Twilight Conventions Coming To a Town Near You

Creation Entertainment has finalized its schedule of Twi Tour pitstops. East Coast people, your pleas have been heard! According to organizers:

We are happy to announce 4 new Conventions for Twi Tour 2009!

San Francisco               Feb. 20-22, 2009
Los Angeles                  May 3, 2009
Atlanta                          July 11-12, 2009
Minneapolis                  July 18-19, 2009 * Tickets now on SALE!
Phoenix                        August 15-16, 2009
New Jersey                   August 29-30

Also, check out the full schedule of events for next weekend’s SF convention at As you can see we’ve added two more guests, including Billy Burke and Rachelle Lefevre. We are so excited to kick of TwiTour 09 with such an amazing line-up and schedule of events! We look forward to seeing everyone there!
Today we are pleased to announce that we have SIX of the highly prized and long sold out GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES available on eBAY, including two seats in the VERY FIRST ROW! It is the ONLY chance left to attend the entire convention, the first in the tour! Here are the links to eBAY: happy bidding and good luck!





  1. I’m going to hope and pray that I can go to one of these someday.

  2. New Jersey. WOAH. That was a shock!

  3. new jersey?! thats me!! woot!

  4. New Jersey, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I can’t even tell you how happy I am !!!!!
    I am sooooooo in, I think alot of pple will.
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Finally Twilight stuff is coming to the East Coast! It’s like they forgot we existed for so long. T_T

  6. Mary Alice Cullen says

    WOOT WOOT finally some where close to SC.

  7. Edwardbitespillow says


  8. Mary Alice Cullen says

    How can you buy tickets for Atlanta?

  9. NEW JERSEY………..Parsipany is like 15-20 min away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS I am sooooooooootoo going to that:)

  10. Yay, I’m going there. =)

  11. Yaaa I’m soooo excited! I can’t wait till next weekend! I just got my tickets in the mail today! :]

  12. Florida seems to be left out. Its like the sad little kid on the swing set alone licking an icecream cone while everyone else gets to go to Chuckie Cheeses…
    Can SOMEONE come to florida please???? Yes it was awsome 2 twilight stars came to Miami(though I didn’t get to meet them..) but can more people show their love to florida?

  13. NOOOOO why isn’t the CENTRAL area of the US ever includeedededededdededeeeddedeededeeeeddddddd

  14. This is expensive O______O

  15. The place in Jersey is only 5 minutes from my house I can walk there, I might actually go.

  16. please come to Indianapolis!!!!! 🙂

  17. Shoot I should just go to SF’s because look at all the awesome cast members that are going to be there! However, I think I’ll save my money and hopefully maybe they’ll be around for signings after they’ve finished filming New Moon. I think its far too expensive to reserve a seat and pay extra for an autograph. I’m saving my money for whatever event Robert is at lol.

  18. katia roverselli says

    Please, please, please….. can you organize a Twilight Convention also in Italy????

    Please: during the period of italian set in Volterra (2009, May) it will be perfect!!!!

  19. To.Mary Alice Cullen if you see this how about shoot me a message on this page.Girl, I’m from NC and I so glad that the twilight convention is going to be in Atlanta but,I’m like you know clue how to get the tickets.Unless, you have to get them on the twilight convention site.If you find out how to get them some were else how about let me know on this page site.

  20. I just went on the twilight convention trying to find out how to get tickets for in Atlanta and I didn’t see the Atlanta on the list they had.So,if any one who knows how to get these tickets how about post it on this site.Please,Please!

  21. I was going to buy tickets for the San Francisco convention, but, since Taylor had to drop out there is really no other reason why i would go.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like the other actors, but i would’nt pay that much too see them, unless the 3 main characters were there.

  22. Yeah, um… none of those are anywhere near me.

  23. YAY!NJ!thats the closest a twilight convention would ever be to my state.Everyone foregets the state of DE so its tends to get very boring here

  24. samihalovestwilight says

    I want to cry. I live in Canada and can not go to a single convention. All I can do is sit at home and watch the footage. I’m sick of missing out on everything. I like Canada and all but everything is in USA so this really sucks being here.:(

  25. Hey is anyone going?! I am. Let me know

  26. I just for my tickets the NJ one!!!!


  28. New Jersey is good but New york would be much better.

  29. Jersey is always forgotten, I’m glad to see that we were remembered this time around. =)

  30. Emily Cullen says

    The only thing that stinks is it sounds like a lot of money just to get in! I really wish the TRUE TWILIGHT FANS could go, I mean like their are some people(like me)that pretty much obsess over twilight and its practically their life, but then there are girls that get to go who only like twilight for Robert Pattinson’s looks. For all of you true twilight fans who can’t go, it’s ok I feel the same way.

  31. I am getting my mom to take me to that with my friend. (my friend is paying for her own ticket though) so i am sooooo exited

  32. hooray! new jersey!! 😀

  33. twilightxoxobsessionx3 says

    omggg will they ever come to new yorkk??? i feel soo left out!! nobody ever comes heree =(

  34. Brittany Pattinson says

    MAN i really wanted rob , kristen , rachell, dei, taylor, and cam to come to florida . o well

  35. Aww i wanted Peter, Kellan, rob, kristen come to florida in august for my birthday 🙁

  36. yayyy jersey! is rob kristen and taylor coming too?

  37. Courtney Rosalie says

    how do u but the tickets???? please some1 tell me i missed 2 of the convention because the tickets were old out..pleaseeee sum1 tell me how to but the tickets??!!

  38. I have 2 Gold Weekend tickets for the Seattle convention January, but now I can’t go. Does anyone know how I can sell the tickets?


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