Rumor Control

"We’ve recently had a bunch of emails from people claiming they saw a news story in various places claiming that Stephenie said she is never finishing Dark High Noon. Highlight to see the explanation of Dark High Noon —–>(Inside joke the Lex refuses to call the novel Midnight Sun. It’s like saying Voldemort in the Harry Potter world. It’s bad luck, if you say the novel title you may never see a completed version.)

From what we understand, the status of Dark High Noon has not changed since August. It’s a slow news week, folks, and we’ve been seeing a lot of rehash on tons of Twilight articles both movie and book related. You can see Stephenie’s statement on her website and a follow-up interview where she directly mentions her plans to EW. Things are no different than what is reflected on those two links!


  1. Rumors give people something to talk about. I only trust what comes from here or Stephenie.

  2. …Dark High Noon…
    That’s clever.
    But my Twilight friends (the ones who aren’t as obsessed as I am) were asking me about “Dark High Noon” today, and it kind of sucked because I had nothing to tell them and I usually have a response to all of their questions.
    I really wish Stephenie would at least keep us a little more updated.
    She’s had this on hold forever, and it’s making a lot of Twilighters really antsy (myself included).

  3. Wow, it is like Voldemort, but it also sort of reminds me of the word “Macbeth” which is forbidden among drama folk. Seriously though, Stephenie has a right to put it on hold for as long as she wants. It may take a few years, but I’m sure she’ll get back to it and want to finish and publish it.

  4. “I really wish Stephenie would at least keep us a little more updated.
    She’s had this on hold forever, and it’s making a lot of Twilighters really antsy (myself included).”

    It’s only been a few months. That’s nowhere near forever. And she just wants a break from it. She has no obligation to give you a play-by-play on how she’s feeling, and if she did it wouldn’t be much of a break.

  5. You know, as an artist I completely understand why Stephenie Meyer doesn’t want to work on/release “Dark High Noon”, but as a fan it sucks! It hurts so much to have to suffer for someone elese’s stupidity.

    I hope one day she is able to move on and make us fans VERY VERY happy. As she always has!

  6. Okay, what is Dark High Noon? Is it the same as Midnight Sun? For some reason some of the paragraph above is cut off on my computer and I’m a little confused.

  7. Everybody always wonders what Dark High Noon is when I call it that! Then I have to explain 😛 It gets annoying.

    I’m really upset about thatt. I want Dark High Noon to come out ): Me and my friends say Steph’s secretly writing it. Wouldn’t that be nice?


  8. “time makes our hearts stronger” you can think of it this way…whenever “the amazing thing” comes will mean THAT much more to us. yeah, it stinks what happened. I read the leaked version and i started to compare books (twilight and you know what) and i didn’t prepare myself for when it abruptly ended all i could keep saying was no no no was amazing…evem as a rough draft!!!!!! so i know the wait will be worth it. It just goes to show when you decide to steal, you not only lose for yourself, but also for everyone else.

  9. lol. before seeing the bit in (), I was like “Dark High Noon?!?! What?!?! Steph has started ANOTHER novel that I didn’t know about?!?” haha. I like the non-jinx nickname =)

  10. Jennifer – highlight the part b/w the brackets.. the part that is seemingly “cut off”

  11. Edwardbitespillow says

    thankyou for posting these things, people in my high school are running around saying that “Dark Hight Noon” is coming out in like two months…NO ITS NOT!!!(well not that i know for sure) im sure Stephenie would’ve announced the date at some point and Lexicon would’ve annouced it too! So thanks for clearing it up:)!

  12. Random comment: I would like if Alex O’Loughlin played Aro or something. He just fits the picture for me 🙂

  13. Screw SM.. I’m still pissed at her about this ridiculous crap.

  14. honestly stephenie meyer has the biggest ego when it comes to dark high moon. she needs to get off her high horse and just publish it.

  15. :-0…oh no you do not diss Stephenie Meyer!! If you don’t have anything nice to say..DON’T POST ANYTHING AT ALL!! k. thanks.

  16. samihalovestwilight says

    I read the partial rough draft on SM’s website and I love it and all this news really does suck but I hope it does eventually come out.

