Sales Totals

The Books

2.  The Host (hardback fiction category)
1.     The Twilight Saga (children’s series category)
3.     The Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion (paperback advice)

2.   New Moon
3.   Breaking Dawn
4.   Eclipse
5.   Twilight
21. The Host

2.  Breaking Dawn
3.  Eclipse
5.  New Moon
6.  The Host
9.  Twilight

3. The Host ( does not rank YA books)


Twilight Movie Music


Billboard Ranking 
6. 200 album chart: 
2.  Rock album chart: 
3.  Top digital album chart


The Twilight Movie

BoxOffice Mojo

Domestic:  $185,986,000    57.1%
+ Foreign:  $139,682,061    42.9%

= Worldwide:  $325,668,061  


  1. swellbell says:

    I have NO idea why the ‘Twilight Saga’ is categorized as a children’s series ?! Stephanie wrote it for herself when she was 29*, not for 10 year olds….(*I think that’s what her website says)

    Someone please enlighten me– why are these lovely books categorized as a children’s series? ; )

    The NY Times lumps everything not marketed to adult fiction as children’s fiction. It would make a lot of sense for them to have a YA subdivision, but they don’t. Actually the only reason they have the subdivision at all was due to the Harry Potter books taking the top slots for over a year a few years back.

  2. WOW! Those are AMAZING sales!

  3. ihadanEdwardRush says:

    Cool!! =)

  4. Florabella says:

    That’s right. It can go on for years. I love it. The series rocks! I will always find money to spend on Twilight. 😉

  5. You may want to also add the BillBoard Soundtracks chart to the weekly listing. Twilight is still #1 I believe and has been since it was released.

  6. Thanks for the ‘enlighenment’ Pel : )!!

  7. so, you know how towards the end of 20078 Twilight had bumped up to like # 7 or # 8 for the year in box office totals.. how does it stack up now I wonder?

  8. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Go Twilight!!

  9. ashley_119882004 says:

    Thats amazing. Thanks!

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