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NoMoreMarbles has an exciting contest going on where you can win a phone call from Michael Welch!!!


  1. i’m thinking she’s kind of desperate lol

  2. i don’t think she is desperate, she is just having fun with her friends. people love her even members of the cast.

    i am subscribed and mike is so awesome for doing this!

  3. ANDDDDD just for this video, I am now a subscriber, that made my day! BEST…ANGRY…FACE….EVER! rofl!

  4. Not related to this post, but the Kelowna New Moon Auditions were held today – not sure of the acctual results as I didn’t go (not native) but according to my friends, they were REALLY tough on the “Authentic Native Look”
    They told my friend (who happens to be a VERY pretty) that she wasn’t (and I quote) “Pocahontas enough…” even though she is clearly native.
    If I find out more before you guys do, I’ll e-mail you.

  5. Haha. And thats in response to all of Kalebs videos where if you subscribe, you are entered for a chance to win several hand signed things from the cast. 😀 Its great!

  6. Danny Chipman says:

    A phone call from Michael Welch, huh? Talk about motivating.

  7. too bad I can’t talk on the phone. I’d be all like: *fan girl breathlessness* “hi!”
    mike: “hey, what’s up?”
    fan girl: *breathless, trying not to scream* “hi!”
    mike: “uh…yeah…so…”
    fan girl trying not to scream: “you did a great job –” (cut off by excitement)
    mike: thanks!
    fan girl: *can’t hold it in any longer and screams*

  8. just a response to Cheyanne, they had auditions in calgary on the weekend too, i went but was told aswell that i don’t have strong enough native features, but the lady like me and asked me to read anyway!! it was super cool!

  9. proud_twihard says:

    She is the coolest!

  10. How did she get his phone #???? ???? that would be SUPER AWESOME though!!!!

  11. okay I think she’s going a little to far

  12. aaannnd…THAT”S WHY Y LOVE BAILEY!!! LOL! u go girl! U just made my day!

  13. that was 8 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. lol. Better luck next time. 😉

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