  17. xI-MustBeDreamingx says

    I agree. Don’t be mad at Stephenie Meyer. It’s not like you’re under her pressure or can understand how she feels about things. I was disappointed too, but I still support her. She gave us Edward!

  18. Florabella says

    What is Dark High Moon? It’s Not Midnight Sun is it? I not up to date on this. Help.

  19. I don’t even let my HUSBAND read anything I’m working on until I’m ready for him to see it–I cringe at the thought.

    With Twilight fans being Twilight fans (very particular about their characters’ lives and personalities), I can’t blame Stephanie for being really upset about the leak.

    I hope she’ll be able to push past this treachery at some point, because I would be very interested to see this story from Edward’s perspective–or Alice’s perspective (that would be mind-blowing, I think).

    I’m so intrigued by her characters. They seem so real that I find myself looking for them. In the logical part of my mind that keeps track of the realities of my life, I know that isn’t possible, but the part of my mind that fell in love with these characters doesn’t pay much attention to that part.

    My therapist is just waiting to see which part wins. 😉 I’m not sure which one she’s cheering for–or maybe I just don’t want to know.

    • Isabel Savalia-Duarte says

      I agree with you completely. It’s absolutely absurd to think you’d walk down the street and meet these characters and yet you can’t help but look. Logical mind vs the other 90%! And then again, perhaps it is just the author’s ability to draw the reader in so effectively.

      I think of the all posts about the new Twilight companion novel, yours was the best worded, well done.

  20. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Dark High Noon what is that.
    Can someone explain to me what that is please.

  21. irunwithvampires says

    exactly. You know, it you were working on something this important to you and tried your best to keep it secret, then someone that you trusted went and leaked it all over the internet,you would feel the same way.She has every right to do this.Don’t get me wrong, i’m just as anxious as you are,but i can see things from her piont of view.All the same, i hope she can sort it all out and finish the book soon. if the edited version is better than the partial draft, it’ll be well worth the wait.

  22. irunwithvampires says

    when i say exactly, i’m responding to #15

  23. to anyone who is confused:
    yes Dark High Noon is in fact Midnight Sun.
    I was confused at first to, don’t feel bad.;D

  24. damn i thought there’d be some news about DHN. back to hibernation.

  25. well here’s to two more years. for those confused on what dark high noon “is”. read the blog. it explains it.

  26. The really bad part is, even if Stephanie were to feel like working on Midnight Sun again, it’s junk like this that would stop her.

  27. ashley_119882004 says

    I dont blame Stephenie for doing what she did. Id be really upset if someone did that to something of mine that I was in the process of writing. But I really wish it would come out.

  28. What is w/ the random Steph hate?!?!

    Umm…hello? She could just stop writting everything if she wanted to…It’s not like she HAS to do anything!!!

  29. Anyone who’s felt the sting of betrayal can understand exactly where SM is coming from. I’m flattered she respected us, her readers, enough to provide us with an explanation and the link so we could all be on equal footing. Of course it sucks and we are all disappointed it happened at all. Now we need to be understanding and allow SM the time she needs to move past the hurt and hopefully someday come back and give us the rest of the amazing story she’s started.

  30. I have faith it will get published one day. Edward deserves to get his POV across. I saw the movie and became a fan. I bought the Twilight book, but read it with DHN at the same time. Chapter by Chapter. Edward’s version is just so compelling! It’s my favorite book.
    I hope she can let him have a voice again some day. There are so many scenes in all the books where I think “What is he thinking?” It’s as fascinating to me as Bella is to him. It’s like you’re trying to read Edward’s mind through Bella’s eyes, but she misinterprets things so you’re always guessing.
    There are some scenes that Bella’s not present for that I’d love to see. Like when he begs the Volturi to end his life. That must have been one powerful scene!
    Anyway, let’s hope she feels well enough to finish it. We just have to have faith in Edward. The only one who can probably make her finish is him. He’ll have to keep bugging her or show up in a dream and tell her to do it!

  31. What is with “Dark High Noon”???? Why is it being called that instead of Midnight Sun???

    Don’t get me wrong, but names are awesome (MS awesomer), I’m just extremely confused right now as to why it’s being called that.

