was $25.00 but tottaaaalllllyyyy worth it!<3 Im over 10 BTW<3 OMG PJSSSSS OMGOMGOMGOMG<3 So wanting them<3 I cannot wait until they start filming New Moon & we figure out FINALLY who the cast is going to be<3 I cant wait any longer. NVm they filimg of NM I just want Twilight on DVD at least. But its around the same time(March 21st Twilight on DVD) – (Late March early April NM Filming starts in Italy{SPOILER<3})

  10. ashley_119882004 says:

    I have some Twilight shirts & Im over the age of 10. Not to interested in the pjs but I like that shirt.

  11. Ordered the new shirt for someone special!

  12. The person I ordered for wanted the life sized Edward poster for the back of her door so Edward could watch her sleep! But the poster comes from Amazon I think.

  13. TeamJasper2454 says:

    The stuff at HT is overpriced. I mean, I have several shirts ($60 right there) but I don’t think I’m ever going to buy anything from there again…

  14. Rachel just to let you know i am 22 years old and yeah i would bye the pjs

  15. I’m still waiting for the Billy Black shirt.

  16. Wow, that is my favorite shirt out of all the ones at Hot Topic, I really want one, but they are way too expensive for my budget right now. *sigh*

  17. twi obsessed says:

    omg i want those pj’s and i am over the age of ten thank you very much!

  18. Bom, adorei as comisetas…

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