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There are some fabulous new photos of Jackson Rathbone that are on various sites today.


To be honest, we’re kind of boggling at the irony of this one. PETA has given the Twilight movie an award as being most friendly to animals. Do the PETA people realize that "vegetarian vampire" isn’t literal and that the Cullens drink animal blood?  In the first forty or so seconds of the movie a deer is clearly killed. Did they watch the same movie we did?



 E! has some info on the New Moon soundtrack.



  1. Well… James, Victoria and Laurent don’t eat animals…

  2. Yes, but the good guys do. Exclusively.

  3. I think PETA is just trying to get on the Twilight bandwagon. If PETA talks about Twilight maybe the mass amounts of Twilight fans will dig PETA. Nice marketing ploy!

  4. According to PETA it would better for us to eat eachother. I loled though, that brought a much needed smile to my face…Flippin’ Hi-larious.

  5. PETA who?
    I love Jackson Rathbone’s new photos!

  6. Good one PETA, they must have also missed Victoria’s fur shawl thing. And I agree with Orietta, some PETA people do care more about animals than actual humans.

  7. wow PETA, that’s all i have to say.
    love the pics of jackson!

  8. I’ve been poking around the PETA2 forums and frankly, I’m appalled by the tunnel vision of the members. A few people started threads questioning PETA’s logic in nominating Twilight, and the threads are filled with people saying stuff like, “they said they’re vegetarians!” and “the book mentioned that they are vegetarians, remember?”.

    I…I seriously don’t know what to say to that.

  9. I’m amazed at the anger displayed in these comments. It’s really rather childish. Peta is an organziation that is very careful with it’s fact checking. They consider all aspects of film making when they make their choices. It’s kind of childish to think that they were talking about the content. It’s the most animal friendly movie of the year based on production, ect. If you spend any time reading the information on Peta’s website you will see that they are an intelligent organization. It’s kind of silly to attack an organization you know nothing about personally.

  10. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? Think about it.. Thank you POTCH. I am a non peta supporting vegetarian, and would normally bash them. But they are not deserving in this case.

  11. ps. Everything in public uses popular culture to promote itself. even TWILIGHT.

  12. i agree wit potch #11

  13. Gee if ppl would just think a little bit further, they’d realise that the Cullens out of compassion, *chose* not live on the most obvious diet and that we human beings may also choose to take part in a compassionate lifestyle even though it seems odd to ‘everyone else’.

  14. PETA award is based on how animals were treated during the making of the movie. Not the story line. The animals were treated well and they use faux fur.