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The LA Times has picked up on the fact that Rob Pattison’s Little Ashes and Kristen Stewart’s Adventureland open in wide release on the same day.

 Buddy TV compares the teen careers of Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Hudgens.


RopeofSilicon Twilight beaten by G.I. Joe?  Rope of Silicon explains.


  1. Wow I never realized they’re coming out on the same day. Also notice how they’re both rated R so they probably won’t make as much money as if they were PG-13. I think a lot of the younger fans from Twilight won’t be able to see either of their films, but who knows. I think that both movies look great and I’ll probably watch both. Its funny because my sisters bday is the day they both come out and she’s the person who introduced me to Twilight..I think she’s coming home that day too so we could see both movies together.

  2. futuremrscullen says:

    I’ll definitely see Adventureland. I’m not going to see a movie just because Rob’s in it… I’m not sure what it’s about but I’ll do my research and if I find it interesting I’ll go see it.

  3. Twilight Nymph says:

    I’ll probably watch both, but I’ll probably see Little Ashes first. I took Spanish Lit. in high school and I loved Lorca’s writing, so it’d be nice to hear some of that if it’s in the movie. Yet, on Dali I never learned much on, except for having to explain what I thought his painting The Persistence of Memory meant.

  4. “Little Ashes” would be lost to most of the younger fans of Twilight. Honestly, I’d like to see both. “Little Ashes” is something we’ve not seen Rob do before… and “Adventureland” seems like it’ll be a good time movie.

  5. Vanessa Hudgens has my vote 4 teen queen, she is gorgeous, friendly, dresses well, and most tween/teen girls would like to be like her (not neccessarily be her). I found VH annoying in the high school musicals but, she does know how to work it. Kristen as the reporter noticed is unkempt (puts no effort into her appearance), smokes pot in public, has an unattractive bf, and stinks at interviews. The only reason teens would envy her is for her scenes with Rob in Twilight.

  6. I’m gonna see both and Twilight Nymph, dali is great, which is why i’m gonna watch it. and rachel, i’ve noticed quite a bit that you really don’t like kristen. vanessa is the typical disney teen and that’s all she’ll ever be. kristen is so much more than that. she acts in challenging roles and doesn’t do things just because others want her to or to become a teen star. you said that teens envy her for her scenes w/ rob, but are you sure that isn’t you?
    vanessa is not really that good of an actor (who cares if she’s good at interviews), the point of a film is to have GOOD actors. im not hating on vanessa, i think she’s only good for disney.

  7. Rachel – have you forgotton about the topless photos of Vanessa? She certainly does know how to work it. I would hope that most tween girls would NOT follow in her image! Kristen is getting better at interviews – she is a private person. Her style is edgy, and she looked well put together in all her Twilight promotions. So they catch her at Sundance, and she’s in jeans. Big deal. As for smoking pot, Kristen was on her property. The pap had a high powered lense. Wonder what Vanessa does in private?

  8. K, first of all, I am not that attracted to Rob. He’s not my type, although I do think that he is a nice guy. It just sounds like he has a lot of die-hard fans. (Meaning I do NOT wish it was me in Twilight). Second of all, I don’t like Vanessa that much either. I was merely pointing out things that would give her an advantage over KS in the teen queen category (you can decide if that is a title worth fighting for…I don’t think Kristen woudl want it). As for acting, I don’t think either one of the girls is that good. But Vanessa can at least crack a smile and look pretty…so in my opinion she makes a better impression.

    As for Kristen’s style being what did you say…”edgy”? If you can call what she wears a style I would use the terms frumpy, thrift store, and lazy. But we are all entitled to our own likes and dislikes. I prefer flattering clothes that are attractive to wear and look at. I would guess that in a fashion face off VH would KILL KS, which is one more reason that teen girls would look to her over KS.

    Obviously neither Kristen or Vanessa are ideal role models for teenage girls.

  9. Ugh, they are compairing Kstew to Vanessa??? Just, no…

    No offence, but I’d rather see “Adventureland” than “Little Ashes.” It has nothing to do w/ a preference to Kstew over Rpattz, because there is none, it just seems more interesting…Though, in all honesty, I doubt I’ll see either…

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