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Peter Facinelli was asked about Dakota Fanning and New Moon. Looks like Peter is a fan.



Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame talked to The Daily Beast about Rob Pattinson’s smoldering ways.


Reelz Channel wants to know what your most anticipated New Moon scenes are.






  1. My most anticipated scene is Italy. I am also hoping (cross your fingers) that they will show more of the Cullens in this movie. I know that they were not highlighted in NM the book but if the whole movie is Bella and Jacob it will be boring.

  2. everybody on the site seemed to be giving five, so…

    1. Chapter 3 THE END
    2. Cliff-diving
    3. Port Angeles
    4. Volterra (Bella to the rescue)
    5. Werewolf phasing

  3. I am most excited to see if Kristen can really pull off all the silent emotion that New Moon will require. I disagree with Rachel – I hope that the don’t show any of the Cullens until Alice shows up at Charlie’s house. However, I bought a Twist magazine for my neice and it said that they have confirmed that there will be shots of Edward while he’s away from Bella. That is going to completely ruin the movie. All that longing and suffering will be eliminated from NM if they do that. All the emotion is the reason NM is my favorite book.

  4. and, rachel, I hope they DON’T show more of the Cullens in the movie – I think the whole thing about New Moon was its emotions and the setup for further storylines – it set up Jacob & Bella, it set up the Volturi, it set up Bella’s transformation as an indefinite, it set up Victoria as the new villain. New Moon was more about the emotion than the events, as it kind of introduced a lot of stuff for Bella to grapple with later. Part of the reason it was so effective emotionally was because the cullens were gone. The film would lose this effectiveness if it were to feature the Cullens more extensively than the book, we wouldn’t be able to feel what Bella feels as easily.

  5. Oh and My Top 5 for NM

    1. Jasper Attacking Bella
    2. The End
    3. The Porsche
    4. Jacob Phasing
    5. The Vote

  6. Whole thing should be interesting. I do hope they show more of the Cullens. At the very least before they leave, make sure that they show Alice has become Bella’s best friend. That and if they just have Bella and Jacob for most of the movie it will be boring.

    Should be interesting to show the few months after Edward leaves though. How they portray that will give the feel for how Bella reacts.

  7. I love Dan. Hahaha

  8. They should have JUST Bella and Jacob for most of the movie! That’s the way the book is! People were so upset about the Twilight movie when it deviated from the book. Why are they now wanting New Moon to stray after all this yelling about “stay true to the books!” I like watching Robert Pattinson as much as the next girl, but I would be very upset if they ruin NM by showing him when he’s not supposed to be there!

  9. I want to se the voting. And I agree with Rachel, it would be boring without the Cullens.

  10. I’m surprised by how little attention the werewolves are getting. I’m most looking forward to the introduction of the pack, to Sam/Emily, to the development of Jacob and Bella’s relationship and the comradeship that pervades so many of the scenes on the reservation. I love the Cullens, but they had their chance to shine in Twilight; it’s the pack’s turn in New Moon. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I suppose my desire to see more of the Cullens and less of Bella/Jacob is because even in the book I thought it was too long, I am not a Jacob fan (nothing against Taylor though), and the pain that was portrayed in the book would be impossible to transfer to the scene…especially with an actress so one-dimensional as Kristen Stewart. It would be torture to stare at her emotionless face for the whole movie. And yes, I know that Bella tried to hide her emotions…but in the book we could read what she was feeling. In the movie they will have to find a way to convey what she is actually feeling…and please no more cheesy narrating.

  12. Plus I think all of the Cullens are decent actors (no offence but Rob can still use some improvement).

  13. I know I’m going to cry when I see Ch. 3 in the movie. I cried when I read it. But I still want to see it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also can’t wait to see all of Italy… when they reunite. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think Kristen will pull off the deep pain. She’s a great actress!

  14. Amber Pederson says:

    I love the Peter article, but I hate how some reporters get things wrong. Jane isn’t described as a petite blond. She had short, pale brown hair. D< Lol. Anal retentive, I know.

  15. Hello there.! Ok i know this is random but i just read on a Twilight dedicated bebo page blog that the Uk nd Ireland New Moon release date is Nov 27th.? Are they right does anyone know.? Oh i hope they are.! Thats only lik a week after ye guys would see it right.?

  16. Sterling Snow says:

    I hope that after the Cullens leave, they don’t show them until Alice comes to Bella’s house. I love the Cullens, but I want the movie to stay as close to the book as possible. The emotion is what makes New Moon so gripping. I think Kristen will do a good job.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the paper cut scene. I can’t wait to see Jasper try to bite Bella. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Crime Professor says:

    1. When Sam is the wolf in the woods looking for Bella after Edward left.

    This will be our first view of the wolf(ves).

    2. The reunion.

    3. Edward holding Bella in his lap waiting to exit the Voluri lair.

    4.The brief carefree moment(s) has when she spends time with Jacob – we have to be able to understand the pull towards him.

