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Looks like Jackson’s new co-stars are looking forward to working with him. It also seems that Jackson’s director in a recent episode of Criminal Minds was none other than Jason Alexander (George of Seinfeld fame.)

Where are the Twilight stars going to be when the DVD comes out? Some of them will be camping out with you!


Rachelle, whose birthday is coming up, mentions Rob’s haircut.




  1. People are seriously obsessing over Rob cutting is hair, aye? I think it looks fine either way, personally. 🙂

  2. Wait, what is walmart doing?

  3. Yay, I love Criminal Minds, and Jackson will make it all the better.

  4. Well finally some confirmation. Best Buy and Target will have the Blu-ray’s in their store on March 21st.

  5. Edwardbitespillow says:

    i just wonder what Robs hair looks like now……

  6. I can’t wait until March.It’ll take forever.

  7. I’ve never watched criminal minds, but i may have to make an exception for Jackson 🙂

  8. when it said to check on the twilight website to find a local store near you under the home media link..were they talking about the “official” movie website or some other? because I can’t find it on the “offical” movie website

  9. “JERRY!!” xD Oh, George is a laugh, but Kramer steals the show. Love Seinfeld.

  10. I love Criminal Minds and can’t wait to see Jackson in it!!! Anyone know what episode he’s in?

  11. wait how do we find out more about the midnight parties for the dvd release?? there is absolutely nothing about that on the Twilight website from Summit Entertainment…

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