  32. *I meant “both” not “but”. So “both names are awesome”

  33. P.S.
    I’m coming here, and from now on – I was on and left a few comments about how I thought AnnaSophia Robb would be a better Jane than Dakota Fanning, and the admins reeally didn’t like that – they blocked me. I was shocked. I seriously did NOT say anything mean about Dakota or anyone else – I left, like, ten comments there over the period of a couple days, saying I didn’t like Dakota Fanning as Jane, and they BLOCKED me. I was outraged, and have been voting for this site since then, trying to dislodge from their lofty perch on so they stop being so obnoxious.

    Don’t you guys agree that is EXTREMELY petty, blocking someone because they don’t agree with you? It’s like you can only go to HGE to agree with the runners of the site, not to give your opinion. Seriously, I am never going to again.

    This site is WAY better.

  34. Dark High Noon… that is hilarious!!

  35. dora_twilight says

    isn`t it called Midnight sun, not Dark High Noon?

  36. i really hope she finishes MIDNIGHT SUN….i’m dying to read more twilight!

  37. Hmm so SM says that she wants to wait like 2 years after she hears nothing about Midnight Sun to even think about working on it, but will that ever happen? Will people EVER stop talking about it? I don’t think they will. As long as new people find her books (like I did this month), the natural progression after reading BD is to look for MS!

  38. I like the taboo on the name. Dark High Noon, that’s very clever. Maybe we could also call it The-Book-That-Must-Not-be-Named. I appreciate the Lexicon for all the hard work they do, and I am grateful for their level-headed approach to all this craziness.

  39. the-book-that-must-not-be-named…i like it!;D
    a fellow HP fan!

  40. After all these months – I don’t care. I loved the chapters we got but the problem is that I cannot look at MIDNIGHT SUN the same way anymore. Let’s face it – Stephenie Meyer was acting like a child and I don’t respect her. Not after what she did. Reading a book without respecting the author and his/her views (considering that every book is a huge part of the author) is not.. satisfying.
    I used to be a fan.

  41. hey Karolina, I mean no offence to you personally, but try writing a book, it is a world that belongs to you, that you personally create, your heart and soul is in that story, and someone took that from her and leaked it. She wasnt acting like a child, she was hurt, and her motivation was gone. give her a break. I wouldent have been able to finish the boook either.

  42. Okay, for those of you who don’t know what Dark High Noon is; it’s a substitute term for Midnight Sun. The tradition was started right here on the Twilight Lexicon. It is not the proper name for the book; it is just a fan-thing.

    And as for those dissers; honestly what the wang.
    You aren’t Steph and you don’t understand the pressure she is put under. She wrote Dark High Noon, but she didn’t have to publish it. She was going to; because of us fans!

    I understand why she is upset about it getting leaked; I know I wouldn’t that to happen to me if I was a writer.

    So seriously guys, no more Meyer-dissing, please.
    When the time is right, she will publish it. And who knows, it may be better than the draft thats on her site now.

  43. what is it????????????

  44. Twilitex57 says

    Okay. People don’t hate me.
    Dark High Noon= Midnight Sun.
    But Stephenie didn’t want us to talk about Midnight Sun. She wasn’t going to work on it until she didn’t her about it for two years. So someone thought we should just call it this and we can talk about it. Which I don’t know, I just don’t really think it’s right. Were still talking about Midnight Sun, she isn’t stupid, she knows what DHN is.

  45. I agree w/ Marley, what SM did isn’t childish. if you created your own story and someone else took advantage of it, you would get angry too. i think what she does is her decision and she’s doing the right thing (even though everyone inc me feel deprived of the story). everyone needs to remember that the characters originally belonged to her.
    anyways, if everyone keeps talking about the book regardless of what we’re calling it, she won’t think about writing it.


    jinxes are silly things. 🙂

  47. ectwilight88 says

    ha i knew that those stupid emails weren’t true!

  48. Wow. People are being so mean about Stephenie here. They’re also NOT READING THE EXPLANATION of DHN…. >.>

  49. I think Anna Sophia Robb should be Jane but Dakota might be ok……………..

  50. I love Stephenie and I really admire her.I can’t believe that people are being mean to her.She could’ve kept her dream to herself and never written Twilight.Then what would we have been doing now? She deserves to get a break and can write DHN whenever she feels like.It’s not like if we kept bugging her she would do any favors to us.