Frosty Is Back

No, we don’t mean the weather. Steve (AKA Frosty) from Collider managed to interview Edi Gathegi, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, and Rachelle LeFevere on the red carpet last night at the premiere of Push starring Dakota Fanning. Check out Frosty’s footage!  (We had to taking the video embedding out since it was killing our load time, but you can find the videos at Collider linked above.)

ET was also at the premiere, where they talked to Dakota (it is her night afer all) Ashley and Kellan.


Twilighters Anonymous is reporting that the stars will be on NBC this weekend.




  1. I’d like to see Push, I think. Seems like it’d be an interesting flick.

  2. i can never get this sites interviews to work! it’s so frustrating!

  3. Florabella says:

    I want to see Push to. DF does not look 14. I guess growing up in the spot light will do that to you. NEways Question are Ashley and Kullan doing a movie together or are they a couple? They seem really touchy feely. Or maybe it’s me.

  4. was awesome and when I went to prior posts, I saw behind the scenes Twilight movie videos I’d never seen before. It was a great experience to see how scenes were filmed.

  5. I have only 2 words…voodoo doughnuts? LOL!!!

  6. Kellan Lutz is so gorgeous…I really like him and since he plays one of my favorite Cullens…I love him more. I don’t know how much the screenplay will be different from the book in the movie…I hope is not too much…but anyway it makes sad that there is too little about Emmet in NM….hopefully we’ll get to see Eclipse as well and he has a bigger part there….The fight against Victoria’s newborns will be very awesome I think…..thanks for the videos…:)

  7. I thought all the stars were extrememly patient with him considering he OBVIOUSLY had not read the books. (“Hey Kellan, Edi, and Rachelle, lookin’ forward to Italy?” “Edi, what one scene are you most looking forward to filming?”)

  8. Pinky – here’s the scoop on Voodoo Doughnuts.

  9. I loved when Eli talked about jumping on the bandwagon and loving the books. I think its great that he enjoyed the books and has actually read them. Shame on the interviewer for not reading the books because they were so good. The interviewer should read them so he can come up with more specific questions regarding New Moon. I loved watching the interviews.

  10. Hey!
    Just a quick word to inform the Lexicon of the Twilight Region 2 (UK and Irish) DVD. have updated the info with the DVD cover and Special features which are largely different to the Region 1 DVD:

    EXTRAS – over 2 hours of additional material

    Audio commentary
    The Adventure Begins – The Journey from page to screen
    A conversation with Stephanie Meyer
    The Comic-Con phenomenon
    Deleted scenes (with director introduction)
    Extended scenes (with director introduction)
    Video: “Muse” performing “Supermassive Black Hole”
    Video: “Decode” by “Paramore”
    UK premiere footage (exclusive to UK)
    Theatrical trailer
    Theatrical TV spots
    Becoming Edward
    Becoming Bella
    Catherine Hardwicke’s Vampire Kiss montage
    Edward’s piano concert
    Music: The heartbeat of Twilight
    Catherine Hardwicke’s “Bella’s Lullaby Remix” music video

    The extras seem very nice but unfortunately the cover is the over-used poster which is disappointing when one compares it to both the Region 1 cover or the beautiful packaging on the Borders exclusive (which I’m still gonna order anyway)

  11. Yeah, I would have thought the interviewer would at least have done a little homework on the books before he went around asking questions. Ashley Greene and Kellan are doing a movie together…I forget the title but I am pretty sure that she plays lacrosse in it. She is so pretty. Both Kellan and Ashley sound like nice people.

  12. Florabella kellan and ashley aren’t a couple. kellan is with annalynne mcord (naomifrom 90210). i agree with everyone else, kellan is the perfect emmet and too bad there’s not enough of him in nm. emmet is my fav character (so is jasper) cuz he makes me laugh.
    yeah i want to see push too, looks pretty good and i like chris evans so i think there are more than one reason to see it (inc. df)

  13. I’m really frustrated with the Collider website. The video is slower than the sound and really slow. I want to watch the behind the scence videos but it’s so frustrating to watch when the video is so choppy. Any suggestions?

  14. I really wanna see “Push!” I bet that DF is awesome!!! I’m confident that she’d be a great Jane!!!

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