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"We’ve recently had a bunch of emails from people claiming they saw a news story in various places claiming that Stephenie said she is never finishing Dark High Noon. Highlight to see the explanation of Dark High Noon —–>(Inside joke the Lex refuses to call the novel Midnight Sun. It’s like saying Voldemort in the Harry Potter world. It’s bad luck, if you say the novel title you may never see a completed version.)

From what we understand, the status of Dark High Noon has not changed since August. It’s a slow news week, folks, and we’ve been seeing a lot of rehash on tons of Twilight articles both movie and book related. You can see Stephenie’s statement on her website and a follow-up interview where she directly mentions her plans to EW. Things are no different than what is reflected on those two links!


  1. SailorYue says:

    when i read that she was gonna stop DHN indefinatly, i was upset. but reading this theres atleast SOME hope. =)

  2. To comments #38 and #39, Fleur and udazzleme, I LOVE that idea! The-Book-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, or Dark High Noon, VERY CLEVER, indeed.

    As for poor Stephanie and her sense of betrayal, I can absolutely understand how she feels. Betrayal, particularly by someone you trust, is never an easy thing to deal with. Please accept, from this 60 year old “Granny”, a big virtual hug and a consoling pat on the back. We’ll be ready for your book when you get ready to finish it. ‘Nough said.

  3. G. Alison says:

    I hope Ms. Meyer finishes Midnight Sun and continues the rest of the series from Edward’s perspective. I enjoyed every moment of the series plus the outtakes and extras from her website. I hope she understands that her fans will truly appreciate more insight into Edward, Bella, and the rest of the characters.

  4. Do we know if she’s going to do all of the books in Edward’s view, or just Twilight? I would love to see what he’s thinking throughout the series, not just in one book – it amazes me to know that when she was writing the first book, every little glance, or remark, or ‘oops’ that Edward had was already in her mind!

  5. La_tua_cantante_172 says:

    i think that people are being too hard on SM, she trusted people with her copies and its not her fault that the people she trusted leaked DHN. what makes it worse for her is that every copy was unique so she knows exactly who leaked the copy. if any of you have ever tryed writing a book, it is very personal, you feel like its your own world – you love the characters like they are your own children or family. i truly respect SM as she only decided to even consider finishing DHN and publishing it because she did not want to let her fans down – she even posted the leaked copy on her website for them because she thought it was unfair on them. SM has her fans intentions at heart, so ease up people.
    i read the copy posted on her webiste and i loved it, i can’t wait for her to finish writing it ( or even start writing it again) and get it published. Edward has a very interesting way at looking at things – he is much more discriptive. i would love to see his POV during other times like when her went to the voltori in NM, when he found out Bella was pregnant in BD.

  6. La_tua_cantante_172 says:

    sorry on the second to last line i meant he not her

  7. I soooo hope that she finds the heart to be able to finish it i haven’t read the draft as i’m hoping that stephanie is going to miraculously finish it so i can read it properly!!!
    would be so amazing if she does publish it.

  8. Jessica says:

    I wish she would at the very least write chapter 13. I could feel complete if I knew what he was thinking during the Meadow chapter. Well, if I were totally honest, I would like his POV of their first kiss 🙂

  9. I love all stephenie Meyers books she a legend, i really really really want her to publish dark high noon (kudos too the person hoo thought that up. lol) but as a devoted twilight fan i’ll wait as long as it takes for her to want to publish it. cos she brought us Edward and Alice and… well all the vamps and werewolves really! but it would be soooo cool too read it all from edwards POV. and the leaked version was such a cliff hanger, even tho i no what happens next! its trully amazing how SM can write about the same events from a different perspective and make it just as gripping as the first version! BRILLIANT!

  10. Rafaela says:

    What book?? i already forgot all about it….

  11. OKAY,I keep hearing that Stephenie wont finish a book.I’m realy slow here and totally a fan but i cant help and think that is realy sad. i could realy have liked to read DHN.But i guess she needs rest like safina up there says.i’M STILL SAD I WOUNT READ IT!!!!

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