Catherine Hardwicke Speaks!

At long last Catherine Hardwicke has broken her silence as to what went down in regards to her no longer being involved with future Twilight films. Until today, we’ve only have a brief press statement put out by Summit’s PR department.

Click here to see Catherine’s full commentary to EW:

“I was devastated,” she says now. “I really did feel a strong connection to the people around the world that liked the movie — and to Stephenie and the actors. But I just didn’t think I could make a good movie under those circumstances.”

Catherine also talks to Entertainment Weekly about what to expect in her upcoming director’s notebook. EW has an exclusive sneak peak.


  1. I’m VERY glad there’s going to be a new director.
    Catharine didn’t really have enough experience in this movie genre to direct it. The special effects were cheesy (OMG did they have twinkly sounds when Edward was in the sun?!ROFL!!) and the actors were sometimes awkward… I’m not saying it was completely TERRIBLE, but it was pretty bad lol…

  2. lirael cullen says:

    hmmm yeah i gotta say after seeing the movie again and again.. my bf expressed his opinion finally and he was like “remake!” and he was like to many scenes that weren’t needed. Scenes that should have been in there weren’t and i gotta agree. Glad another director is handling it.

  3. I wonder what the new budget is? It better be beefed up quite a bit, considering the effects that will need to be present to make the movie believeable. I am completely psyched for this – I want to be hit hard with the action in Italy, the wolf phasing, and the vampy powers. I want to believe it!

  4. Iheartedward says:

    Catherine states, But I just didn’t think I could make a good movie under those circumstances.”
    She didnt make a good movie the first time!

  5. I admire her for walking away from the deal like that. She did what she felt she had to do.

  6. I thought she did a really good job with the first film, especially with the budget she had to work with. The special effects were a bit cheesy, but again, she was limited on funds. Catherine has a great way of bringing to the viewers the feelings, awkwardness, deepness of the characters in a way that doesn’t make a film based on teenagers feel cheesy & overdone. I’m a huge fan of all her films, she’s a rare, cool lady; especially in Hollywood where the majority of people aren’t.

  7. Yes, although there were good parts the movie could have used a more experience direction in terms of the special effects. and Ms. Hardwicke
    was able to get the movie done so we can move forward with the story.

    this story is quite similar with the TV show Charmed and I think the director was able to do amazing things with the cast and the special effects with his limited budget.

    but even with a larger budget the director needs to address what parts needs to be seen and what parts can be cut.

    i have an open mind and i can’t wait for the next movie! 🙂

  8. How was the story in any way similar to Charmed?

  9. So basically, they offered her a lot of money and she turned it down because she couldn’t do it in the time frame they wanted. No big deal. People were assuming she was fired. I thought it was going to be something more dramatic than that.

  10. Iheartedward: I TOTALLY agree with you! That movie was an embarressment!

  11. I wish the movie could be remade with another director. I’m still not sure if the acting is bad most of the time or it’s the directing that makes the acting bad. I am excited to see what Chris has in store for us, though. I’m a fan of the series, regardless, but I want a better movie!

  12. xI-MustBeDreamingx says:

    I’m worried about the new director. Have you seen the Golden Compass?
    Of course, I haven’t seen his other movies. -fingers crossed for New Moon-

  13. I don’t see where Chris has any experience directing a movie towards girls and women. His views seem typically male, can anyone list one complex female character he has brought to life? I thought Golden Compass didn’t do well at the box office and Nicole Kidman, I avoid movies she is in because of her voice. But hey they can’t take the books away from us.

    Female directors are going to capture a movie from a female view and connect on a primal level with women whether or not it is a perfect movie. Male directors make the same mistakes over and over and on a primal level females are just not going to identify with what they see on the screen. It figures they would offer more money to a male director, Thats Hollyweird. I bet he spends twice as much and makes half as much as Catherine. And really if Hollywood wants women, 52% of the population to go to movies they need to treat us seriously. We aren’t some niche.

  14. Miss Switz says:

    ohhhh robert looks so CUTTTTTEEEE look at him pondering…

  15. For the money that was given to make Twilight I think Catherine did a good job. I don’t think it was fair that Chris Weitz was offered more money when Catherine turned it down, its just really stereotypical. Why should Summit offer a man director more? Before it was released that he was going to be the director, I personally had never even heard of him. I don’t even think he’s ever made a film thats grossed a lot of money. We’ll just have to wait and see how New Moon turns out to find out how great of a director he is. I won’t fully judge him until I see how the movie turns out.

  16. @Sara
    She was offered less money for the budget, not her personal paycheck. And if you’re really interested in Chris’s grosses, here you go:

    Those grosses are the US only.

  17. It is not an issue of male or female. It is an issue of talent or not. I thought Weitz did a good job in Golden Compass, it won a few awards I believe, for the special effects or something. He was most likely offered a bigger budget because he could do more with it. I am really excited to see how he does with NM. Keep in mind, he does have experience which in my opinion Catherine was/is seriously lacking.

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