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There are some fabulous new photos of Jackson Rathbone that are on various sites today.


To be honest, we’re kind of boggling at the irony of this one. PETA has given the Twilight movie an award as being most friendly to animals. Do the PETA people realize that "vegetarian vampire" isn’t literal and that the Cullens drink animal blood?  In the first forty or so seconds of the movie a deer is clearly killed. Did they watch the same movie we did?



 E! has some info on the New Moon soundtrack.



  1. PETA thinks Twilight is animal-friendly? Wait until Breaking Dawn lol!

  2. Lul. That’s hilarious. Haha PETA.

  3. lol.the peta thing is pretty ironic.

  4. wow thats great, haha peta!

  5. Haha, and what about Victoria’s sheep fur?

  6. LOL, we forgot about Victoria’s fur!

  7. bahahaha! i laughed. anything to get noticed. just mention twilight!

  8. ChelseaLee says

    I’m so not even gonna go there with PETA, LMAO!

  9. Haha. The PETA thing… wow.

  10. Sorry PETA. See the whole movie next time! Freaking hilarious. Just because they use the word “vegetarian” doesn’t mean they support you!

  11. Peta is talking about the way the animals on the set are treated, not the animals in the movie itself.

  12. Dont_Call_Me_Nessie says

    haha, PETA. Must have been a vote. Twilighters LOVE to vote for Twilight.

  13. Also, the PETA people interview actors and people working on the set. They take into consideration what kind of materials are used in costumes and what kind of food is eaten on set. It has nothing to do with the content of the movie. Many of the cast members DO support PETA. That’s what the award was for. Sorry to burst the bubble of those of you making fun of it.

  14. PETA is usually ridiculous….no matter what the award was for.

  15. LOL @ peta. ironic indeed 😀

  16. I was also curious about the PETA thing.. I saw that a while ago. >.>; Kind of weird.

    But if Potch is right, then it all makes more sense.

    Also, Bella was eating veggie burgers in the movie so maybe that contributed?

  17. Maybe because:
    Vampires>Don’t eat humans>Eat Animals=Compassionate

    Humans>Don’t eat animals>Eat plants=Compassionate

    Like we’re just one step down on the food chain and “vegetarian” vamps are following the same pattern as we vegetarians do?

  18. Potch’s idea makes much more sense though. 😛

  19. What animals were in the movie? I don’t remember any animals.

    It’s easy to say they treated animals well when there weren’t any.

  20. Twifanatic Amanda says

    peta is craaaaazy

  21. I agree with Potch…although peta should have made themselves clear. Bella was eating a veggie burger, which I found interesting (being a vegetarian myself)…I suppose at least one of the actors is a vegetarian. And Lisa, there was at least one deer in the movie. And some animal the Cullens were stadning over in a flashback.

  22. Maybe the PETA thing was based on the fact that Bella had all vegitarian meals in the movie (but I don’t think they were vegan). Still, it makes no sense.

  23. PETA…what a joke. We had venison for dinner – much like the vamp in the opening scene of twilight…LMAO

  24. Edwardbitespillow says

    hahahaha good one PETA!!!

  25. LMFAO at peta… XD

  26. xI-MustBeDreamingx says

    XD Peta…
    That’s hilarious.

  27. samihalovestwilight says

    yeah, PETA, watch like less than a minute of the movie and a deer is killed!LOL!!!

  28. Bella may have eaten all vegetarian but Charlie ate all steak so that probably cancels it out.

  29. ha ha. LOVE the PETA award!

  30. FreakinLoon says

    Stephenie ordered a turkey burger and that’s not very vegetarian.

    PETA obviously trying to ride to coattails of the Twilight phenomenon. Kind of pathetic.

  31. That’s what I thought when I saw the article!

    I have noooo idea what they were looking at.

  32. Sure PETA jump on the train. I love Animals too… they’re delicious.

  33. GO MEAT

  34. Not to mention all charlie’s fishing or what the weird guy from the resturant does to his cat.

  35. Maybe PETA meant that the animals they had on set (like the deer) were well treated? I can’t fathom that they meant the plot line was the most animal friendly. I mean, the first 10 seconds of the film is a deer being killed.

  36. Maybe the PeTA award is for all those “free range” humans…

  37. @lofi: That is hilarious! Free range humans LOL

  38. Yeeeeah, I was wondering about that…Maybe it really does stand for “People Eat Tasty Animals,” lol….

  39. I think they appreciated that some of the people in the movie ate vegetarian. They are a pretty good organization in general. Over the top sometimes but at least their message is a positive one.

  40. By the way in response to the earlier comment. I think that guy in the movie just likes cats. You have a sick mind.

  41. you have a great sense of humor.

  42. Well PETA people have never been the sharpest crayons in the box…

  43. ashley_119882004 says

    I think the whole PETA things is funny & love the pics of Jackson!

  44. Omg PETA is hilarious, they must have only watched one second of the movie. I think thats funny that they gave the award to Twilight.

  45. …Honestly? The PETA comment does not surprise me at all.
    I think PETA people are frickin crazy and more then half the time do not REALLY understand what they are ranting about.

  46. imbettingonalice says

    Gee Forget about PETA.. what about Jackson?!?!?!? He’s a hottie!

  47. Devon061381 says

    LMAO @ PETA. What a bunch of effing crazies. Makes me want to go buy a shirt I’ve been eyeing for a while…has a pick of a steak on it and says “Meat is murder…tasty, tasty murder” hahahaha 🙂 Yum delicious animal flesh.

  48. More proof that PETA only sees what it wants to see. Way to make the organization even less credible!

  49. sorry, Potch, but PETA are f*cking morons and terrorists. i was never clueless as to why they would consider the film, “no animals were harmed in the production of this film” etc, but PETA is just looking for publicity, by tagging on the catch “Twilight” to their press release.
    PETA doesn’t care about animals, just their pocket books.

  50. Potch,

    PETA didn’t nominate the cast of Twilight. They nominated Twilight.

    Twilight is about a group of people who eat only animals. The hero–who is painted as quite appealing–is a carnivore. Victoria wore fur and Charlie ate beef. NOTHING about this film promoted a vegan or animal-friendly lifestyle (at least, by PETA’s definition). PETA just wants attention.

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