New Moon Movie News

Looks like Dakota Fanning wasn’t the only person to audition for the part of Jane.

Shock Till You Drop is basically repeating what has been the previously announced call for Native American actors. If you fit the asked for descriptions it’s probably worth your while to go down. if you are not what they are asking for, don’t go down as it only wastes your time and annoys the heck out of the production crew that will only ask you to leave.

 The Mexican distributers of Twilight have signed on to disitribute New moon in Mexico.


Kristen Stewart is looking forward to her portrayal of rocker Joan Jett.


Just Jared Robert Pattinson is wishing a very special someone in his life a Happy Valentine’s Day.

What’s it like to see Jackson Rathbone’s band, 100 Monkeys, perform live? This fan lets you know.






  1. you can't see me kay? says

    happy birthday too my dog patty.
    aww how cute.

  2. Yeah, I was a bit shocked to read that Lucy Hale auditioned for the part Jane since she is quite old and isn’t exactly at all what I imagined Jane to look like ( Dakota would fit the part more than Lucy).

  3. i saw that rob/valentine thing awhillee ago, but it is sooo cute! and i love the way he says ‘valentine’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hmm.. I really like Lucy Hale, she’s really pretty and seems nice,
    but I think she’s too old to play Jane :/

  5. I don’t like Lucy Hale for Jane. I think that Dakota is MUCH better. Lucy looks too old.

  6. Amber Pederson says

    Lol. How can they offer somebody a part that doesn’t exist? That Vanessa – Leah thing is so OLD. Gosh.

  7. This probably means Dakota will get the part. She DOES have the impressive acting skills, after all!

    And Rob is just too cute, wishing his dog a happy valentine’s day! ^____^

  8. I think thats cool that Lucy Hale auditioned for Jane and I’d have nothing against her getting the part because she’s more low key. On the other hand, I cannot be happy with Dakota being offered the part because she’s too well known. I think what I want to know is how much money are they going to offer her, especially when she will only have a small role. Also why would they just flat out offer her the role without a proper audition? If I were a cast member of Twilight I think I would be a little upset over Dakota just being offered the part. I just cannot let this go. I know more people are happy to have Dakota play Jane, but I cannot go with the crowd on this one.

  9. BTW I just looked up Lucy’s age and she’s only 19, which is the same age as myself. I think if Robert can play a seventeen year old vampire when he’s really twenty-two then Lucy can play Jane.

  10. WOO-HOO Kelley, good rap-up of last night’s 100 Monkeys show! We had a great time!

  11. Twilight Nymph says

    AWWWWWWWWW, that is so cute. He wished his dog a Happy Valentines Day. LOL. Heck, I would do the same since I love my dog, well dogs. They’re my life. I know that’s off subject, but I think it’s cute when someone shows love to their pets. =)

  12. lil_voice1 says

    im sorry but am i the only who thinks that Dakota Fanning shouldn’t be jane?

    i’ve always thought of jane as been a brunette, and relatively italian looking, and Dakota kinda aint that….

    is it just me? or does anyone else think that?

    also what is jane’s actually “age”? has stephenie ever actually said? cos i dont believe the books actually say so…..

  13. Great links!

    I’m sure Kristen will do a great job as JJ!

    Jackson’s band sounds great on the YouTube videos I’ve seen. A refreshing sound.

    Cute video of Rob. He seems so shy there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. mrscullen1.77245 says

    Rob, I’ll be your valentine!!! hahaha I love how he said his dog hahahaha that was great!!! ILY ROB!!


  16. patty is a very british name… though, i have always been partial to the name fat louie for my animals. haha! happy valentines day ya’ll!

  17. Jacie_Leah says

    i have no idea wat ur talking about but i luv the saga it totally impressed me…ttyl

  18. haha if you are talking about what i said. I was responding about how i felt about rob pattinson naming his dog patty

  19. awww, how cute! I love that Rob wishes his dog a happy valentine’s day

  20. To Switz – Vanessa didn’t even audition for it, the part doesn’t exist.

    ANyway, Rob is so funny like that wishing his puppy (dog whatev) happy vapentines day. I actually think Lucy is much better than Dakota, for some reason i just don’t like her. To me Lucy would be better, she should totally get, that would satisfy me.

  21. ashley_119882004 says

    I love Rob video that was to cute! All this craziness I just wanna know who the pick for Jane already.

  22. Don’t worry lil_voice1. You’re not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚
    He would wish his dog a Happy Valentine’s Day.

  23. Switz I don’t quite understand why you call Lucy a “tiny boper” because she’s not a part of Disney like Vanessa is. Lucy is in a CW show called Privileged and I happen to think she’s a better fit as Jane then Dakota is.

  24. Ok, we know that Jane was “very young” when she was changed. If I am not mistaken they (Aro, etc.) wanted to wait until Jane and Alec were older but they had to change them to save them. What I interpret that to mean is that Jane and Alec were definately not much older than 14, I always picture them between the ages of 10-12. The other girl trying out for Jane is definatley gorgeous, but she does look too old for the part. For the person who was concerned about Dakota being a blond, they will definately be dying her hair. If they successfully made Jasper and Rosalie blond, they can definately make a blond a brunette.

    Kristen Stewart seems wells suited for a rocker chick role.