    5.Edward proposing.

  18. Edwardbitespillow says:

    i just want them to keep ALL the important info from the book and not just show a brief thing of it….and PLEASEE!!!! don’t drag out the whole time that Edward is gone, but yet don’t show what hes doing…thats the good part of him returning:) of him actually taking time telling her what he was doing

  19. Although I cried like 5 times in NM, I think the whole book is sort of a transition thing. Even though Jacob gets on my nerves, what happens in NM is really important to the other books. I think that the new director has a lot of weight on his shoulders so hopefully he can pull this off. I cant wait to see it, especially the part when Bella is running through Volterra. And by the way, I disagree with Rachel, Robert Pattinson is AWESOME! ;D

  20. kadeetaylor says:

    Well, seing as how this is my favorite book, I’m gonna be picky :]
    1-Jasper attacking Bella
    2-Chapter 3 (It needs to make me cry)
    3-Warewolf Phasing
    4-The Porsche
    5-Pretty much from chapter 15 and on needs to be in full and extensive detail! (so, from the cliff jump to the end!)

  21. Miss Switz says:

    Give me the whole book and I’ll be satisfied.

  22. Mrs. Williams says:

    What do you all think about Dakota Fanning playing Jane in New Moon. I don’t think that she is right for the role. Jane is suppose to be a very menicing vampire, taking pleasure in infliking pain. I really don’t think that Fanning can pull that off.

  23. samihalovestwilight says:

    ok here are my five:

    1.The birthday party
    2.When Edward leaves
    3.Bella’s hallucinations/voices
    4.When Bella jumps off the cliff
    5.The Volturi meeting
    *BONUS:The chapter The Truth
    I also think that they should not show the Cullens until Alice returns. That would ruin the emotion and sadness effect that is essential to New Moon.

  24. Everyone is talking about the top five scenes they want to see and all I can think about is how I never before noticed just how funny Daniel Radcliffe is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. proud_twihard says:

    Personally, I think it would be cool to see the Cullens. I don’t see how it would detract from the movie. But I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Plus, Dan is way hotter, funnier, and more intellegent sounding than Rob, no offense.

  26. Indeed, Sare! Daniel is pretty funny. What’s ironic is that I had just finished reading that story right before I came on here (I didn’t read the whole thing the first time, so I see the Robert part till now).

    As for the most antisipated scene I’m leaning more towards the Italy scene. That’s what the story was builing up to, so gotta see that part.

  27. My top five for new moon:
    1. Edward leaving Bella
    2. Bella cliff Diving
    3. Bella “hearing” Edwards voice
    4. Laurent in the forest, with the wolves
    5. Edward and Bella’s reunion in her room/ proposal.
    Oh, and since everyone else is giving their opinion on the matter, I don’t think that they should show flashes of Edward when he is away, because the reason Bella and Edwards reunion is so touching, is because she thought that he left because he didn’t love her anymore, and then you find out that he left because he loved her so much. People who see the movie, but haven’t read the book, should get to be surprised. If you show him, you know how it will end, and there is no surprise.

  28. Oh, and to Mrs.William, I think that Dakota can pull of Jane. She is very versatil, and has made me cry in almost every movie I have seen her in. If you want to see her do “creepy”, you should watch Hide and Seek. She’s pretty scary in that movie to me, before the ending. I though she was the killer the whole time.

  29. I agree with the Danial comments…he is awesome!!!

  30. *Daniel

  31. This isn’t a top 5 scene–but I have always liked the scene at the beginning when Bella and Edward are watching Romeo and Juliet together–and he explains to her who the Volturi are.

    5 scenes I’m most looking forward to:
    Edward leaves Bella
    Bella saves Edward (the clock tower)
    Port Angeles (when she hears his voice for the first time)
    Bella’s realization that Edward loves her
    Cliff diving

    There are no Jacob scenes on this list, but one of those would be number 6–maybe one of their motorcycle rides. I also like the standing joke in the book about how old he is–I hope they include that.

  32. I agree w/ Sam.
    I can’t wait to see the wolf packk.
    I think they’ll be just as gorgeous as the vampires ;D

  33. ashley_119882004 says:

    1. Edwarding leaving.
    2. Bella saving Edwarad.
    3. Jacob & the wold pack phasing.
    4. The birthday party.
    5. Cliff diving.

  34. I loved the Peter article. Did anyone scroll down to watch the clip of Rob, Kristen, and Stephanie asking and aswering questions to each other? It was really good. I wonder if the part Kristen is talking about is the Joan Jett movie.

  35. They should be careful casting Dakota Fanning for the new Twilight, she might steal the show

  36. julie- your right the clip of rob, kristen, and stephenie asking eachother questions was awesome!

    This was the 1st interview where I saw kristen at ease and being funny. that was a nice side of her I hadnt seen!

