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Now for those of us who think Rob is hot, but are closer in age to Billy and Peter have no fear. You can get you fan fix for the hottest doctor since Grey’s Anatomy and the hottest sheriff since…since…well…there isn’t really a comparison here is there?  Anyway, check out Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke this week!

Peter Facinelli is scheduled to appear on February 13th with his wife, Jennie Garth, on Chelsey Lately, the talk show hosted by Chelsea Handler of Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea! fame. Ty to Chris for the heads up.

In case you missed Billy Burke’s appearance on TNT’s The Closer, have no fear, you can watch the episode online. Look for Billy to make several more appearances this year.


  1. older twilight fan says:

    That’s nice to know, for us over 40 year olds (barely) LOL

    As much as I loved Rob as Edward, I must admit I swooned equally when Peter/Carlisle breezed through those hospital doors in the movie, pancake make-up and all.

    Billy Burke was great as Charlie and made me appreciate his character even more. He defintely didn’t look quite like the Charlie I pictured from the books.

  2. Awesome, I’m a big fan of Peter now too. I’m not as old as Peter or Billy but I am closing in on 30 quick lol

  3. Hey who knew Edward and Bella had such Hot dads, okay really who here has had in their heads a Grey Anatomy’s Crossover with Twilight? after all GA takes place in WASHTINON STATE, Seattle to be exact?

  4. I’m glad that Peter will be back on Chelsea lately! I enjoyed his interview with her from last November.


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