Chicago Twilight Flashback Weekend Convention Update


If you’re attending the Twilight Chicago Convention, you need to make sure to pull out your finest prom-wear and most amazing vampire attire because the prizes for the best costumes both nights are amazing! The Twilight Chicago Convention presented by Flashback Weekend is excited to announce that Bella’s Engagement Ring™ and Bella’s Bracelet™, manufactured by Infinite Jewelry Co. and provided courtesy of Twilight Teez (, will be the grand prizes for the two evening events during the convention, February 6 – 8 at the Wyndham O’Hare, Chicago. During Friday night’s Forks Prom Party, one lucky winner will receive an official Bella’s Engagement Ring™. Then on Saturday night at the Dance of the Undead (a vampire costume ball), the winner of the costume contest will receive an official Bella’s Bracelet™, complete with heart and wolf charms.

So be sure to come dressed to impress for your chance to win Bella’s Engagement Ring™ and Bella’s Bracelet™! Alphie, Pel, and Somethingblue can’t wait to see all of you there!

There are still tickets available to attend this event that includes Q & A’s with Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, and Justin Chon; panel discussions hosted by Alphie & Pel, a Forks Prom, a Vampire Ball, an Awesome Dealers Room, and much more.



  1. I love that ring… *le sigh*

    Too bad I don’t live close to Chicago.

  2. xI-MustBeDreamingx says:

    x.x For once there’s a Twilight event nearby & I can’t go.

  3. IMO I’d rather go to the convention in California then Chicago because California’s has more special guests showing up: Ashley, Jackson, Michael, Kellan, and Peter. Plus Jackson’s band is performing too. However, I don’t think I’ll bother going because Robert won’t be there and thats the only person I’d really like to see. I’m surprised there’s more fuss about Chicago’s then California’s, when there won’t be as many cast members showing up. I believe California’s convention has the most cast members appearing out of all of them. Am I right? Just thought I’d point that out.

  4. Chrystina T. says:

    I have Bella’s Engagement ring in silver and I love it. It is really pretty.

  5. Emmett_Cullen says:

    I am going to the Twicon 2009 in Texas. It will take alot of money and i have to raise it all myself but i am willing to work that hard for it!!
    Twilight is my LOVE!!!!!

  6. Now that they’ve lowered the price…I think I might be able to go… XD!!!

  7. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    hahaha that ring is so ugly, who would buy that!

  8. sounds fun…too bad i live in NJ =/
    there should be a twilight convention for each state, just to make it fair lol. and each country too, if not already.

    plus, i already have bella’s bracelet…and i dont want that ring lol

  9. Sara, it’s not about which convention has the most guests, it’s about which convention will be more enjoyable for the fans. Just because one convention has more celebrities attending doesn’t mean it will be successful. Besides, don’t most of the guests live in cali?

  10. Those who’re attending the con are so lucky.I really wanted the bracelet.

  11. i have the fasion version of the ring. but what version of it are they giving away as a prize??

  12. Chrystina T Where did you get the ring?

  13. oh FUN! i want to go and dress up… sad.. post lots of pics! i will just be home.. blog blog bloggin’ away!

  14. would anything “twilight” be happening in or around tennessee perhaps anytime soon??

  15. Emmett_Cullen says:

    Twicon is in Dallas Texas.

  16. That ring is cool, I guess…At first I hated it, but it really grew on me…I always see it in silver, but it’s a thousand times better in gold, I think…

    I wish I could go to the convention, but I’m nowhere near!!! *Sigh*

  17. If only I lived in the USA. I love that bracelet… But, at least I’ve got Eternal Twilight to look forward to at the end of the month! 😀

  18. yay i live near chi town!

    …that isn’t really how i pictured the ring and the bracelet… 🙁

  19. Junebruary says:

    Wow… Bella loves that ring in the book but that is possibly the gaudiest ring ever; it totally goes against her character to like something so flashy. In my opinion its pretty ugly.

  20. Psh, I made my own bracelet. And I already have a ring like the engagement ring, cept the oval is horizontal and it’s white gold. It has one big oval diamond in the middle and the ones surrounding it are smaller…i like it a lot better. it’s not gaudy and it was my Mimi’s ^__^. When I was reading Eclipse, I was wearing it and that’s what I imagined Bella’s looking like…

    buuuut seriously. If you like the bracelets, they’re not hard to recreate.

  21. Lucy: I actually think it would be more enjoyable with more of the cast members showing up, but thats just me. I also agree that of course there’s going to be more cast members at the California convention because thats where most of them live, but also they’ll be getting ready to prepare for filming NM soon after which is mostly in Oregon and not California. I’d rather go to a convention with more of the cast members then one with just one or two because you’d be getting your money’s worth, however thats just me.

  22. ashley_119882004 says:

    I have Bella’s bracelet and I love it!

  23. Both the bracelet and the ring are…not tempting in the least.

  24. Hey. Did you guys forget? Today (Feb 1st) is Rachelle Lefevre’s 30th birthday!!!

  25. JulesCullen says:

    jackson rathbone will be on criminal minds in april… this just in at EW:

  26. Jessica L. says:

    Yep, I’ve made Bella’s Bracelet already, though Edward’s charm doesn’t belong on mine. TEAM JACOB.

    The ring’s alright, I guess, but I wouldn’t mind winning it, keeping it for my collection. I’ve got everything put together for both the dances. This is going to be so much fun. I’m not going to be able to concentrate in class all week, though 😀

  27. The ring is kinda ugly, but I really want the bracelet, but I might take off the heart if it wasn’t so pretty…

  28. my best friend got me the bracelet for my birthday, we were both freaking out when it came in the mail. I love it!

  29. anonymous says:

    the bracelet is pretty and the ring is prettier in silver. i saw it and i like it better in silver. i want them both though. i wouldn’t take off any charms because that’s how Bella wears it and the charms are pretty.

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