  37. my fav.. parts are
    1. when edward leaves bella
    2. when jacob tells bella he can’t be her friend
    3.when bella cliff dives
    4.jasper atacking bella
    5.oh I hope they put the intor to the first chapter when bella thinks she’s seeing her nanna…
    and ch 3 and ch15 to the end….I love NM I hope it truns out good

  38. hey
    i really want to b in new moon
    i can act
    but i probs wont be chosen:(
    please contact me if u want me in movie
    im 14 btw
    and can play as vampire
    also angus and julia stone have awsome music perfect for new moon

  39. Ok this is completely off topic but I can’t believe that Dakota is turning 15 this February like me.It would be so strange to think Jane as of my age.

    As for New Moon I’m looking forward to everything which is impossible.I really wish they could not cut scenes.

  40. Dan sounds very well-educated and smart and that video was hilariousss. and i have to agree with him, Rob is much more sexy ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. I watched the Q&A with Stephenie, Rob, and KS. When I see Rob as himself it makes me like him more, and when I see KS it makes me like her less (side-note…why does she always dress like a man?). I feel bad that Stephenie has so many people expecting so much of her (to the point where she doesn’t want to announce anything that she is working on). Can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!

  42. i only want to see three sence in the movie
    1.when Bella saves EDWARD
    2.when EDWARD proposals to Bella
    3.the vote
    the rest just sucks because EDWARD is not there and Jacob sucks.Sorry Jacob your hot(NOT IN THE MOVIES)but i like EDWARD more

  43. Top 5 scenes I’m looking forward to:

    1. The clock tower
    2. Cliff diving
    3. The phone call when Jacob picks up the phone and Alice realizes what Edwards is going to do
    4. The proposal
    5. The wolves phasing

    I don’t want them to add in any extra scenes with the Cullens. I think they should stay as true to the story as possible.

  44. edward_is_HOTT says:

    I really love all the cast from TWILIGHT. i think dakota can pull it off. theres a big chance some good scenes will get cut and thats sad but i promised myself i was going to like it just as much as the book. I agree, i think part of what makes it so emotional and heartbreaking is that Edward is not there and u dont know if hes coming back or not. My top five scenes are:

    1.edward leaving bella(when he says he doesnt want her anymore and she says”well that changes things.”tear.)
    2.bella being depressed and basically dead then finding jacob
    3.bella’s pain when thinkin bout edward and how jacob makes it better
    4.cliff diving with hallucinations
    5.the pivitol scene where Alice comes back and they go to get edward
    I really look forward to the scene where he comes back and bella’s reactions. so tear-jerking and romantic makes it better if hes not shown until then.

  45. I really don’t care what happens after Edward leaves, and i think they shouldnt go into much detail there. Bute everything from when Alice comes back to “The Vote” needs to be in explicit detail. That’s really the best part of the book…sorry Jacob, but you can be kind of boring.

  46. DIEHARD_twihard1121 says:

    well my top two scenes r ones nobody probably thinks about- but then the other three r the usual
    1 when edward tries to prove he is not a dream
    2 when alice talks to charlie about bella wen the cullens left
    3 when edward leaves
    4 the reunion
    5 when bella hears edward voice

    but if i had to hav a jacob scene it wuld b wen they r ridin the motorcycles

  47. 1 the clif diving.
    2 when bella, mike and jacob go to the movies.
    3 when jacob teaches bella how to ride the dirt bike.
    5 when edward thinks he is dead

  48. kw_what obsession? says:

    They SHOULD NOT show the Cullens again after they leave until Alice shows up at her house…they shoud show
    *Bella’s birthday when Jasper tries to attack her
    *Edward leaving (a the day at school when he was more or less ignoring her…and she was freaking out)
    *Bella starting to hang out with Jacob
    *Cliff diving and Jacob’s rescue
    *Italy (Bella to the rescue at the clocktower)
    *the Volturi (the reunion…plane scene when Bella’s fighting sleep because she wants to see Edward’s face would be really sweet)
    *The proposal

    that’s just about the whole book though isn’t it? They could cut out a lot of the Jacob stuff and still put the idea that he made her feel human again across (the the love that grows for him)…I hope they put in the part when he tells her he’s not aging though…(or is that in eclipse?) anyways…I think it’s hilarious when he says “Did you just seriously stamp your foot?”

  49. Jordyn(RPattz's wife) says:

    I completely agree with Jessica.

  50. I think it will be boring without the Cullens they should include them cuz if its nust gonna be the bella and jacob ( jacob who i HATE) movie it will be boring. I really want to see what the cullens are doiing and how Edward is coping
    Top 5 secens i really want to see

    1. When Jasper atacks Bella
    2. The meadow when Bella sees Lurant
    3. When Alice visits
    4. The vote
    5. Everything that happens in Italy when Bella and Edward reunite

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